Played ,at Manchester, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, July 29, 30, 31.

The England and Australia match at Old Trafford proved an even greater disappointment than the meeting of the same sides at Lord's, rain spoiling everything. Play on the first day did not begin until close upon three o'clock ; cricket on Tuesday was impossible until five o'clock and on the third day not a ball could be bowled. So far as the game went England played an innings of 203 and Australia scored 14 without loss Haigh was brought into the England eleven in place of Dean and, though the heavy ground could never have suited his bowling, Hitch was played in preference to Hayes. In getting 203-- by no means a bad total on a dreadfully soft wicket, England owed nearly everything to Rhodes, who played with great skill and self-restraint. Before he had made a run he gave a chance to Hazlitt at point off Whitty's bowling-- cutting a long-hop rather hard, but straight to the fieldsman-- and when 70 he might have been caught at slip by Jennings, but these were the only real blemishes in a remarkable innings. Rhodes was not out 92 at the close of Monday's play, and everyone hoped when at last cricket became practicable on Tuesday that he would reach his hundred. As it happened, however, he was out without making another run. His chief hits were eight 4's, seven 3's, and seven 2's. Apart from Rhodes's play there was little in the England batting, but Hobbs hit brightly at the start of the innings and Fry, though he never seemed master of the bowling, helped to carry the score from 39 to 83. Hearne was badly missed by Whitty at mid-on when he had made a single. For this blunder the Australians had to pay rather dearly, as though Hearne did not personally profit much by his escape, he remained in with Rhodes while the total was being carried from 83 to 140.

England lost six wickets for 185 on Monday afternoon, but on the muddy pitch on Tuesday no one could get the ball away, Hazlitt bowling six overs and five balls for eighteen runs and three wickets, and Whitty six overs for no runs and one wicket. During the little time the Australians were in the fieldsmen crowded round the wicket but nothing happened, the only ball that was put up falling out of reach. The weather kept tine during Tuesday night, and though a little rain fell in the morning there was hope of play at half-past eleven, the wicket being rolled, and the bell rung. However, rain set in again. At first it was only a drizzle, but such a heavy down-fall followed that at quarter-past one the match was abandoned.