Team Most Extras Innings

Most extras in an innings For Abu Dhabi T10, 2022/23

Most extras in an innings
Match Date
13410.0191117-13.401v Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi23 Nov 2022Other T20
12810.018-512112.801v StrikersAbu Dhabi4 Dec 2022Other T20
12210.017--17-12.202v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi27 Nov 2022Other T20
10910.016-411110.901v StrikersAbu Dhabi26 Nov 2022Other T20
1139.412426-11.682v Delhi BullsAbu Dhabi1 Dec 2022Other T20
12010.012-48-12.001v Delhi BullsAbu Dhabi25 Nov 2022Other T20
10510.011128-10.501v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi27 Nov 2022Other T20
14410.011-45214.402v WarriorsAbu Dhabi30 Nov 2022Other T20
10710.011118110.702v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi1 Dec 2022Other T20
11710.011-110-11.701v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi2 Dec 2022Other T20
8110.0111-10-8.101v StrikersAbu Dhabi3 Dec 2022Other T20
797.310-26210.532v Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi2 Dec 2022Other T20
1198.310-28-14.002v WarriorsAbu Dhabi2 Dec 2022Other T20
14010.010-81114.001v Delhi BullsAbu Dhabi27 Nov 2022Other T20
14310.010118-14.301v StrikersAbu Dhabi30 Nov 2022Other T20
11910.010-26211.901v BravesAbu Dhabi2 Dec 2022Other T20
1096.198-1-17.672v Bangla TigerAbu Dhabi30 Nov 2022Other T20
11710.09116111.701v WarriorsAbu Dhabi27 Nov 2022Other T20
1189.28-17-12.642v Bangla TigerAbu Dhabi27 Nov 2022Other T20
8210.08116-8.202v Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi29 Nov 2022Other T20
12110.08124112.102v Bangla TigerAbu Dhabi29 Nov 2022Other T20
8910.08422-8.902v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi3 Dec 2022Other T20
9410.0817--9.401v Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi3 Dec 2022Other T20
11910.08--8-11.901v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi3 Dec 2022Other T20
13110.07--6113.101v StrikersAbu Dhabi23 Nov 2022Other T20
9910.07115-9.902v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi23 Nov 2022Other T20
8510.07-1518.502v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi24 Nov 2022Other T20
12010.074-3-12.002v Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi25 Nov 2022Other T20
12610.07-16-12.601v Bangla TigerAbu Dhabi25 Nov 2022Other T20
10010.07-34-10.001v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi29 Nov 2022Other T20
12710.07-43-12.701v Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi4 Dec 2022Other T20
9110.07133-9.102v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi4 Dec 2022Other T20
1099.36-33-11.472v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi29 Nov 2022Other T20
11210.062-3111.202v Bangla TigerAbu Dhabi23 Nov 2022Other T20
11510.06-14111.502v Delhi BullsAbu Dhabi24 Nov 2022Other T20
9410.06411-9.401v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi26 Nov 2022Other T20
9810.0611319.802v StrikersAbu Dhabi28 Nov 2022Other T20
14110.06-33-14.101v BravesAbu Dhabi28 Nov 2022Other T20
10810.06-23110.801v BravesAbu Dhabi29 Nov 2022Other T20
957.45-23-12.392v Delhi BullsAbu Dhabi26 Nov 2022Other T20
7210.05-32-7.202v StrikersAbu Dhabi24 Nov 2022Other T20
13810.05--5-13.801v WarriorsAbu Dhabi25 Nov 2022Other T20
9510.051-319.501v Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi26 Nov 2022Other T20
828.34-13-9.642v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi3 Dec 2022Other T20
488.44-31-5.532v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi4 Dec 2022Other T20
1219.44--4-12.512v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi3 Dec 2022Other T20
939.54-13-9.452v BravesAbu Dhabi25 Nov 2022Other T20
10010.041-3-10.001v Bangla TigerAbu Dhabi24 Nov 2022Other T20
11910.04-13-11.901v WarriorsAbu Dhabi24 Nov 2022Other T20
11410.04-13-11.402v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi25 Nov 2022Other T20
11010.04121-11.001v Samp ArmyAbu Dhabi28 Nov 2022Other T20
10710.04111110.702v WarriorsAbu Dhabi28 Nov 2022Other T20
7110.04-22-7.101v Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi30 Nov 2022Other T20
7410.04-31-7.401v Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi1 Dec 2022Other T20
8810.04-2118.802v Delhi BullsAbu Dhabi2 Dec 2022Other T20
1079.23--2111.462v BravesAbu Dhabi27 Nov 2022Other T20
9910.03-21-9.901v BravesAbu Dhabi24 Nov 2022Other T20
13310.03--1213.301v Delhi BullsAbu Dhabi29 Nov 2022Other T20
11210.03-2-111.201v StrikersAbu Dhabi1 Dec 2022Other T20
758.42-11-8.652v BravesAbu Dhabi30 Nov 2022Other T20
969.42-11-9.932v WarriorsAbu Dhabi26 Nov 2022Other T20
10810.02--2-10.801v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi30 Nov 2022Other T20
12610.02-11-12.601v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi1 Dec 2022Other T20
7810.0211--7.801v StrikersAbu Dhabi2 Dec 2022Other T20
767.01--1-10.852v Bangla TigerAbu Dhabi1 Dec 2022Other T20
11010.01--1-11.002v GladiatorsAbu Dhabi26 Nov 2022Other T20
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Team is the team credited with the extras, Opposition is the team that conceded them.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Deccan Gladiators vs New York Strikers at Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi T10 Final, Dec 4, 2022 [Other T20]

Samp Army vs Team Abu Dhabi at Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi T10 3rd Place Play-off, Dec 4, 2022 [Other T20]

Samp Army vs New York Strikers at Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi T10 Qualifier 1, Dec 3, 2022 [Other T20]