In his six-hour association with Sachin Tendulkar, M Vijay, who was five when his partner made his Test debut, probably learnt more about batsmanship, about Test cricket itself than in all his previous matches put together, and you cannot put a price on that kind of lesson, writes Suresh Menon on ESPNStar.

Vijay does not have Dravid's technique, but seems to have his temperament which might pay more. There is a tendency to commit to the front foot which might see him in trouble on quicker tracks or when the ball is swinging. There is an unfortunate preference to playing across the line even in defence - probably a legacy of limited-overs cricket. But there is too a wonderfully wristy on-drive, and a joy at lofting the ball over the fence that will ensure there are no long periods of scorelessness. Some of these innovations one hears were the result of a chat with a former player who gave him the practical advice that strike-rates are important in modern Test cricket.

George Binoy is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo