Records in Indian Premier League, 2016

Most extras in an innings
Match Date
18919.1194213-9.862v RCBBengaluru2 May 2016T20
12513.317-116-9.252v KKRKanpur19 May 2016T20
15918.216-7818.672v Guj LionsBengaluru24 May 2016T20
16418.01525719.112v SupergiantsRajkot14 Apr 2016T20
19219.114-310110.012v RCBBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
18219.314-3929.332v RCBRajkot24 Apr 2016T20
16120.014-410-8.052v SunrisersRaipur20 May 2016T20
20820.0141211-10.41v RCBBengaluru29 May 2016T20
9411.013-211-8.542v SunrisersHyderabad26 Apr 2016T20
15918.313-3468.592v DaredevilsDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
12120.013-112-6.051v SupergiantsWankhede9 Apr 2016T20
17020.0131210-8.51v MumbaiWankhede20 Apr 2016T20
9817.412--12-5.541v KKREden Gardens10 Apr 2016T20
10418.41213535.572v RCBBengaluru14 May 2016T20
18520.012--1119.251v SupergiantsPune22 Apr 2016T20
16420.012-3818.21v MumbaiDelhi23 Apr 2016T20
15720.012444-7.852v KKREden Gardens4 May 2016T20
18320.012-66-9.151v RCBEden Gardens16 May 2016T20
9914.1112-816.982v DaredevilsEden Gardens10 Apr 2016T20
12717.011434-7.472v MumbaiVisakhapatnam13 May 2016T20
16619.111-1738.662v DaredevilsDelhi5 May 2016T20
18220.011119-9.12v RCBBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
14720.011-7317.352v MumbaiWankhede16 Apr 2016T20
15220.011-83-7.61v Kings XIMohali17 Apr 2016T20
14620.011-6327.31v DaredevilsHyderabad12 May 2016T20
14920.01116317.452v KKREden Gardens22 May 2016T20
15820.011-65-7.91v RCBBengaluru24 May 2016T20
665.010118-13.22v SupergiantsEden Gardens14 May 2016T20
11313.310424-8.372v Kings XIDelhi15 Apr 2016T20
13714.510-19-9.232v Guj LionsRajkot21 Apr 2016T20
13918.110--10-7.652v DaredevilsRaipur22 May 2016T20
15318.410--828.192v RCBBengaluru11 May 2016T20
18819.110118-9.82v KKREden Gardens13 Apr 2016T20
16219.310--10-8.32v SupergiantsPune24 Apr 2016T20
18720.010-37-9.351v MumbaiEden Gardens13 Apr 2016T20
14320.010-2627.151v Guj LionsWankhede16 Apr 2016T20
18620.01016219.31v KKRDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
18019.49-4329.152v Kings XIMohali15 May 2016T20
19120.09-81-9.551v DaredevilsBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
17220.09-63-8.62v Kings XIMohali7 May 2016T20
14020.09-9--72v SunrisersDelhi25 May 2016T20
20020.09-54-102v SunrisersBengaluru29 May 2016T20
21115.08--6214.061v Kings XIBengaluru18 May 2016T20
14117.18-53-8.212v Kings XIMohali19 Apr 2016T20
14220.0812417.11v KKRHyderabad16 Apr 2016T20
14220.08-26-7.11v SunrisersHyderabad18 Apr 2016T20
11820.08-53-5.91v SupergiantsHyderabad26 Apr 2016T20
15920.08-17-7.951v MumbaiPune1 May 2016T20
16220.08-1618.11v SupergiantsDelhi5 May 2016T20
18120.08-53-9.051v DaredevilsMohali7 May 2016T20
12420.08-62-6.21v Kings XIVisakhapatnam13 May 2016T20
17320.08-17-8.652v Kings XIVisakhapatnam21 May 2016T20
17220.08-3418.61v Guj LionsKanpur21 May 2016T20
