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Best bowling figures in an innings for Parsees in FC

Best bowling figures in an innings
Match Date
17.463582.35Parseesv Mumbai29 Dec 1892First-class
21.193662.03Parseesv Mumbai22 Dec 1892First-class
25.064651.84Parseesv HindusPoona06 Sep 1915First-class
10.131641.88Parseesv Mumbai29 Dec 1892First-class
21.0121740.97Parseesv Euro (India)Poona19 Sep 1892First-class
28.0143041.28Parseesv Euro (India)Mumbai26 Aug 1892First-class
14.033242.74Parseesv Mumbai22 Dec 1892First-class
15.043742.96Parseesv Mumbai22 Dec 1892First-class
5.13631.38Parseesv Mumbai22 Dec 1892First-class
8.02931.35Parseesv Euro (India)Poona19 Sep 1892First-class
8.041231.80Parseesv Euro (India)Mumbai26 Aug 1892First-class
13.062031.84Parseesv Euro (India)Poona19 Sep 1892First-class
15.262531.94Parseesv Euro (India)Poona19 Sep 1892First-class
17.052631.52Parseesv HindusPoona06 Sep 1915First-class
15.054333.44Parseesv Mumbai29 Dec 1892First-class
39.0109532.43Parseesv MuslimsBrabourne23 Nov 1943First-class
8.021522.25Parseesv Mumbai29 Dec 1892First-class
6.021623.20Parseesv Euro (India)Poona19 Sep 1892First-class
14.051821.54Parseesv Mumbai22 Dec 1892First-class
9.002522.77Parseesv HindusPoona06 Sep 1915First-class
17.053122.18Parseesv Euro (India)Mumbai26 Aug 1892First-class
17.023321.94Parseesv HindusPoona06 Sep 1915First-class
16.043822.37Parseesv HindusPoona06 Sep 1915First-class
17.065623.29Parseesv HindusPoona06 Sep 1915First-class
32.067822.43Parseesv MuslimsBrabourne23 Nov 1943First-class
32.048522.65Parseesv MuslimsBrabourne23 Nov 1943First-class
4.02511.50Parseesv Mumbai22 Dec 1892First-class
11.261011.05Parseesv Euro (India)Mumbai26 Aug 1892First-class
6.021112.20Parseesv Euro (India)Poona19 Sep 1892First-class
6.021112.20Parseesv Euro (India)Poona19 Sep 1892First-class
8.021812.70Parseesv Euro (India)Poona19 Sep 1892First-class
7.011913.25Parseesv Mumbai29 Dec 1892First-class
9.012212.44Parseesv HindusPoona06 Sep 1915First-class
15.033212.13Parseesv MuslimsBrabourne23 Nov 1943First-class
8.013314.95Parseesv Mumbai29 Dec 1892First-class
52.0179111.75Parseesv MuslimsBrabourne23 Nov 1943First-class
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Parsees vs Muslims at Brabourne, Bombay Pentangular Tournament , Nov 23-25, 1943 [First-class]

Hindus vs Parsees at Poona, Bombay Quadrangular Tournament , Sep 6-8, 1915 [First-class]

Lord Hawke's XI vs Parsees at Mumbai, Lord Hawke's XI tour of Ceylon and India , Dec 29-31, 1892 [First-class]