Chris Gayle is prepared to apologise if he can't substantiate some of the charges he made in his controversial radio interview in April, according to Wavell Hinds, the vice-president of the West Indies Players Association (WIPA).
"He is prepared to answer the charges as honestly as he can and if there is a need to say sorry, I think he will say sorry," Hinds told ESPNcricinfo. "Where he [Gayle] feels firm and has strong substance to back up his claims he will stand by them. If there are claims he has made where he has been a little excessive he is prepared to put his hand up and say sorry. In no shape or form does Chris think he is above West Indies cricket and he has stated that quite clearly to me ... Where there are claims that he can substantiate totally, he can put to the board that he has been unfairly done or been disrespected, he will stand by them."
"I have known Chris for many years, I know him like a brother and as a friend. He is a very humble guy and he is prepared to do what is necessary to play."
The WICB has expressed their displeasure with Gayle's statements on that radio show in which he alleged the board had mismanaged his injury, West Indies coach Gibson had damaged Ramnaresh Sarwan's confidence, and the board mishandled his contract talks in October 2010. It is feared that if the stalemate continues West Indies cricket might lose Gayle.
Hinds, however, believes the issue will be resolved. "In my capacity as a director of the Jamaican board I had the opportunity to meet the executive of the West Indies board and we are trying to get some more answers from them on how they plan to tackle the Gayle issue. I am pretty confident we will have further discussions between the boards and also between the board and WIPA.
"I am confident that Gayle will get justice. I support WIPA's position to help players' causes. Having said that I have to make sure I am fair and balanced. I will ensure that whatever decisions we make as WIPA impacts West Indies cricket in a positive way."
Hinds said the WICB needed to be calm while resolving the issue. "They are the parent body and Chris is one of their charges. They have to have the father figure kind of approach. If Chris has stepped out of line in their eyes they can ask him to answer their charges but they should also be prepared to accept his side of the story. Once Gayle is prepared to accept his responsibilities as a player, they should have some form of rehabilitation that will bring Chris to where he should be given his status as a cricketing icon in West Indies cricket. We are prepared to have discussions which are pretty cordial and thrash through the issues in an open and fair platform."
The WICB and WIPA had a heated meeting on June 14, with Gayle present, which ended inconclusively, and reportedly featured an argument between WIPA president Dinanath Ramnarine and WICB chief-executive Ernest Hilaire. The board have since said they will not deal with Ramnarine, which has drawn a strong response from WIPA, who said in a release, "WICB cannot tell us who should represent the players at meetings with the WICB." WIPA also said Ramnarine may sue Hilaire for defamation after Hilaire said Ramnarine had threatened him during the June 14 meeting.
Hinds too backed Ramnarine but added that both parties should be prepared to alter their positions so that they serve cricket in the best way. "I respect Ramnarine for his position and what he has done. He is pretty knowledgeable about the issues at hand and has the skills to carry his office in the most efficient manner. He has had a few difficulties with the officers of the board; we will try to quell those differences and we can co-exist.
"Of course none of us are bigger than the game of cricket. If there are any alterations to be made by any individual, be it Ramnarine or from the board, that individual should be prepared to make the necessary steps to make sure they are serving cricket in the best way."

Sriram Veera is a staff writer at ESPNcricinfo