Records for Women ODI Matches

Oldest player to score a hundred
Match Date
39y 48d101NZ (W)v Int XI WomenAuckland12 Jan 1982Women's ODI # 35
38y 161d138England (W)v Pakistan (W)Vijayawada12 Dec 1997Women's ODI # 248
37y 289d114*S Africa (W)v Neth WomenUtrecht4 Aug 2007Women's ODI # 613
37y 91d100NZ (W)v AUS WMNMelbourne6 Feb 2000Women's ODI # 312
35y 287d125*India Womenv S Lanka (W)Katunayake16 Sep 2018Women's ODI # 1126
35y 243d101*S Africa (W)v IRE WMNChristchurch16 Dec 2000Women's ODI # 359
35y 69d130AUS WMNv England (W)Hamilton5 Mar 2022Women's ODI # 1246
34y 249d108*England (W)v India WomenScarborough23 Aug 2014Women's ODI # 916
34y 211d101IRE WMNv Pakistan (W)Dublin25 Jul 2000Women's ODI # 326
34y 191d126NZ (W)v Pakistan (W)Christchurch26 Mar 2022Women's ODI # 1269
34y 144d119*NZ (W)v England (W)Dunedin28 Feb 2021Women's ODI # 1189
34y 85d114*IRE WMNv Denmk WomenDublin18 Jul 1995Women's ODI # 198
34y 37d114England (W)v Y. Eng WomenIlford18 Jul 1973Women's ODI # 15
33y 353d101AUS WMNv India WomenCanberra8 Nov 2008Women's ODI # 671
33y 328d105*England (W)v AUS WMNGuildford26 Jul 1993Women's ODI # 175
33y 302d137NZ (W)v S Lanka (W)Galle30 Jun 2023Women's ODI # 1320
33y 267d134England (W)v Int XI WomenHove23 Jun 1973Women's ODI # 2
33y 247d100S Africa (W)v Pakistan (W)Karachi8 Sep 2023Women's ODI # 1333
33y 214d103AUS WMNv S Africa (W)Pretoria28 Mar 2005Women's ODI # 520
33y 197d143*India Womenv England (W)Canterbury21 Sep 2022Women's ODI # 1292
33y 163d101England (W)v S Lanka (W)Canberra7 Mar 2009Women's ODI # 683
33y 160d142Neth Womenv Japan WomenSchiedam23 Jul 2003Women's ODI # 444
33y 160d120AUS WMNv NZ (W)Hamilton17 Feb 2004Women's ODI # 463
33y 144d140*S Lanka (W)v NZ (W)Galle3 Jul 2023Women's ODI # 1322
33y 139d105*AUS WMNv Neth WomenMelbourne14 Dec 1988Women's ODI # 116
33y 93d113*AUS WMNv NZ (W)Invercargill6 Mar 2010Women's ODI # 733
32y 360d142*England (W)v Pakistan (W)Vijayawada12 Dec 1997Women's ODI # 248
32y 224d118England (W)v AUS WMNBirmingham28 Jul 1973Women's ODI # 20
32y 159d115*NZ (W)v IRE WMNDublin25 Jul 2004Women's ODI # 490
32y 155d114AUS WMNv India WomenCanberra2 Feb 2016Women's ODI # 968
32y 123d100W Indies (W)v IRE WMNSavar (3)14 Nov 2011Women's ODI # 795
32y 51d120IRE WMNv Pakistan (W)Dublin27 Jul 2000Women's ODI # 327
32y 10d170AUS WMNv England (W)Christchurch3 Apr 2022Women's ODI # 1274
31y 183d104*NZ (W)v AUS WMNChennai21 Feb 2007Women's ODI # 593
31y 151d104*India Womenv S Africa (W)Lucknow14 Mar 2021Women's ODI # 1193
31y 129d119England (W)v S Africa (W)Leicester18 Jul 2022Women's ODI # 1286
31y 25d120England (W)v S Lanka (W)Leicester14 Sep 2023Women's ODI # 1338
30y 343d129England (W)v S Africa (W)Christchurch31 Mar 2022Women's ODI # 1273
30y 271d101England (W)v NZ (W)Derby23 Sep 2021Women's ODI # 1215
30y 221d150*W Indies (W)v S Africa (W)Johannesburg28 Jan 2022Women's ODI # 1232
30y 211d176*Pakistan (W)v IRE WMNLahore4 Nov 2022Women's ODI # 1296
30y 156d102*W Indies (W)v Pakistan (W)Karachi14 Nov 2021Women's ODI # 1227
30y 147d157NZ (W)v S Lanka (W)Lincoln7 Nov 2015Women's ODI # 965
30y 125d107BDESH (W)v India WomenMirpur22 Jul 2023Women's ODI # 1330
30y 113d110*England (W)v India WomenNottingham11 Jul 1999Women's ODI # 301
30y 62d103*Zim Womenv IRE WMNHarare5 Oct 2021Women's ODI # 1219
30y 14d107*England (W)v IRE WMNNorthampton22 Jul 1990Women's ODI # 137
Ages are shown as at the start of the match concerned.
Only the last century by any player is shown.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Bangladesh Women v Pakistan Women at Mirpur, ICC Women's Championship 3rd ODI, Nov 10, 2023 [Women ODI # 1350]

Bangladesh Women v Pakistan Women at Mirpur, ICC Women's Championship 2nd ODI, Nov 7, 2023 [Women ODI # 1349]

Bangladesh Women v Pakistan Women at Mirpur, ICC Women's Championship 1st ODI, Nov 4, 2023 [Women ODI # 1348]