Highest totals For Regional Four Day Competition, 2008/09

Highest totals
Match Date
596175.23.392v Comb C&CCharlestown27 Mar 2009First-class
530/8d136.53.871v GuyanaProvidence20 Feb 2009First-class
519149.13.471v Leeward IsCharlestown27 Mar 2009First-class
50795.05.331v Leeward IsPhilipsburg23 Jan 2009First-class
505130.03.881v BarbadosPointe-a-Pierre27 Feb 2009First-class
497/7d163.03.042v Comb C&CGeorgetown6 Mar 2009First-class
495/8d126.03.921v GuyanaLucas Street6 Feb 2009First-class
441/8d168.02.621v GuyanaProvidence13 Feb 2009First-class
43997.34.501v BarbadosCrab Hill21 Mar 2009First-class
433125.43.442v Leeward IsThe Valley3 Apr 2009First-class
414/9d105.13.932v GuyanaSt George's9 Jan 2009First-class
408135.13.012v Windward IsRoseau19 Feb 2009First-class
402129.33.102v Trinidad & TProvidence20 Feb 2009First-class
397/8d96.34.113v BarbadosBridgetown13 Mar 2009First-class
396107.53.672v GuyanaProvidence11 Apr 2009First-class
395/8d112.53.501v Windward IsSt Andrew's16 Jan 2009First-class
389112.43.451v GuyanaMontego Bay3 Apr 2009First-class
377143.12.632v BarbadosCave Hill3 Apr 2009First-class
375/9d98.03.823v GuyanaProvidence27 Feb 2009First-class
373103.03.623v Trinidad & TPointe-a-Pierre27 Feb 2009First-class
369/8d120.33.063v JamaicaKingston21 Mar 2009First-class
362122.42.952v Comb C&CSt Augustine6 Feb 2009First-class
361129.22.791v Windward IsKingstown21 Mar 2009First-class
360108.03.333v BarbadosProvidence11 Apr 2009First-class
355/7d124.02.862v Trinidad & TPort of Spain16 Jan 2009First-class
349111.53.121v Leeward IsSt Augustine13 Feb 2009First-class
341136.52.491v Leeward IsAlbion13 Mar 2009First-class
334107.13.111v BarbadosProvidence11 Apr 2009First-class
32392.13.502v Comb C&CCave Hill30 Jan 2009First-class
315108.12.911v Trinidad & TSt Augustine6 Feb 2009First-class
31475.34.152v Leeward IsGros Islet6 Feb 2009First-class
31494.23.322v BarbadosKingston30 Jan 2009First-class
310114.12.711v Windward IsPointe-a-Pierre23 Jan 2009First-class
30878.23.932v JamaicaMontego Bay3 Apr 2009First-class
306118.42.573v Windward IsBridgetown6 Mar 2009First-class
30368.04.452v BarbadosBridgetown6 Mar 2009First-class
30399.23.051v Trinidad & TThe Valley3 Apr 2009First-class
302102.32.942v JamaicaProvidence13 Feb 2009First-class
300/5d85.03.523v GuyanaCave Hill16 Jan 2009First-class
298116.02.561v JamaicaBasseterre9 Jan 2009First-class
29387.23.351v JamaicaKingston30 Jan 2009First-class
28896.32.982v BarbadosLucas Street6 Feb 2009First-class
28593.53.033v Trinidad & TSt Elizabeth6 Mar 2009First-class
28399.32.843v Windward IsGros Islet6 Feb 2009First-class
28298.22.861v Trinidad & TPort of Spain27 Mar 2009First-class
28093.03.012v Windward IsProvidence27 Feb 2009First-class
27884.43.283v Comb C&CCave Hill3 Apr 2009First-class
277112.42.451v Windward IsKingstown13 Mar 2009First-class
27678.43.503v Windward IsCharlotte Amalie11 Apr 2009First-class
27580.03.431v Trinidad & TSt Elizabeth6 Mar 2009First-class
275102.02.691v Comb C&CCave Hill20 Feb 2009First-class
27388.23.092v Trinidad & TPointe-a-Pierre27 Feb 2009First-class