7611.07-2416.92v DaredevilsVisakhapatnam17 May 2016T20
16120.07124-8.051v Guj LionsMohali11 Apr 2016T20
22720.07-24111.351v SunrisersBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
13820.07-25-6.91v KKRMohali19 Apr 2016T20
17220.071-6-8.62v RCBPune22 Apr 2016T20
19520.07-2419.751v Guj LionsPune29 Apr 2016T20
19620.07--7-9.82v SupergiantsPune29 Apr 2016T20
19120.07-16-9.551v RCBBengaluru7 May 2016T20
15120.07-52-7.551v MumbaiBengaluru11 May 2016T20
20620.07421-10.31v DaredevilsVisakhapatnam15 May 2016T20
12420.07-25-6.21v Guj LionsKanpur19 May 2016T20
12014.06-15-8.572v RCBBengaluru18 May 2016T20
9216.36-24-5.572v SunrisersVisakhapatnam8 May 2016T20
16217.46-33-9.162v Kings XIMohali11 Apr 2016T20
10317.46-4115.831v KKREden Gardens14 May 2016T20
17317.56-24-9.72v MumbaiKanpur21 May 2016T20
16118.36-42-8.72v SupergiantsPune1 May 2016T20
12919.06-33-6.782v Guj LionsHyderabad6 May 2016T20
19519.36-5-1102v SupergiantsBengaluru7 May 2016T20
16020.0642--81v KKRPune24 Apr 2016T20
14920.06-33-7.451v DaredevilsRajkot3 May 2016T20
15820.06-24-7.91v Guj LionsEden Gardens8 May 2016T20
13820.06-1416.91v RCBRaipur22 May 2016T20
16220.06114-8.11v KKRDelhi25 May 2016T20
12614.45-1318.592v MumbaiWankhede9 Apr 2016T20
14517.35-2218.282v MumbaiHyderabad18 Apr 2016T20
14617.55--5-8.182v Kings XIHyderabad23 Apr 2016T20
17818.05--5-9.882v KKRWankhede28 Apr 2016T20
16418.05--5-9.112v KKREden Gardens8 May 2016T20
14618.25--5-7.962v SunrisersHyderabad16 Apr 2016T20
13520.05-23-6.751v SunrisersRajkot21 Apr 2016T20
14320.05-14-7.151v SunrisersHyderabad23 Apr 2016T20
16420.05-2218.22v MumbaiMohali25 Apr 2016T20
18920.05-1319.451v Kings XIMohali25 Apr 2016T20
19420.05-1319.71v RCBHyderabad30 Apr 2016T20
16420.05-23-8.21v Kings XIEden Gardens4 May 2016T20
12620.05--5-6.31v SunrisersHyderabad6 May 2016T20
17720.05-23-8.851v MumbaiVisakhapatnam8 May 2016T20
17420.05-32-8.72v RCBMohali9 May 2016T20
13720.05-14-6.851v SupergiantsVisakhapatnam10 May 2016T20
16220.05--5-8.11v SunrisersDelhi27 May 2016T20
17118.04-1219.52v RCBWankhede20 Apr 2016T20
15419.54-13-7.761v Guj LionsRajkot1 May 2016T20
11120.04-13-5.551v DaredevilsDelhi15 Apr 2016T20
13120.041-3-6.552v Kings XIRajkot1 May 2016T20
18520.04--229.251v KKRBengaluru2 May 2016T20
17520.04--4-8.751v Kings XIMohali9 May 2016T20
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Team is the team credited with the extras, Opposition is the team that conceded them.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Royal Challengers Bangalore v Sunrisers Hyderabad at Bengaluru, Indian Premier League final, May 29, 2016 [Twenty20]

Gujarat Lions v Sunrisers Hyderabad at Delhi, Indian Premier League 2nd qualifying final, May 27, 2016 [Twenty20]

Kolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers Hyderabad at Delhi, Indian Premier League elimination final, May 25, 2016 [Twenty20]