Records for Women ODI Matches

Match Date
A Hunter16y 0d121*IRE WMNv Zim WomenHarare11 Oct 2021Women's ODI # 1222
M Raj16y 205d114*India Womenv IRE WMNMilton Keynes26 Jun 1999Women's ODI # 298
L Wolvaardt17y 105d105SA WMNv IRE WMNDublin (Malahide)9 Aug 2016Women's ODI # 988
CM Edwards17y 243d102ENG WMNv SA WMNTaunton17 Aug 1997Women's ODI # 233
AC Kerr17y 243d232*NZ WMNv IRE WMNDublin13 Jun 2018Women's ODI # 1119
SJ Taylor17y 285d101ENG WMNv AUS WMNChennai1 Mar 2007Women's ODI # 601
J Logtenberg17y 338d103*SA WMNv PAK WMNPretoria26 Jan 2007Women's ODI # 591
SR Taylor18y 127d108*WI WMNv SA WMNPaarl16 Oct 2009Women's ODI # 715
MM Lanning18y 288d104*AUS WMNv ENG WMNPerth7 Jan 2011Women's ODI # 763
SW Bates19y 166d122NZ WMNv India WomenChennai1 Mar 2007Women's ODI # 602
S Mandhana19y 202d102India Womenv AUS WMNHobart5 Feb 2016Women's ODI # 969
DB Sharma19y 264d188India Womenv IRE WMNPotchefstroom15 May 2017Women's ODI # 1052
KV Jain20y 91d103India Womenv ENG WMNEden Gardens9 Dec 2005Women's ODI # 551
SA Campbelle20y 133d105WI WMNv SL WMNDambulla24 Feb 2013Women's ODI # 871
A Steyn20y 177d117SA WMNv IRE WMNPotchefstroom (Uni)19 May 2017Women's ODI # 1054
HK Matthews20y 187d117WI WMNv SA WMNBridgetown22 Sep 2018Women's ODI # 1129
AMCJK Athapaththu21y 78d111SL WMNv IRE WMNColombo (PSS)28 Apr 2011Women's ODI # 773
A Chopra22y 50d100India Womenv ENG WMNNorthampton9 Jul 1999Women's ODI # 300
KL Rolton22y 94d113*AUS WMNv NZ WMNWellington23 Feb 1997Women's ODI # 226
MDT Kamini22y 185d100India Womenv WI WMNBrabourne31 Jan 2013Women's ODI # 845
JA Brittin22y 194d138*ENG WMNv Int XI WomenHamilton14 Jan 1982Women's ODI # 36
LJ Poulton22y 239d101AUS WMNv NZ WMNBrisbane24 Oct 2006Women's ODI # 578
L Paul22y 348d137IRE WMNv Neth WomenAmstelveen24 Aug 2022Women's ODI # 1288
M Kapp23y 32d102*SA WMNv PAK WMNCuttack5 Feb 2013Women's ODI # 855
BL Mooney23y 43d100AUS WMNv NZ WMNAuckland26 Feb 2017Women's ODI # 1046
SFM Devine23y 153d145NZ WMNv SA WMNCuttack1 Feb 2013Women's ODI # 848
A Kirkire23y 286d106India Womenv WI WMNGurgaon12 Mar 2004Women's ODI # 475
H Kaur23y 332d107*India Womenv ENG WMNBrabourne3 Feb 2013Women's ODI # 850
SIR Dunkley23y 364d107ENG WMNv SA WMNBristol15 Jul 2022Women's ODI # 1285
Ages are shown as at the start of the match concerned.
Only the first century by any player is shown.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Sri Lanka Women v Bangladesh Women at Colombo (SSC), ICC Women's Championship 3rd ODI, May 4, 2023 [Women ODI # 1316]

Sri Lanka Women v Bangladesh Women at Colombo (PSS), ICC Women's Championship 1st ODI, Apr 29, 2023 [Women ODI # 1315]

Thailand Women v Zimbabwe Women at Bangkok, 3rd ODI, Apr 23, 2023 [Women ODI # 1314]