Most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances

Most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances in Tests

Most matches between appearances
Missed Span
2003-20169England5 Jun 200520 Oct 201611y 137d142
2010-20234India20 Dec 201022 Dec 202212y 2d118
1993-20034England9 Aug 199321 Aug 200310y 12d114
1997-20096West Indies18 Jan 19999 Jul 200910y 172d109
1969-19874Pakistan2 Nov 196921 Feb 198717y 111d104
1950-19637England7 Nov 195120 Jun 196311y 225d103
1949-19612England26 Jul 19496 Jul 196111y 345d96
2009-202219Pakistan28 Nov 200913 Aug 202010y 259d88
2004-201826India21 Jan 201014 Jun 20188y 144d87
1968-198525England13 Jul 197626 Jul 19848y 13d86
1980-199113England1 Sep 198124 Feb 19908y 176d85
2005-201413England11 Jun 200712 Jun 20147y 1d85
2002-201825India11 Aug 200826 Nov 20168y 107d83
1997-20085West Indies29 Dec 199817 Mar 20067y 78d81
1954-19632England1 Dec 19546 Jun 19638y 187d79
1996-20087Australia13 Oct 199610 Apr 20036y 179d78
2001-201022England20 May 200125 May 20076y 5d78
2010-202135Australia13 Oct 201023 Nov 20177y 41d78
1949-197622England28 Aug 19673 Jun 19768y 280d75
2016-202422*England21 Nov 20161 Dec 20226y 10d75
1957-197862Australia31 Jan 19682 Dec 19779y 305d71
1990-20017New Zealand9 Dec 199215 Mar 20018y 96d71
1950-19597England28 Mar 19512 Jul 19598y 96d69
1998-20068Sri Lanka31 May 19982 Dec 20057y 185d69
1992-200667Australia6 Jan 199411 Mar 20006y 65d68
1977-198513Australia3 May 19787 Dec 19846y 218d66
1971-198457England1 Mar 197114 Dec 19776y 288d65
1996-200715Pakistan8 Mar 19994 Aug 20067y 149d65
2011-202462Australia21 Nov 201116 Mar 20175y 115d64
2002-201513Sri Lanka13 Dec 20073 Jul 20157y 202d63
1955-197553England14 Feb 196813 Dec 19746y 302d62
1992-20019Sri Lanka22 Jan 199429 Aug 20017y 219d62
2003-20093West Indies23 Apr 20039 Jul 20096y 77d62
2008-201525Australia19 Jan 200810 Jul 20135y 172d62
1907-193015England1 Mar 191211 Jan 193017y 316d60
1964-19716England20 Feb 196425 Feb 19717y 5d60
1964-197315England6 Jul 196417 Jun 19716y 346d60
1955-197553England12 Jul 19555 Jul 19626y 358d59
1996-200421Australia30 Mar 19991 Jul 20045y 93d59
1981-199212Australia1 Sep 198126 Dec 19876y 116d58
1990-19983New Zealand12 Jun 199026 Feb 19987y 259d58
1980-198823England15 Apr 198119 Jun 19865y 65d57
2011-20177India1 Aug 20114 Mar 20175y 215d56
2016-202210England29 Nov 201612 Aug 20214y 256d56
1999-20042West Indies20 Dec 199910 Apr 20044y 112d55
2010-20152England24 Mar 201013 Apr 20155y 20d55
2015-202310South Africa27 Nov 201531 Mar 20226y 124d55
1964-197215England27 Jan 196517 Jun 19716y 141d54
1984-19956Pakistan17 Mar 19877 Feb 19957y 327d54
2005-201731Sri Lanka22 Dec 200716 Jul 20146y 206d54
1979-198518Australia7 Nov 197922 Dec 19845y 45d53
1959-19643England20 Jun 19592 Jul 19645y 12d51
1991-19985West Indies12 Aug 199112 Mar 19986y 212d51
1999-200715England9 Aug 199921 Oct 20034y 73d51
2012-20229West Indies14 Jun 201529 Nov 20216y 168d51
2011-202328New Zealand30 Aug 201617 Mar 20236y 199d51
1969-19765England8 Jun 197122 Jul 19765y 44d50
1993-199911England5 Jul 199411 Dec 19984y 159d50
2003-201221West Indies21 Aug 200415 Nov 20106y 86d50
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

England v West Indies at Lord's, 1st Test, Jul 10-12, 2024 [Test # 2538]

Bangladesh v Sri Lanka at Chattogram, 2nd Test, Mar 30-Apr 3, 2024 [Test # 2537]

Bangladesh v Sri Lanka at Sylhet, 1st Test, Mar 22-25, 2024 [Test # 2536]