Outgoing Bermuda coach Gus Logie believes it is time for a "new beginning" as he prepares for his final series in charge of the national squad, against Uganda next week in the opening match of the ICC Intercontinental Shield in Hamilton.
"It is another new series and I'm just as excited as when I first came," Logie told Bermuda Sun. "Right now every game we play is important. It is about assessing where we are at and planning for the future. You've heard players in the past saying 'we're tired of losing', they get dejected. We are trying to make sure they enjoy what they are doing and winning is part of that. Nothing breeds success like success."
In May, Logie decided not to renew his contract as the national coach after the team lost its one-day international status the previous month. Since that dismal performance at the ICC World Cup Qualifiers in South Africa, Bermuda have suffered a few more setbacks.
They lost their best bowler, Dwayne Leverock, who announced his retirement; Kevin Hurdle has been banned following a row over smoking, and both Lionel Cann and Janeiro Tucker have also called it quits.
As Logie prepared to move on, he said the Under-19 squad held a lot of promise and would replace the old guard. "There are always reasons to be positive," Logie said. "I look around and I see some of the young fellas out here and I feel good that there are still youngsters who want to go out there and put their talent and their skill on the line at the higher level."
Terryn Fray, the Bermuda U-19 captain, and left arm quick Kevon Fubler are two prospects Logie is betting big on. Logie hopes both players and their peers - like Malachi Jones, Rodney Trott, Chris Douglas and Jordan DeSilva - will play long enough to create a pool of players for his successor to choose from in the future.
"These are some of the youngsters that the cricket board has invested in for a number of seasons now," Logie said. "They have had quite a bit of experience at this level and we are looking forward to them doing well. This is the succession plan that the board has put in place. We've always been keen to introduce young players to the squad."
Fray, a traditional opener with the temperament for the longer format is expected to make his debut in the four-day Intercontinental Shield. Fray said he was optimistic about Bermuda's future and the bulk of the current squad could be together for the next ten years.
"We've got a lot of good young players in the squad," Fray said. "Hopefully we can show the island we mean business over the next couple of years."