Youngest player to take five-wickets-in-an-innings

Records for Women Test Matches

Youngest player to take five-wickets-in-an-innings
Match Date
15y 253d5/25India Womenv WI WomenDelhi12 Nov 1976Women's Test # 54
17y 5d6/21IRE WMNv PAK WomenDublin30 Jul 2000Women's Test # 111
17y 104d5/48India Womenv WI WomenBengaluru31 Oct 1976Women's Test # 52
17y 230d6/49AUS Womenv ENG WomenMelbourne18 Jan 1935Women's Test # 3
18y 84d8/53India Womenv ENG WomenJamshedpur24 Nov 1995Women's Test # 100
18y 329d5/79NZ Womenv India WomenVapi27 Nov 2003Women's Test # 121
19y 154d5/31SL Womenv PAK WomenColombo (Colts)17 Apr 1998Women's Test # 106
19y 226d5/51AUS Womenv WI WomenKingston14 May 1976Women's Test # 48
20y 53d5/47ENG Womenv AUS WomenWorcester24 Aug 2005Women's Test # 125
20y 345d5/21AUS Womenv SA WomenPerth15 Feb 2024Women's Test # 148
21y 108d5/15ENG Womenv AUS WomenBrisbane28 Dec 1934Women's Test # 1
21y 224d5/18SA Womenv ENG WomenCape Town13 Jan 1961Women's Test # 28
21y 303d5/66ENG Womenv India WomenDelhi21 Nov 2005Women's Test # 126
22y 270d5/40ENG Womenv AUS WomenBowral15 Feb 2008Women's Test # 131
22y 287d5/84ENG Womenv NZ WomenWanganui6 Feb 1992Women's Test # 94
22y 361d5/25India Womenv ENG WomenDelhi21 Nov 2005Women's Test # 126
23y 68d5/38AUS Womenv ENG WomenPerth10 Jan 2014Women's Test # 135
23y 230d6/9India Womenv NZ WomenCuttack7 Mar 1985Women's Test # 79
23y 245d5/20ENG Womenv AUS WomenBlackpool26 Jun 1937Women's Test # 6
23y 270d7/10ENG Womenv AUS WomenBrisbane28 Dec 1934Women's Test # 1
Ages are shown as at the start of the match concerned.
Only the first 5wi by any player is shown.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Australia Women v South Africa Women at Perth, Only Test, Feb 15-17, 2024 [Women Test # 148]

India Women v Australia Women at Wankhede, Only Test, Dec 21-24, 2023 [Women Test # 147]

India Women v England Women at DY Patil, Only Test, Dec 14-16, 2023 [Women Test # 146]