Highest percentage of runs in a completed innings

Records for Women ODI Matches

Highest percentage of runs in a completed innings
Match Date
178*257/969.261S Lanka (W)v Australia(W)Bristol29 Jun 2017Women's ODI # 1062
70*11361.942Int XI Womenv India WomenNapier17 Jan 1982Women's ODI # 40
416860.292Neth Womenv Pakistan (W)Stellenbosch22 Feb 2008Women's ODI # 628
10016759.882NZ (W)v Australia(W)Melbourne6 Feb 2000Women's ODI # 312
7312458.872S Africa (W)v India WomenKimberley7 Feb 2018Women's ODI # 1096
386558.461IRE WMNv India WomenPretoria24 Mar 2005Women's ODI # 514
105180/858.331W Indies (W)v S Lanka (W)Dambulla24 Feb 2013Women's ODI # 871
142247/557.481Australia(W)v NZ (W)Auckland16 Feb 1997Women's ODI # 223
7412957.362India Womenv Australia(W)Sydney1 Nov 2008Women's ODI # 667
67*11757.261India Womenv NZ (W)Lincoln20 Dec 2000Women's ODI # 361
138*243/356.791England (W)v Int XI WomenHamilton14 Jan 1982Women's ODI # 36
135*238/656.721W Indies (W)v NZ (W)Kingston10 Oct 2013Women's ODI # 889
137*242/456.611England (W)v S Lanka (W)Lincoln12 Dec 2000Women's ODI # 353
10017955.861England (W)v India WomenFinchampstead25 Jul 1993Women's ODI # 173
5810455.762S Lanka (W)v Pakistan (W)Canberra9 Mar 2009Women's ODI # 687
229*412/355.581Australia(W)v Denmk WomenMumbai16 Dec 1997Women's ODI # 256
2240551Neth Womenv NZ (W)Lindfield25 Jul 1993Women's ODI # 174
6211354.862S Africa (W)v NZ (W)Paarl19 Oct 2016Women's ODI # 1004
75*137/754.741India Womenv S Lanka (W)Sydney12 Mar 2009Women's ODI # 693
153*280/354.641S Africa (W)v Neth WomenDeventer5 Aug 2007Women's ODI # 614
154*282/354.61Australia(W)v S Lanka (W)Christchurch1 Dec 2000Women's ODI # 335
139*256/354.291England (W)v Neth WomenLincoln30 Nov 2000Women's ODI # 333
264854.161W Indies (W)v S Africa (W)Leicester2 Jul 2017Women's ODI # 1066
397254.161Zim Womenv BDESH (W)Bulawayo15 Nov 2021Women's ODI # 1228
10018554.051England (W)v W Indies (W)Port of Spain3 Nov 2013Women's ODI # 895
6311753.842S Lanka (W)v S Africa (W)Cuttack13 Feb 2013Women's ODI # 865
70*13053.842W Indies (W)v Australia(W)Coolidge5 Sep 2019Women's ODI # 1161
6612353.652Pakistan (W)v Australia(W)Kuala Lumpur20 Oct 2018Women's ODI # 1132
6111453.51S Africa (W)v S Lanka (W)Fatullah14 Nov 2011Women's ODI # 796
173*324/353.391England (W)v IRE WMNPune16 Dec 1997Women's ODI # 257
8215453.241NZ (W)v Australia(W)Wanganui14 Feb 1995Women's ODI # 192
92*173/553.171India Womenv England (W)Taunton5 Jul 2012Women's ODI # 825
103195/852.821S Lanka (W)v Australia(W)Brisbane9 Oct 2019Women's ODI # 1166
8516152.791England (W)v India WomenWankhede25 Feb 2019Women's ODI # 1146
232*440/352.721NZ (W)v IRE WMNDublin13 Jun 2018Women's ODI # 1119
127*241/752.691Australia(W)v England (W)Sydney29 Jan 2000Women's ODI # 308
176*335/352.531Pakistan (W)v IRE WMNLahore4 Nov 2022Women's ODI # 1296
11421752.531England (W)v Australia(W)Leicester4 Jul 2019Women's ODI # 1159
188358/252.511India Womenv IRE WMNPotchefstroom15 May 2017Women's ODI # 1052
113*216/752.311England (W)v Australia(W)Chennai25 Feb 2007Women's ODI # 597
132253/852.171W Indies (W)v Pakistan (W)Karachi8 Nov 2021Women's ODI # 1223
101194/852.061England (W)v NZ (W)Hastings24 Jun 1984Women's ODI # 67
519852.042S Africa (W)v England (W)Chelmsford13 Aug 2003Women's ODI # 452
53*10251.961India Womenv England (W)Taunton1 Sep 2008Women's ODI # 662
147283/651.941W Indies (W)v Neth WomenPotchefstroom6 Oct 2010Women's ODI # 746
134258/151.931England (W)v Int XI WomenHove23 Jun 1973Women's ODI # 2
148*28551.922England (W)v Australia(W)Christchurch3 Apr 2022Women's ODI # 1274
76147/851.72England (W)v NZ (W)Auckland10 Jan 1982Women's ODI # 33
81157/551.591S Africa (W)v England (W)Pretoria22 Feb 2004Women's ODI # 466
438451.192Pakistan (W)v Australia(W)Cuttack1 Feb 2013Women's ODI # 846
151295/351.181Australia(W)v IRE WMNDublin31 Jul 2005Women's ODI # 538
108*211/351.181Australia(W)v NZ (W)Melbourne10 Dec 1988Women's ODI # 111
94*184/651.081NZ (W)v India WomenLincoln9 Mar 2006Women's ODI # 564
326350.792Neth Womenv Thailand (W)Amstelveen7 Jul 2023Women's ODI # 1324
70*13850.722England (W)v NZ (W)Lincoln24 Feb 2008Women's ODI # 629
106209/850.711S Lanka (W)v S Africa (W)Colombo (SSC)17 Oct 2014Women's ODI # 924
84*166/950.61Pakistan (W)v BDESH (W)Mirpur10 Nov 2023Women's ODI # 1350
9118050.552Australia(W)v NZ (W)Lincoln23 Dec 2000Women's ODI # 362
91*18050.552India Womenv England (W)Bengaluru21 Feb 2010Women's ODI # 728
46*91/750.541Neth Womenv England (W)Nykobing Mors19 Jul 1989Women's ODI # 123
105*208/550.481England (W)v Australia(W)Guildford26 Jul 1993Women's ODI # 175
108*214/950.461England (W)v India WomenScarborough23 Aug 2014Women's ODI # 916
109*216/450.461India Womenv W Indies (W)Rajkot18 Jan 2011Women's ODI # 768
143*284/150.351Australia(W)v Neth WomenPerth29 Nov 1988Women's ODI # 100
135*270/2501NZ (W)v IRE WMNDublin19 Jul 1996Women's ODI # 217
3468501Neth Womenv IRE WMNDublin5 Aug 2009Women's ODI # 714
69138502S Lanka (W)v India WomenRanchi15 Feb 2016Women's ODI # 974
65*130501NZ (W)v S Africa (W)Paarl22 Oct 2016Women's ODI # 1006
only includes cases where a team is all out or where the full allocation of scheduled overs was used
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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Australia Women v South Africa Women at North Sydney, ICC Women's Championship 2nd ODI, Feb 7, 2024 [Women ODI # 1364]

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