Records in Caribbean Premier League, 2019

Highest totals
Match Date
267/220.013.351v TallawahsKingston13 Sep 2019T20
242/618.512.842v TallawahsBasseterre10 Sep 2019T20
241/420.012.051v PatriotsBasseterre10 Sep 2019T20
226/520.011.32v TrinbagoKingston13 Sep 2019T20
218/620.010.91v TallawahsKingston18 Sep 2019T20
218/320.010.91v TridentsProvidence6 Oct 2019T20
216/420.010.81v PatriotsBasseterre17 Sep 2019T20
216/720.010.82v TrinbagoBasseterre17 Sep 2019T20
192/520.09.61v TrinbagoBridgetown26 Sep 2019T20
191/420.09.551v TallawahsPort of Spain6 Sep 2019T20
188/820.09.42v AmazonProvidence6 Oct 2019T20
186/220.09.31v PatriotsBasseterre11 Sep 2019T20
185/620.09.251v TrinbagoPort of Spain30 Sep 2019T20
180/420.091v TridentsProvidence8 Sep 2019T20
176/620.08.81v TallawahsKingston19 Sep 2019T20
172/620.08.61v ZouksGros Islet20 Sep 2019T20
171/516.410.262v TallawahsKingston12 Sep 2019T20
171/620.08.551v AmazonTarouba12 Oct 2019T20
170/520.08.51v ZouksKingston12 Sep 2019T20
169/619.18.812v TallawahsGros Islet27 Sep 2019T20
169/620.08.452v TrinbagoPort of Spain6 Sep 2019T20
168/317.59.422v ZouksPort of Spain8 Sep 2019T20
168/920.08.42v TridentsBasseterre11 Sep 2019T20
167/520.08.351v TrinbagoPort of Spain8 Sep 2019T20
166/520.08.32v AmazonPort of Spain30 Sep 2019T20
165/620.08.251v PatriotsGros Islet24 Sep 2019T20
165/720.08.251v ZouksGros Islet27 Sep 2019T20
162/218.28.832v ZouksGros Islet25 Sep 2019T20
161/720.08.051v AmazonGros Islet25 Sep 2019T20
160/620.081v TrinbagoTarouba10 Oct 2019T20
159/218.58.442v PatriotsProvidence7 Sep 2019T20
15619.57.862v PatriotsKingston19 Sep 2019T20
156/620.07.81v TallawahsProvidence3 Oct 2019T20
155/920.07.751v ZouksProvidence5 Sep 2019T20
153/820.07.651v AmazonProvidence7 Sep 2019T20
152/720.07.61v PatriotsPort of Spain4 Sep 2019T20
149/720.07.451v TridentsBridgetown28 Sep 2019T20
14819.37.582v TridentsTarouba10 Oct 2019T20
14820.07.42v PatriotsBridgetown28 Sep 2019T20
145/618.37.832v TridentsKingston15 Sep 2019T20
145/920.07.252v ZouksGros Islet24 Sep 2019T20
144/318.47.712v TrinbagoProvidence4 Oct 2019T20
144/920.07.22v TridentsTarouba12 Oct 2019T20
143/414.59.642v ZouksBasseterre15 Sep 2019T20
143/520.07.151v AmazonProvidence4 Oct 2019T20
142/920.07.12v AmazonProvidence5 Sep 2019T20
14119.47.162v TrinbagoPort of Spain4 Sep 2019T20
141/620.07.051v ZouksBridgetown29 Sep 2019T20
140/920.071v TallawahsKingston15 Sep 2019T20
13819.27.131v AmazonBridgetown22 Sep 2019T20
138/920.06.91v PatriotsBasseterre15 Sep 2019T20
13717.37.822v AmazonKingston18 Sep 2019T20
135/319.46.862v TrinbagoPort of Spain2 Oct 2019T20
134/820.06.71v TridentsPort of Spain2 Oct 2019T20
13316.47.982v AmazonProvidence8 Sep 2019T20
12917.47.32v TridentsBridgetown26 Sep 2019T20
128/418.46.852v PatriotsProvidence6 Oct 2019T20
12720.06.351v TridentsBridgetown23 Sep 2019T20
125/720.06.251v TrinbagoProvidence6 Oct 2019T20
122/315.57.72v PatriotsBasseterre14 Sep 2019T20
122/920.06.12v TallawahsBridgetown23 Sep 2019T20
12119.06.361v AmazonBasseterre14 Sep 2019T20
11718.46.262v TridentsBridgetown29 Sep 2019T20
10114.56.82v TridentsGros Islet20 Sep 2019T20
99/412.28.021v TrinbagoGros Islet21 Sep 2019T20
81/211.07.362v TridentsBridgetown22 Sep 2019T20
7916.34.782v AmazonProvidence3 Oct 2019T20
DNB0.0--v ZouksGros Islet21 Sep 2019T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Barbados Tridents v Guyana Amazon Warriors at Tarouba, Caribbean Premier League final, Oct 12, 2019 [Twenty20]

Barbados Tridents v Trinbago Knight Riders at Tarouba, Caribbean Premier League 2nd qualifying final, Oct 10, 2019 [Twenty20]

Guyana Amazon Warriors v Barbados Tridents at Providence, Caribbean Premier League, Oct 6, 2019 [Twenty20]