Lowest totals by ICC Americas in List A

Lowest totals
Match Date
7626.42.852v JamaicaSt Augustine9 Jan 2016List A
8126.03.111v Trinidad & TPort of Spain15 Jan 2016List A
10334.23.001v BarbadosCave Hill28 Jan 2017List A
11133.43.292v BarbadosLucas Street3 Feb 2017List A
13331.04.291v JamaicaLucas Street11 Feb 2017List A
17048.13.521v GuyanaCave Hill9 Feb 2017List A
181/950.03.621v Comb C&CLucas Street26 Jan 2017List A
18343.14.231v BarbadosSt Augustine7 Jan 2016List A
18744.34.202v JamaicaCave Hill1 Feb 2017List A
20249.44.061v BarbadosPort of Spain13 Jan 2016List A
253/850.05.061v JamaicaCouva17 Jan 2016List A
26550.05.301v Comb C&CLucas Street7 Feb 2017List A
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Completed innings only.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

ICC Americas vs Jamaica at Lucas Street, Regional Super50 Group B, Feb 11, 2017 [List A]

ICC Americas vs Guyana at Cave Hill, Regional Super50 Group B, Feb 9, 2017 [List A]

ICC Americas vs Combined Campuses and Colleges at Lucas Street, Regional Super50 Group B, Feb 7, 2017 [List A]