Highest totals by Zimbabwe Select XI in FC

Highest totals
Match Date
338116.22.902v India AHarare24 Jul 2007First-class
313112.52.772v Sri Lanka AHarare16 Oct 2007First-class
25978.03.322v India AHarare22 Jul 2004First-class
24299.02.441v SA AHarare9 Aug 2007First-class
238/561.03.903v Sri LankansBulawayo12 Nov 2008First-class
221/364.23.434v Sri Lanka AHarare16 Oct 2007First-class
21681.52.633v India AHarare24 Jul 2007First-class
20871.42.903v India AHarare22 Jul 2004First-class
20461.53.294v Sri Lanka ABulawayo22 Oct 2007First-class
16977.02.193v SA AHarare9 Aug 2007First-class
16872.22.323v SA ABulawayo15 Aug 2007First-class
16047.03.404v Australia AHarare18 Jul 2013First-class
15953.32.971v Sri LankansBulawayo12 Nov 2008First-class
15573.32.102v SA ABulawayo15 Aug 2007First-class
15258.12.611v India AHarare29 Jul 2004First-class
14850.32.933v India ABulawayo30 Jul 2007First-class
14351.12.792v India ABulawayo30 Jul 2007First-class
14245.53.092v Australia AHarare18 Jul 2013First-class
13153.12.463v India AHarare29 Jul 2004First-class
9636.42.612v Sri Lanka ABulawayo22 Oct 2007First-class
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Australia A vs Zimbabwe Select XI at Harare, Australia A tour of South Africa and Zimbabwe Tour Match, Jul 18-20, 2013 [First-class]

Zimbabwe Select XI vs Sri Lanka at Bulawayo, Sri Lanka tour of Zimbabwe Tour Match, Nov 12-15, 2008 [First-class]

Sri Lanka A vs Zimbabwe Select XI at Bulawayo, Sri Lanka A tour of Zimbabwe , Oct 22-24, 2007 [First-class]