27273.33.704v JamaicaBridgetown13 Mar 2009First-class
27283.03.271v BarbadosBridgetown13 Mar 2009First-class
27171.33.792v Comb C&CCrab Hill13 Feb 2009First-class
27173.43.672v Leeward IsCharlotte Amalie11 Apr 2009First-class
26592.32.861v GuyanaCave Hill16 Jan 2009First-class
264121.22.171v BarbadosWeymouth9 Jan 2009First-class
26191.22.851v JamaicaRoseau19 Feb 2009First-class
25997.52.642v GuyanaPort of Spain27 Mar 2009First-class
25794.22.722v Trinidad & TKingstown21 Mar 2009First-class
25694.32.703v Trinidad & TThe Valley3 Apr 2009First-class
25478.33.231v GuyanaGeorgetown6 Mar 2009First-class
24858.14.263v BarbadosPhilipsburg23 Jan 2009First-class
24889.22.773v GuyanaMontego Bay3 Apr 2009First-class
24771.23.462v Comb C&CCave Hill16 Jan 2009First-class
24691.32.684v JamaicaSt Elizabeth6 Mar 2009First-class
245103.12.373v GuyanaCharlestown30 Jan 2009First-class
243/5d61.03.983v Windward IsPointe-a-Pierre23 Jan 2009First-class
24374.03.281v Windward IsCharlotte Amalie11 Apr 2009First-class
242/7d82.12.943v Comb C&CCave Hill20 Feb 2009First-class
24168.23.522v Leeward IsCrab Hill21 Mar 2009First-class
23581.32.881v Comb C&CCave Hill3 Apr 2009First-class
23170.43.264v Leeward IsCharlestown30 Jan 2009First-class
22973.03.132v Leeward IsCharlestown30 Jan 2009First-class
22988.02.602v Comb C&CKingston21 Mar 2009First-class
22994.22.421v Windward IsFlorence Hall27 Mar 2009First-class
22773.23.091v Windward IsCave Hill30 Jan 2009First-class
22775.13.012v Leeward IsBasseterre9 Jan 2009First-class
22578.32.861v GuyanaCharlestown30 Jan 2009First-class
22263.13.514v Comb C&CCave Hill16 Jan 2009First-class
22278.32.822v JamaicaFlorence Hall27 Mar 2009First-class
22163.33.482v Trinidad & TSt Augustine13 Feb 2009First-class
22166.23.331v JamaicaKingston27 Feb 2009First-class
22195.52.303v JamaicaKingston30 Jan 2009First-class
22052.34.194v Leeward IsCharlotte Amalie11 Apr 2009First-class
22087.52.502v Leeward IsKingston27 Feb 2009First-class
21687.12.474v Leeward IsCave Hill20 Feb 2009First-class
21564.43.321v GuyanaProvidence27 Feb 2009First-class
213/770.03.043v Trinidad & TPort of Spain27 Mar 2009First-class
212/3d64.13.303v BarbadosWeymouth9 Jan 2009First-class
206/457.53.562v GuyanaAlbion13 Mar 2009First-class
20667.33.054v Trinidad & TPointe-a-Pierre23 Jan 2009First-class
20462.13.282v BarbadosPhilipsburg23 Jan 2009First-class
203/476.12.664v BarbadosKingston30 Jan 2009First-class
20276.02.653v JamaicaKingston27 Feb 2009First-class
20280.52.491v JamaicaPort of Spain16 Jan 2009First-class
200/959.23.374v BarbadosBridgetown6 Mar 2009First-class
199110.51.792v Trinidad & TWeymouth9 Jan 2009First-class
19867.12.941v BarbadosCrab Hill13 Feb 2009First-class
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Leeward Islands vs Windward Islands at Charlotte Amalie, Regional Four Day Competition , Apr 11-14, 2009 [First-class]

Guyana vs Barbados at Providence, Regional Four Day Competition , Apr 11-14, 2009 [First-class]

Combined Campuses and Colleges vs Trinidad & Tobago at Cave Hill, Regional Four Day Competition , Apr 11-13, 2009 [First-class]