Highest innings total without conceding a bye

Records for Women Test Matches

Highest innings total without conceding a bye
Match Date
426/7d9961W Indies (W)v Pakistan (W)Karachi15 Mar 2004Women's Test # 122
4148451NZ (W)v England (W)Scarborough24 Jun 1996Women's Test # 103
32511562AUS WMNv England (W)Adelaide8 Mar 1958Women's Test # 23
303/5d6243England (W)v AUS WMNHarrogate11 Aug 1998Women's Test # 108
301/4d6541India Womenv AUS WMNNorth Sydney26 Jan 1991Women's Test # 90
296/7d6372NZ (W)v England (W)Christchurch7 Mar 1969Women's Test # 40
2855942NZ (W)v England (W)Scarborough21 Aug 2004Women's Test # 123
2815881NZ (W)v England (W)The Oval24 Jul 1954Women's Test # 18
275/7d6362NZ (W)v England (W)Birmingham9 Jul 1966Women's Test # 34
273/6d6001NZ (W)v England (W)Scarborough18 Jun 1966Women's Test # 33
2737742AUS WMNv England (W)Hove9 Aug 2005Women's Test # 124
2574733England (W)v AUS WMNNottingham22 Jun 2023Women's Test # 145
256/5d5762NZ (W)v England (W)Leeds6 Jul 1984Women's Test # 70
245/92884AUS WMNv England (W)Canberra27 Jan 2022Women's Test # 143
241/9d5802India Womenv AUS WMNCarrara30 Sep 2021Women's Test # 142
236/7d6282England (W)v AUS WMNBirmingham3 Jul 1976Women's Test # 50
2328093England (W)v AUS WMNWorcester24 Aug 2005Women's Test # 125
229/53664India Womenv England (W)Wetherby26 Jun 1986Women's Test # 81
228/2d4673AUS WMNv England (W)Birmingham3 Jul 1976Women's Test # 50
225/6d5701England (W)v NZ (W)Worcester14 Jul 1984Women's Test # 71
2235301India Womenv England (W)Leicester8 Aug 2006Women's Test # 128
216/7d3843England (W)v AUS WMNCanberra27 Jan 2022Women's Test # 143
2144114England (W)v NZ (W)Auckland28 Mar 1969Women's Test # 41
2136061England (W)v AUS WMNNorth Sydney25 Jan 1969Women's Test # 38
2115421England (W)v S Africa (W)Gqeberha2 Dec 1960Women's Test # 25
2074741England (W)v W Indies (W)Nottingham23 Jun 1979Women's Test # 64
2015471AUS WMNv England (W)Perth10 Jan 2014Women's Test # 135
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

England Women v Australia Women at Nottingham, Only Test, Jun 22-26, 2023 [Women Test # 145]

England Women v South Africa Women at Taunton, Only Test, Jun 27-30, 2022 [Women Test # 144]

Australia Women v India Women at Carrara, Only Test, Sep 30-Oct 3, 2021 [Women Test # 142]