Records for Women Test Matches

VE Burt (NZ-W)20 Mar 194818 Feb 196920y 335d3
J Goswami (IND-W)14 Jan 20023 Oct 202119y 262d12
M Raj (IND-W)14 Jan 20023 Oct 202119y 262d12
ME Hide (ENG-W)28 Dec 193427 Jul 195419y 211d15
JA Brittin (ENG-W)16 Jun 197924 Aug 199819y 69d27
CM Edwards (ENG-W)12 Jul 199614 Aug 201519y 33d23
R Heyhoe-Flint (ENG-W)2 Dec 19603 Jul 197918y 213d22
P Blackler (NZ-W)20 Mar 19489 Aug 196618y 142d12
DA Hockley (NZ-W)26 Jan 197915 Jul 199617y 171d19
KH Brunt (ENG-W)21 Aug 200430 Jan 202217y 162d14
ME Maclagan (ENG-W)28 Dec 193431 Jul 195116y 215d14
A Hudson (AUS-W)18 Jan 193531 Jul 195116y 194d9
CJ Watmough (ENG-W)27 Dec 196815 Jan 198516y 19d13
A McKenna (NZ-W)28 Mar 196920 Mar 198515y 357d7
CL Fitzpatrick (AUS-W)2 Feb 199120 Feb 200615y 18d13
AJ Blackwell (AUS-W)15 Feb 200312 Nov 201714y 270d12
EA Sanders (ENG-W)3 Jul 195418 Feb 196914y 230d11
BJ Clark (AUS-W)26 Jan 199127 Aug 200514y 213d15
J Smit (ENG-W)19 Feb 19921 Sep 200614y 194d21
MB Duggan (ENG-W)15 Jan 194923 Jul 196314y 189d17
MC Robinson (ENG-W)15 Jan 19492 Jul 196314y 168d14
KL Rolton (AUS-W)28 Feb 199513 Jul 200914y 135d14
DF Edulji (IND-W)31 Oct 197612 Feb 199114y 104d20
S Shah (IND-W)31 Oct 197612 Feb 199114y 104d21
S Kulkarni (IND-W)31 Oct 19765 Feb 199114y 97d19
S Rangaswamy (IND-W)31 Oct 197629 Jan 199114y 90d16
EA Snowball (ENG-W)28 Dec 193422 Feb 194914y 56d10
EA Perry (AUS-W)15 Feb 200830 Jan 202213y 349d10
L Denholm (AUS-W)15 Jun 196317 Jan 197713y 216d8
M Marks (NZ-W)16 Feb 193523 Mar 194813y 36d2
M Pilling (ENG-W)15 Jun 196321 Jun 197613y 6d11
UL Paisley (AUS-W)20 Mar 194820 Mar 196113y 0d12
R Thompson (AUS-W)5 Feb 197228 Jan 198512y 358d16
LA Marsh (ENG-W)8 Aug 200621 Jul 201912y 347d9
SJ Taylor (ENG-W)8 Aug 200621 Jul 201912y 347d10
MAM Lewis (NZ-W)11 Jan 199224 Aug 200412y 226d9
J Lord (NZ-W)18 Jun 196629 Jan 197912y 225d15
PF McKelvey (NZ-W)18 Jun 196629 Jan 197912y 225d15
RL Haynes (AUS-W)10 Jul 200930 Jan 202212y 204d6
A Brindle (ENG-W)24 Jun 200113 Jan 201412y 203d11
LS Greenway (ENG-W)15 Feb 200314 Aug 201512y 180d14
J Christ (AUS-W)15 Jan 194920 Mar 196112y 64d8
M Allitt (AUS-W)16 Jun 195123 Jul 196312y 37d11
OM Marshall (ENG-W)24 Jul 19549 Aug 196612y 16d13
O Smith (AUS-W)18 Jan 195728 Jan 196912y 10d4
SJ Metcalfe (ENG-W)6 Jul 198415 Jul 199612y 9d13
Dates are from debut to the final day of the player's last match
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

England Women v South Africa Women at Taunton, Only Test, Jun 27-30, 2022 [Women Test # 144]

Australia Women v England Women at Canberra, Only Test, Jan 27-30, 2022 [Women Test # 143]

Australia Women v India Women at Carrara, Only Test, Sep 30-Oct 3, 2021 [Women Test # 142]