17.1, 1 wide, starts with a wide down the leg side
17.1, SIX, pitches it up and where does it go? Straight into the stands over the sight screen. MSD took a step towards off and slammed it 92 metres away from him, the crowd erupts
17.2, 1 wide, well outside off and wide again. Pressure is showing on Perera
17.2, 2 runs, low full toss outside off, Dhoni doesn't connect properly and a misfield at midwicket from Ishant gives them two
17.3, SIX, full toss and where does this one go? Over the fine leg boundary. Dhoni didn't have to use much power their, he used the pace of the bowler to whip it towards a short boundary
17.4, SIX, this one's on a length and Dhoni has played an inside-out slice over deep backward point for another six. He used his wrists to swivel this one and got the distance
17.5, SIX, on length outside off and CRASH BOOM BANG! This has gone over wide long-on for a huge six. It was a repeat of the six he struck to finish the World Cup
17.6, SIX, short outside off, third man in the circle and Dhoni reaches out for an upper cut and it lands on the rope for the fifth six of the over! Took some time to find the ball