Records for England vs Pakistan in ODI matches

Series results
Prudential Trophy (Pakistan in England)1974Pakistan2-0 (2)
England in Pakistan ODI Series1977/78England2-1 (3)
Prudential Trophy (Pakistan in England)1978England2-0 (2)
Prudential World Cup (in England)1979West Indies-
Prudential Trophy (Pakistan in England)1982England2-0 (2)
Prudential World Cup (in England)1983India-
England in Pakistan ODI Series1983/84drawn1-1 (2)
Benson & Hedges World Championship of Cricket (in Australia)1984/85India-
Rothmans Four-Nations Cup (Australia, England, India, Pakistan in United Arab Emirates)1984/85India-
Benson & Hedges Challenge (Australia, England, Pakistan, West Indies in Australia)1986/87England-
Sharjah Cup (Australia, England, India, Pakistan in United Arab Emirates)1986/87England-
Texaco Trophy (Pakistan in England)1987England2-1 (3)
Reliance World Cup (in India/Pakistan)1987/88Australia-
England in Pakistan ODI Series1987/88England3-0 (3)
MRF World Series (Nehru Cup) (Australia, England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies in India)1989/90Pakistan-
Benson & Hedges World Cup (in Australia/New Zealand)1991/92Pakistan-
Texaco Trophy (Pakistan in England)1992England4-1 (5)
Wills World Cup (in India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka)1995/96Sri Lanka-
Texaco Trophy (Pakistan in England)1996England2-1 (3)
Akai-Singer Champions Trophy (England, India, Pakistan, West Indies in United Arab Emirates)1997/98England-
Coca-Cola Cup (England, India, Pakistan in United Arab Emirates)1998/99Pakistan-
England in Pakistan ODI Series2000/01Pakistan2-1 (3)
NatWest Series (Australia, England, Pakistan in England)2001Australia-
ICC World Cup (in Kenya/South Africa/Zimbabwe)2002/03Australia-
NatWest Challenge (Pakistan in England)2003England2-1 (3)
England in Pakistan ODI Series2005/06Pakistan3-2 (5)
NatWest Series [Pakistan in England]2006drawn2-2 (5)
NatWest Series [Pakistan in England]2010England3-2 (5)
Pakistan v England ODI Series (in United Arab Emirates)2011/12England4-0 (4)
Pakistan v England ODI Series (in United Arab Emirates)2015/16England3-1 (4)
Pakistan in England ODI Series2016England4-1 (5)
ICC Champions Trophy (in England)2017Pakistan-
Pakistan in England ODI Series2019England4-0 (5)
ICC Cricket World Cup (in England)2019England-
Pakistan in England ODI Series2021England3-0 (3)
ICC Cricket World Cup (in India)2023/24Australia-
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

West Indies v England at Bridgetown, 3rd ODI, Dec 9, 2023 [ODI # 4708]

West Indies v England at North Sound, 2nd ODI, Dec 6, 2023 [ODI # 4707]

West Indies v England at North Sound, 1st ODI, Dec 3, 2023 [ODI # 4706]