32.1, SIX, Perera's smashed it! Plonked his front foot forward and brought up Sri Lanka's 100 by smashing the ball over the square-leg boundary, he even took his bottom hand off the bat during the follow through

32.2, 1 wide, that's fired wide outside off stump

32.2, SIX, and again, Perera's decided Peterson's got to go. Once again he takes his bottom hand off the bat and carts the ball over the midwicket boundary

32.3 SIX, boom! Perera sees a shorter ball coming his way and this time he stands his ground and pulls over deep midwicket even though there are two fielders on the boundary

32.4, SIX, Perera has exploded on Peterson! He's dragged that from wide outside off stump and sent the fans beyond the midwicket boundary scurrying

32.5, FOUR, a full and fast ball, Perera gets under it and lofts it over the bowler's head for a four

32.6, SIX, a tremendous over for Sri Lanka ends with a tremendous blow! We won't be seeing Peterson in the attack while Perera is batting anytime soon! The last hit is the biggest, sailing into the night sky before disappearing into the fans beyond deep square leg. 35 runs off the over, the second costliest in ODIs

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