Most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances

Most consecutive matches missed for a team between appearances in WODIs

Most matches between appearances
Missed Span
2003-20127India Women16 Dec 20032 Mar 20128y 77d99
2004-201215India Women29 Apr 20041 Mar 20105y 306d78
2008-202468West Indies Women7 Nov 200916 Nov 20167y 9d76
1999-201488England Women9 Dec 200530 Jun 20115y 203d68
2008-202473West Indies Women17 Mar 200913 May 20156y 57d67
2011-202230New Zealand Women26 Feb 201423 Feb 20216y 363d67
2013-20226England Women3 Nov 201323 Feb 20217y 112d64
1999-201046New Zealand Women16 Dec 20031 Feb 20095y 47d61
2016-202411Australia Women29 Nov 201628 Jul 20236y 241d60
1997-20099Pakistan Women15 Apr 199826 May 200911y 41d59
2010-202133England Women17 Nov 20109 Nov 20165y 358d57
2001-201022England Women12 Aug 200123 Feb 20075y 195d56
2014-202327India Women7 Feb 201630 Jun 20215y 143d56
2003-2022103New Zealand Women10 Dec 200324 Feb 20084y 76d53
2014-202235New Zealand Women14 Sep 201413 Jul 20183y 302d52
2016-202420South Africa Women29 Nov 201626 Jan 20214y 58d51
2008-201916Australia Women14 Mar 200928 Aug 20145y 167d50
2018-20235Pakistan Women8 Oct 201815 Dec 20235y 68d50
2018-20236England Women6 Apr 201818 Jul 20224y 103d48
2005-20094India Women9 Dec 20057 Mar 20093y 88d47
1999-201172England Women21 Jul 199913 Aug 20034y 23d46
2017-202315Pakistan Women15 Feb 201711 Mar 20225y 24d45
2016-202312India Women9 Apr 201816 Jul 20235y 98d45
2000-201148Australia Women25 Jul 200714 Jun 20113y 324d43
2014-202448West Indies Women26 Feb 20147 Feb 20194y 346d43
2008-201916Australia Women28 Aug 201424 Feb 20194y 180d43
1992-200578New Zealand Women29 Dec 199726 Jan 20035y 28d42
2013-20187Sri Lanka Women28 Oct 201311 Oct 20173y 348d42
2002-201346India Women7 Feb 200325 Feb 20063y 18d40
2007-201519Pakistan Women26 Jan 20071 Feb 20136y 6d40
2004-201444India Women4 Sep 200831 Jan 20134y 149d40
2001-201058England Women24 Jan 200212 Nov 20053y 292d39
2003-200817Australia Women27 Feb 200421 Jul 20073y 144d39
2004-200924Australia Women22 Dec 20043 Feb 20083y 43d39
2012-202233West Indies Women19 Sep 20147 Feb 20194y 141d39
2010-202118New Zealand Women19 Oct 20163 Oct 20203y 350d37
2007-201318New Zealand Women12 Mar 20081 Mar 20123y 355d35
2010-202475South Africa Women14 Nov 201113 Mar 20153y 119d35
2016-202450South Africa Women14 Jan 201711 Feb 20192y 28d35
2016-202432South Africa Women20 Jan 20176 May 20192y 106d35
2008-201622India Women4 Sep 200824 Jun 20123y 294d34
1982-199211New Zealand Women8 Aug 198419 Jan 19927y 164d33
2003-200719Australia Women2 Feb 200325 Feb 20063y 23d33
2003-201341India Women4 Feb 20031 Dec 20052y 300d33
2009-201617Pakistan Women12 Oct 201023 Aug 20143y 315d33
2010-201717New Zealand Women5 Mar 20127 Nov 20153y 247d33
2003-2022103New Zealand Women17 Dec 201220 Feb 20163y 65d33
2014-202420New Zealand Women27 Jan 202027 Jun 20233y 151d33
2010-201831New Zealand Women8 Jul 20154 Mar 20182y 239d32
2009-202149West Indies Women29 Feb 201217 Sep 20142y 200d31
2019-202310India Women22 Feb 20191 Jul 20223y 129d31
2021-20244India Women14 Mar 202116 Jun 20243y 94d31
1997-200634Australia Women8 Feb 200325 Feb 20063y 17d30
2006-201510Sri Lanka Women10 Oct 201015 Oct 20144y 5d30
2008-201629South Africa Women15 Jan 201324 Feb 20163y 40d30
2009-202277Australia Women23 Aug 201326 Feb 20173y 187d30
2013-202465England Women22 Jun 201613 Jul 20182y 21d30
2018-202411Australia Women26 Sep 202124 Mar 20242y 180d30
1999-200866New Zealand Women21 Feb 200221 Feb 20042y 0d29
2000-200417New Zealand Women6 Mar 200224 Jul 20042y 140d29
2003-20099West Indies Women31 Mar 200421 Mar 20094y 355d29
2000-201238South Africa Women9 Apr 200521 Oct 20116y 195d29
2011-202319Pakistan Women15 Nov 201113 Jan 20153y 59d29
2015-202432Pakistan Women21 Nov 202123 May 20242y 184d29
1999-200525England Women7 Feb 200312 Nov 20052y 278d28
2016-202214Australia Women18 Mar 20188 Mar 20223y 355d28
1993-200440India Women29 Jul 19936 Jan 20028y 161d27
1997-20025Netherlands Women20 Dec 199725 Jun 20024y 187d27
1997-200513Sri Lanka Women21 Dec 199717 Apr 20046y 118d27
1999-200413England Women21 Jul 199910 Aug 20012y 20d27
2004-200923New Zealand Women17 Aug 200421 Jul 20072y 338d27
2017-202221South Africa Women22 Sep 20183 Feb 20223y 134d27
2000-200510Australia Women15 Jul 200110 Mar 20053y 238d26
1997-200551New Zealand Women20 Jul 200210 Mar 20052y 233d26
2002-200728India Women25 Apr 200425 Feb 20061y 306d26
2003-201054New Zealand Women29 Jul 200710 Feb 20102y 196d26
2010-202118New Zealand Women8 Oct 20138 Oct 20163y 0d26
2016-20183Sri Lanka Women20 Sep 201616 Sep 20181y 361d26
2017-202411West Indies Women15 Jul 20177 Sep 20214y 54d26
2012-202233West Indies Women6 Nov 201919 Sep 20222y 317d26
2019-202415England Women3 Jul 202112 Jul 20232y 9d26
1993-20004Ireland Women25 Jul 199323 Jul 20006y 364d25
1997-200937Sri Lanka Women29 Apr 20049 Nov 20084y 194d25
2007-201744Australia Women9 Jan 201119 Jan 20143y 10d25
2011-20174Ireland Women17 Aug 20117 May 20175y 263d25
2005-202334Ireland Women19 Jul 201323 Nov 20218y 127d25
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

India Women v South Africa Women at Bengaluru, ICC Women's Championship 3rd ODI, Jun 23, 2024 [Women ODI # 1392]

Sri Lanka Women v West Indies Women at Hambantota, ICC Women's Championship 3rd ODI, Jun 21, 2024 [Women ODI # 1391]

India Women v South Africa Women at Bengaluru, ICC Women's Championship 2nd ODI, Jun 19, 2024 [Women ODI # 1390]