Youngest player to score a triple hundred

Youngest player to score a triple hundred in Tests

Youngest player to score a triple hundred
Match Date
21y 213d365*West Indiesv PakistanKingston26 Feb 1958Test # 450
21y 318d334Australiav EnglandLeeds11 Jul 1930Test # 196
22y 58d364Englandv AustraliaThe Oval20 Aug 1938Test # 266
23y 27d337Pakistanv West IndiesBridgetown17 Jan 1958Test # 446
24y 349d375West Indiesv EnglandSt John's16 Apr 1994Test # 1259
25y 10d303*Indiav EnglandChennai16 Dec 2016Test # 2241
25y 57d302West Indiesv EnglandBridgetown6 Mar 1974Test # 734
25y 129d307Australiav EnglandMelbourne11 Feb 1966Test # 601
25y 160d309Indiav PakistanMultan28 Mar 2004Test # 1693
25y 220d317West Indiesv South AfricaSt John's29 Apr 2005Test # 1750
Ages are shown as at the start of the match concerned.
Only the first double-century by a player is shown.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

England v West Indies at Lord's, 1st Test, Jul 10-12, 2024 [Test # 2538]

Bangladesh v Sri Lanka at Chattogram, 2nd Test, Mar 30-Apr 3, 2024 [Test # 2537]

Bangladesh v Sri Lanka at Sylhet, 1st Test, Mar 22-25, 2024 [Test # 2536]