Team Highest Innings Totals

Cricket Records in The Ford Trophy, 2018/19

Highest totals
Match Date
313/750.06.261v Central DHamilton7 Nov 2018List A
311/648.26.432v CanterburyChristchurch14 Nov 2018List A
309/850.06.181v CanterburyDunedin7 Nov 2018List A
307/450.06.141v Northern DisChristchurch14 Nov 2018List A
301/650.06.021v OtagoWellington31 Oct 2018List A
295/850.05.901v AucklandAuckland10 Nov 2018List A
292/347.46.122v OtagoLincoln16 Nov 2018List A
291/650.05.821v Northern DisLincoln16 Nov 2018List A
288/347.16.102v CanterburyWellington24 Oct 2018List A
288/950.05.762v Northern DisHamilton7 Nov 2018List A
28648.45.871v WellingtonWellington24 Oct 2018List A
283/750.05.661v AucklandInvercargill24 Nov 2018List A
280/750.05.602v OtagoInvercargill24 Nov 2018List A
27949.25.651v WellingtonLincoln18 Nov 2018List A
27849.55.571v AucklandWellington7 Nov 2018List A
276/950.05.521v WellingtonAuckland28 Oct 2018List A
275/850.05.501v AucklandLincoln18 Nov 2018List A
271/649.45.452v CanterburyChristchurch18 Nov 2018List A
271/849.45.452v Northern DisAuckland24 Oct 2018List A
27050.05.401v OtagoChristchurch18 Nov 2018List A
270/550.05.401v CanterburyAuckland4 Nov 2018List A
26950.05.381v Northern DisWellington4 Nov 2018List A
269/750.05.381v OtagoNelson24 Oct 2018List A
26845.35.891v AucklandAuckland24 Oct 2018List A
267/750.05.342v AucklandAuckland4 Nov 2018List A
266/850.05.321v Central DLincoln14 Nov 2018List A
26347.15.572v AucklandAuckland28 Oct 2018List A
256/750.05.121v CanterburyChristchurch16 Nov 2018List A
254/748.35.232v CanterburyHamilton10 Nov 2018List A
251/749.05.122v AucklandLincoln14 Nov 2018List A
251/750.05.021v Northern DisHamilton10 Nov 2018List A
250/950.05.001v OtagoLincoln14 Nov 2018List A
24747.45.182v OtagoDunedin7 Nov 2018List A
246/536.16.802v Northern DisLincoln18 Nov 2018List A
24349.34.901v AucklandChristchurch31 Oct 2018List A
237/748.14.922v AucklandAuckland28 Nov 2018List A
237/950.04.742v CanterburyChristchurch31 Oct 2018List A
23647.54.931v WellingtonAuckland28 Nov 2018List A
235/748.44.822v OtagoDunedin1 Dec 2018List A
234/850.04.681v WellingtonDunedin1 Dec 2018List A
23348.44.782v WellingtonChristchurch16 Nov 2018List A
23244.55.172v Central DNelson24 Oct 2018List A
23047.54.802v WellingtonWellington4 Nov 2018List A
229/645.05.082v Central DLincoln16 Nov 2018List A
22647.54.721v AucklandLincoln16 Nov 2018List A
21849.54.371v WellingtonDunedin10 Nov 2018List A
21146.24.552v OtagoDunedin10 Nov 2018List A
208/732.06.501v Central DDunedin4 Nov 2018List A
20843.44.762v WellingtonLincoln14 Nov 2018List A
19431.46.122v OtagoDunedin4 Nov 2018List A
188/439.44.732v Central DLincoln18 Nov 2018List A
180/137.44.772v Northern DisHamilton28 Oct 2018List A
17944.44.001v OtagoHamilton28 Oct 2018List A
166/535.44.652v Central DNew Plymouth28 Oct 2018List A
16343.43.731v CanterburyNew Plymouth28 Oct 2018List A
15841.43.792v WellingtonWellington7 Nov 2018List A
12530.14.142v Central DAuckland10 Nov 2018List A
10831.03.482v WellingtonWellington31 Oct 2018List A
20/25.23.751v Northern DisWhangarei24 Nov 2018List A
DNB0.00.000v WellingtonWhangarei24 Nov 2018List A
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Otago v Wellington at Dunedin, The Ford Trophy final, Dec 1, 2018 [List A]

Auckland v Wellington at Auckland, The Ford Trophy elimination final, Nov 28, 2018 [List A]

Central Districts v Canterbury at New Plymouth, The Ford Trophy, Nov 24, 2018 [List A]