Records in Caribbean Premier League, 2019

Match results
Team 1
Team 2
Match Date
TrinbagoPatriotsTrinbago11 runsPort of SpainSep 4, 2019T20
AmazonZouksAmazon13 runsProvidenceSep 5, 2019T20
TrinbagoTallawahsTrinbago22 runsPort of SpainSep 6, 2019T20
AmazonPatriotsAmazon8 wicketsProvidenceSep 7, 2019T20
TrinbagoZouksTrinbago7 wicketsPort of SpainSep 8, 2019T20
AmazonTridentsAmazon47 runsProvidenceSep 8, 2019T20
PatriotsTallawahsPatriots4 wicketsBasseterreSep 10, 2019T20
PatriotsTridentsTridents18 runsBasseterreSep 11, 2019T20
TallawahsZouksZouks5 wicketsKingstonSep 12, 2019T20
TallawahsTrinbagoTrinbago41 runsKingstonSep 13, 2019T20
PatriotsAmazonAmazon7 wicketsBasseterreSep 14, 2019T20
TallawahsTridentsTallawahs4 wicketsKingstonSep 15, 2019T20
PatriotsZouksPatriots6 wicketsBasseterreSep 15, 2019T20
PatriotsTrinbagotied-BasseterreSep 17, 2019T20
TallawahsAmazonAmazon81 runsKingstonSep 18, 2019T20
TallawahsPatriotsPatriots20 runsKingstonSep 19, 2019T20
ZouksTridentsTridents71 runsGros IsletSep 20, 2019T20
ZouksTrinbagono result-Gros IsletSep 21, 2019T20
TridentsAmazonAmazon12 runsBridgetownSep 22, 2019T20
TridentsTallawahsTallawahs5 runsBridgetownSep 23, 2019T20
ZouksPatriotsZouks20 runsGros IsletSep 24, 2019T20
ZouksAmazonAmazon8 wicketsGros IsletSep 25, 2019T20
TridentsTrinbagoTridents63 runsBridgetownSep 26, 2019T20
ZouksTallawahsZouks4 wicketsGros IsletSep 27, 2019T20
TridentsPatriotsPatriots1 runBridgetownSep 28, 2019T20
TridentsZouksTridents24 runsBridgetownSep 29, 2019T20
TrinbagoAmazonAmazon19 runsPort of SpainSep 30, 2019T20
TrinbagoTridentsTridents7 wicketsPort of SpainOct 2, 2019T20
AmazonTallawahsAmazon77 runsProvidenceOct 3, 2019T20
AmazonTrinbagoAmazon7 wicketsProvidenceOct 4, 2019T20
PatriotsTrinbagoTrinbago6 wicketsProvidenceOct 6, 2019T20
AmazonTridentsAmazon30 runsProvidenceOct 6, 2019T20
TridentsTrinbagoTridents12 runsTaroubaOct 10, 2019T20
TridentsAmazonTridents27 runsTaroubaOct 12, 2019T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Barbados Tridents v Guyana Amazon Warriors at Tarouba, Caribbean Premier League final, Oct 12, 2019 [Twenty20]

Barbados Tridents v Trinbago Knight Riders at Tarouba, Caribbean Premier League 2nd qualifying final, Oct 10, 2019 [Twenty20]

Guyana Amazon Warriors v Barbados Tridents at Providence, Caribbean Premier League, Oct 6, 2019 [Twenty20]