Series results for Australia vs India in Tests

Series results
India in Australia Test Series1947/48Australia4-0 (5)
India tour of Australia1947/48-
Australia tour of India1956/57-
Australia in India Test Series1956/57Australia2-0 (3)
Australia in India Test Series1959/60Australia2-1 (5)
Australia tour of India1959/60-
Australia tour of India1964/65-
Australia in India Test Series1964/65drawn1-1 (3)
India in Australia Test Series1967/68Australia4-0 (4)
India tour of Australia1967/68-
Australia in India Test Series1969/70Australia3-1 (5)
Australia tour of India1969/70-
India in Australia Test Series1977/78Australia3-2 (5)
India tour of Australia1977/78-
Australia tour of India1979/80-
Australia in India Test Series1979/80India2-0 (6)
India tour of Australia1980/81-
India in Australia Test Series1980/81drawn1-1 (3)
India tour of Australia1985/86-
India in Australia Test Series1985/86drawn0-0 (3)
Australia tour of India1986/87-
Australia in India Test Series1986/87drawn0-0 (3)
India tour of Australia1991/92-
India in Australia Test Series1991/92Australia4-0 (5)
Australia tour of India1996/97-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)1996/97India1-0 (1)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)1997/98India2-1 (3)
Australia tour of India1997/98-
India tour of Australia1999/00-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)1999/00Australia3-0 (3)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2000/01India2-1 (3)
Australia tour of India2000/01-
India tour of Australia2003/04-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2003/04drawn1-1 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2004/05Australia2-1 (4)
Australia tour of India2004/05-
India tour of Australia2007/08-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2007/08Australia2-1 (4)
Australia tour of India2008/09-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2008/09India2-0 (4)
Australia tour of India [Sep-Oct 2010]2010/11-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2010/11India2-0 (2)
India tour of Australia2011/12-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2011/12Australia4-0 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2012/13India4-0 (4)
Australia tour of India2012/13-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2014/15Australia2-0 (4)
India tour of Australia and New Zealand2014/15-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2016/17India2-1 (4)
Australia tour of India2016/17-
India tour of Australia2018/19-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2018/19India2-1 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2020/21India2-1 (4)
India tour of Australia2020/21-
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2022/23India2-1 (4)
Australia tour of India2022/23-
Australia tour of England [WTC]2023-
India tour of England2023-
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

New Zealand vs Australia at Christchurch, Australia in New Zealand 2nd Test, Mar 8-11, 2024 [Test # 2535]

England vs India at Dharamsala, England in India 5th Test, Mar 7-9, 2024 [Test # 2534]

Australia vs New Zealand at Wellington, Australia in New Zealand 1st Test, Feb 29-Mar 3, 2024 [Test # 2533]