Cricket Records in National League Division Two, 2005

Highest totals
Match Date
345/445.07.661v YorkshireTaunton14 Aug 2005List A
343/945.07.622v SomersetTaunton14 Aug 2005List A
334/545.07.421v SurreyThe Oval17 Apr 2005List A
325/644.07.381v SurreyTaunton2 May 2005List A
319/545.07.081v SomersetBath12 Jun 2005List A
309/345.06.861v YorkshireBirmingham20 Sep 2005List A
309/845.06.861v SurreyCroydon5 Jun 2005List A
304/345.06.751v KentMaidstone5 Jun 2005List A
300/645.06.661v DerbyshireTaunton25 Sep 2005List A
298/844.46.672v SomersetTaunton30 May 2005List A
297/645.06.601v SussexTaunton30 May 2005List A
292/845.06.481v SurreyBirmingham14 Sep 2005List A
29138.47.522v YorkshireThe Oval17 Apr 2005List A
283/745.06.281v WarwickshireHove8 May 2005List A
281/644.06.382v WarwickshireTaunton5 Sep 2005List A
280/545.06.221v KentLeicester25 Sep 2005List A
279/745.06.201v KentBirmingham1 May 2005List A
278/545.06.171v SomersetTaunton5 Sep 2005List A
277/545.06.151v SomersetDerby3 Aug 2005List A
266/345.05.911v SomersetHove1 Aug 2005List A
264/539.26.712v SurreyThe Oval17 Jul 2005List A
264/745.05.861v YorkshireLeeds13 Jul 2005List A
264/745.05.861v ScotlandEdinburgh11 May 2005List A
262/945.05.822v DerbyshireDerby3 Aug 2005List A
261/745.05.802v SurreyLeeds13 Jul 2005List A
26041.26.292v WarwickshireCroydon5 Jun 2005List A
26043.16.022v WarwickshireBirmingham1 May 2005List A
260/845.05.771v DerbyshireThe Oval17 Jul 2005List A
260/845.05.771v DerbyshireDerby20 May 2005List A
259/439.36.552v LeicsThe Oval9 Aug 2005List A
259/445.05.751v ScotlandCanterbury1 Sep 2005List A
258/545.05.731v SurreyThe Oval9 Aug 2005List A
256/445.05.681v YorkshireChester-le-Street15 May 2005List A
255/945.05.662v SussexHove1 Aug 2005List A
254/845.05.641v DerbyshireHove24 Apr 2005List A
254/545.05.641v WarwickshireBirmingham17 Apr 2005List A
253/538.36.572v ScotlandEdinburgh20 May 2005List A
253/845.05.621v YorkshireLeeds4 Sep 2005List A
252/745.05.601v SurreyEdinburgh20 May 2005List A
248/945.05.512v SomersetEdinburgh11 May 2005List A
24537.36.532v KentBath12 Jun 2005List A
241/343.25.562v YorkshireLeeds11 Sep 2005List A
238/539.55.972v SurreyThe Oval28 Aug 2005List A
237/745.05.261v SomersetThe Oval28 Aug 2005List A
237/545.05.261v DurhamLeeds11 Sep 2005List A
234/845.05.202v SurreyHove31 Aug 2005List A
232/345.05.151v SussexDerby14 Aug 2005List A
232/645.05.151v SomersetTaunton17 Jun 2005List A
230/945.05.111v KentCanterbury18 Sep 2005List A
230/645.05.111v SussexHove31 Aug 2005List A
22945.05.082v DerbyshireDerby14 Aug 2005List A
227/445.05.042v SussexHove7 Aug 2005List A
227/645.05.041v ScotlandEdinburgh8 May 2005List A
227/745.05.041v ScotlandChester-le-Street28 Aug 2005List A
226/542.25.332v DurhamTaunton21 Aug 2005List A
226/944.05.132v SomersetTaunton2 May 2005List A
22440.35.532v WarwickshireBirmingham14 Sep 2005List A
224/443.45.122v DerbyshireDerby20 Jul 2005List A
224/845.04.971v SurreyChester-le-Street24 Apr 2005List A
223/845.04.951v DurhamDerby20 Jul 2005List A
223/845.04.951v LeicsHove7 Aug 2005List A
222/745.04.931v SomersetTaunton21 Aug 2005List A
221/541.45.302v ScotlandEdinburgh18 Sep 2005List A
221/542.35.202v YorkshireScarborough28 Aug 2005List A
220/945.04.882v DerbyshireDerby19 Jun 2005List A
220/845.04.881v ScotlandDerby19 Jun 2005List A
220/545.04.881v WarwickshireEdinburgh18 Sep 2005List A
219/922.09.951v SurreyGuildford24 Jul 2005List A
219/738.05.761v DurhamThe Oval30 May 2005List A
219/845.04.861v DerbyshireScarborough28 Aug 2005List A
218/343.44.992v WarwickshireBirmingham19 Jun 2005List A
218/544.24.912v YorkshireLeeds31 Jul 2005List A
21744.14.912v ScotlandTaunton17 Jun 2005List A
217/645.04.821v LeicsBirmingham19 Jun 2005List A
217/445.04.821v SomersetOakham5 Jun 2005List A
216/645.04.801v KentLeeds31 Jul 2005List A
21438.45.532v DerbyshireMaidstone5 Jun 2005List A
21444.54.771v ScotlandLeeds30 May 2005List A
214/845.04.751v KentCanterbury24 Apr 2005List A
213/539.45.362v SomersetLeeds24 Apr 2005List A
213/244.04.842v LeicsTaunton1 May 2005List A
212/541.25.122v KentCanterbury7 Aug 2005List A
212/945.04.711v SurreyThe Oval25 Sep 2005List A
21145.04.681v SurreyCanterbury7 Aug 2005List A
211/845.04.681v SomersetTaunton1 May 2005List A
209/945.04.641v YorkshireLeeds24 Apr 2005List A
20840.45.112v WarwickshireDerby20 May 2005List A
208/745.04.621v ScotlandLeicester20 Jun 2005List A
207/541.34.982v ScotlandEdinburgh7 Aug 2005List A
207/945.04.602v WarwickshireBirmingham20 Sep 2005List A
20540.25.082v DurhamChester-le-Street15 May 2005List A
205/544.14.642v DerbyshireBirmingham9 Jul 2005List A
204/230.36.682v ScotlandThe Oval25 Sep 2005List A
203/945.04.511v YorkshireEdinburgh7 Aug 2005List A
20232.06.312v SussexHove24 Apr 2005List A
202/337.35.382v YorkshireScarborough24 Jul 2005List A
201/745.04.461v WarwickshireScarborough24 Jul 2005List A
201/945.04.461v WarwickshireBirmingham9 Jul 2005List A
197/845.04.371v KentDerby17 Apr 2005List A
196/329.36.642v DurhamArundel19 Jun 2005List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Leicestershire v Kent at Leicester, National League Division Two, Sep 25, 2005 [List A]

Somerset v Derbyshire at Taunton, National League Division Two, Sep 25, 2005 [List A]

Surrey v Scotland at The Oval, National League Division Two, Sep 25, 2005 [List A]