Most extras in an innings For Hong Kong Premier League T20 Tournament, 2021

Most extras in an innings
Match Date
17420.023261418.701v Pakistan HKGWong Nai19 Sep 2021Other T20
13720.019141136.851v Hong Kong CCWong Nai22 Sep 2021Other T20
7418.416-6643.961v Kowloon CCKowloon26 Sep 2021Other T20
12220.014-7436.101v Pakistan HKGKowloon5 Sep 2021Other T20
16520.0141310-8.251v DiasquaKowloon19 Sep 2021Other T20
10420.013436-5.201v DiasquaWong Nai26 Sep 2021Other T20
16420.011-1918.201v Pakistan HKGMong Kok12 Sep 2021Other T20
13220.010118-6.601v DiasquaMong Kok5 Sep 2021Other T20
7710.29--727.452v Utd ServiceKowloon26 Sep 2021Other T20
9618.29-27-5.232v Utd ServiceMong Kok12 Sep 2021Other T20
13319.39126-6.822v Utd ServiceMong Kok5 Sep 2021Other T20
10218.06--335.662v Kowloon CCKowloon5 Sep 2021Other T20
9319.5611224.681v Kowloon CCKowloon12 Sep 2021Other T20
379.15--234.032v Kowloon CCKowloon19 Sep 2021Other T20
17020.05--418.501v Hong Kong CCWong Nai1 Oct 2021Other T20
14118.14--4-7.762v Utd ServiceWong Nai22 Sep 2021Other T20
8620.041-3-4.302v Hong Kong CCKowloon12 Sep 2021Other T20
409.03-21-4.442v Hong Kong CCWong Nai19 Sep 2021Other T20
8114.03--3-5.782v Pakistan HKGMong Kok22 Sep 2021Other T20
8017.43--3-4.521v DiasquaMong Kok22 Sep 2021Other T20
17418.42--2-9.322v Kowloon CCWong Nai1 Oct 2021Other T20
9420.01--1-4.702v Hong Kong CCWong Nai26 Sep 2021Other T20
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Team is the team credited with the extras, Opposition is the team that conceded them.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Kowloon Cricket Club vs Hong Kong Cricket Club at Wong Nai, HKG PL T20 Tournament Final, Oct 1, 2021 [Other T20]

Hong Kong Cricket Club vs Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club at Wong Nai, HKG PL T20 Tournament 9th Match, Sep 26, 2021 [Other T20]

United Services Recreation Club vs Kowloon Cricket Club at Kowloon, HKG PL T20 Tournament 10th Match, Sep 26, 2021 [Other T20]