Bowling Best Strike Rate Innings

Best strike rates in an innings for Mashonaland in List A

Best strike rates in an innings
Match Date
5.0031310.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare10 Feb 2004List A
7.0032410.50Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare07 Dec 2003List A
5.3017311.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare10 Feb 2004List A
6.0028312.00Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare02 Feb 2006List A
8.2025412.50Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare05 Dec 2003List A
9.0037413.50Mashonalandv ManicalandHarare31 Jan 2006List A
7.0020314.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandBulawayo10 Dec 2003List A
9.4026414.50Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare07 Dec 2003List A
10.0050415.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandBulawayo31 Jan 2003List A
8.0037316.00Mashonalandv ManicalandBulawayo29 Jan 2003List A
8.0026316.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandBulawayo31 Jan 2003List A
8.0136316.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare03 Dec 2003List A
8.0215316.00Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare02 Feb 2006List A
9.0042318.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare09 Nov 2004List A
6.0035218.00Mashonalandv ManicalandBulawayo12 Dec 2003List A
6.0041218.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare09 Nov 2004List A
10.0154320.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare15 Jan 2003List A
10.0137320.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare19 Jan 2003List A
10.0033320.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare19 Jan 2003List A
10.0219320.00Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare05 Dec 2003List A
10.0142320.00Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare05 Dec 2003List A
10.0147320.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare22 Nov 2004List A
7.0056221.00Mashonalandv ManicalandBulawayo29 Jan 2003List A
7.0030221.00Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare12 Nov 2004List A
7.2028222.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare22 Nov 2004List A
8.0326224.00Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare17 Jan 2003List A
8.0227224.00Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare17 Jan 2003List A
8.0038224.00Mashonalandv MidlandsKwekwe14 Dec 2003List A
8.0222224.00Mashonalandv MidlandsKwekwe14 Dec 2003List A
8.0048224.00Mashonalandv NamibiaHarare15 Nov 2004List A
8.0036224.00Mashonalandv MasvingoHarare03 Feb 2006List A
8.3239225.50Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare03 Dec 2003List A
10.0048230.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare19 Jan 2003List A
10.0130230.00Mashonalandv ManicalandBulawayo29 Jan 2003List A
10.0151230.00Mashonalandv MidlandsKwekwe02 Feb 2003List A
10.0142230.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare03 Dec 2003List A
10.0130230.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare07 Dec 2003List A
10.0128230.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare10 Feb 2004List A
10.0041230.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare22 Nov 2004List A
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Minimum of 2 wickets
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Masvingo vs Mashonaland at Harare, Faithwear Clothing Inter-Provincial One-Day Competition , Feb 3, 2006 [List A]

Midlands vs Mashonaland at Harare, Faithwear Clothing Inter-Provincial One-Day Competition , Feb 2, 2006 [List A]

Mashonaland vs Manicaland at Harare, Faithwear Clothing Inter-Provincial One-Day Competition , Jan 31, 2006 [List A]