Oldest player to score a hundred

Records for Women Test Matches

Oldest player to score a hundred
Match Date
39y 38d167England (W)v AUS WMNHarrogate11 Aug 1998Women's Test # 108
38y 197d112*England (W)v W Indies (W)Birmingham1 Jul 1979Women's Test # 65
37y 255d101*England (W)v AUS WMNThe Oval20 Jul 1963Women's Test # 32
37y 43d179England (W)v AUS WMNThe Oval24 Jul 1976Women's Test # 51
36y 107d127AUS WMNv England (W)Adelaide8 Mar 1958Women's Test # 23
35y 152d118W Indies (W)v Pakistan (W)Karachi15 Mar 2004Women's Test # 122
35y 118d124*England (W)v AUS WMNSydney19 Feb 1949Women's Test # 11
34y 61d101AUS WMNv NZ (W)Adelaide18 Jan 1957Women's Test # 19
34y 44d100*NZ (W)v India WomenDunedin8 Jan 1977Women's Test # 58
33y 290d102England (W)v AUS WMNAdelaide8 Mar 1958Women's Test # 23
33y 240d115NZ (W)v England (W)Worcester4 Jul 1996Women's Test # 104
32y 250d200AUS WMNv England (W)Guildford6 Aug 1998Women's Test # 107
32y 174d150S Africa (W)v England (W)Taunton27 Jun 2022Women's Test # 144
32y 103d208England (W)v AUS WMNNottingham22 Jun 2023Women's Test # 145
32y 47d100England (W)v AUS WMNMelbourne10 Jan 1969Women's Test # 37
31y 219d104AUS WMNv England (W)Wormsley11 Aug 2013Women's Test # 134
31y 190d160England (W)v NZ (W)Scarborough24 Jun 1996Women's Test # 103
31y 36d114*England (W)v AUS WMNSydney22 Jan 2011Women's Test # 133
31y 32d168*England (W)v AUS WMNCanberra27 Jan 2022Women's Test # 143
30y 317d115England (W)v India WomenLeicester8 Aug 2006Women's Test # 128
30y 296d123AUS WMNv England (W)The Oval24 Jul 1976Women's Test # 51
Ages are shown as at the start of the match concerned.
Only the last century by any player is shown.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

England Women v Australia Women at Nottingham, Only Test, Jun 22-26, 2023 [Women Test # 145]

England Women v South Africa Women at Taunton, Only Test, Jun 27-30, 2022 [Women Test # 144]

Australia Women v India Women at Carrara, Only Test, Sep 30-Oct 3, 2021 [Women Test # 142]