England have been fined for their slow over-rate during the Lord's Test against Sri Lanka, although were ruled to be just one over behind despite 17 being lost during the match while the visitors have not be sanctioned at all.

Each member of the England team will lose 10% of their match fee while Alastair Cook will be docked double. If England are ruled to be behind their over-rate again within the next 12 months, Cook faces a ban for one Test.

On Saturday, when England were in the field throughout the day, there were six overs unbowled by 6.30 - the cut-off once the extra half an hour is played. Six overs were also lost on the second day when both teams had been in the field, along with four on the fourth and one on the opening day.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the Test had been drawn with Sri Lanka nine down, Cook admitted it was "not ideal" but pointed to the challenges of having a four-pronged pace attack.

Peter Moores, the England coach, said the team had recognised the issue. "We have already started to address that ... we have already quickened up, so that's an area that quite rightly we pay attention to. We will take that into the Headingley Test. We don't want to lose overs at all, because it can be costly.''