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Beyond the Test World

Totally Home Grown - Seci Tuiwai Sekinini

What Nationality are your parents

Tony Munro

Full Name: Seci Tuiwai Sekinini
Known As: Seci
POB: Suva

What Nationality are your parents?:

What Club do you play for?:
Veimataqali/Imperials Cricket Club

What are your specialities? (Bat/Bowl):
All rounder

When did you first represent Fiji?:

What are the strengths & weeknesses of the Fijian national team and how do you expect it to perform at the 2001 ICC Trophy and Why?:
Our strengths are in our fielding and we need to improve our batting. If we can have a dependable batting lineup we whould create a few suprises.

Which countries have you played cricket in?:
Malaysia, Australia

How were you introduced to cricket?:
By my father - a former national rep & national coach

What do you personally like about cricket the most?:
Get to make a lot of friends, and it keeps me fit

What can be done to make cricket more appealing to indigenous Fijians?:
The shorter version of the game will appeal to most. To add to the appeal there is a need to publicise the game. Once people understand the rules they will become hooked on it.

What do you think is the biggest difficulty in getting indigenous Fijians to play cricket?:
In competition with Rugby which is a high profile game. Cricket is an expensive sport in terms of equipment. Cricket also is a longer game, takes the whole day.

What do your non-cricketing Fijian friends say about playing cricket?:
My non-cricketing friends say that if the game were shorter and had a bit more of a spectator following they may be convinced to play

What do you think is their impression of cricket, if they have one?:
It's a long game.

Is there anything that is particularly unique about Fijian cricket?:
The unique thing about Fijian cricket is our unpredictability

What should be done to spread cricket globally?:
To spread cricket globally, there should be a three pronged approach, a coordinated effort to promote the game via televised matches all over the world, introduce the sport into the schools and develop facilities.