Good afternoon and welcome to the 2nd match of the day here in Bready in the Test Triangle InterPro T20 series. With the weather distrupting the first game of the day, hopefully we will be able to get a full 20 overs a side in as the North West Warriors take on the Munster Reds. With both teams in the bottom two places on the table, they will want to make sure that they get they close the gap on the leaders.

With the game between the Reds and the Warriors in the first t20 tournament being abandoned without a ball bowled, it has already cut down the limited amount of games that the Reds play in the InterPros. So they will be keen to play all three games this weekend. It's a bit of a Hybrid squad again for the reds, with players from the other provinces helping their homegrowth players.

The Warriors will be hoping to use their home advantage to get the most out of this weekend. If they want to challenge for the title then a bonus point win against the Reds is a must. Its been a disappointing Interpro season so far for the Warriors, will be interesting to see how they go about these three games.

Although the bad news is that the covers have just been taken back out into the middle, we have had another couple of bursts of rain and so it looks like we are going to have another delayed start. Toss is not going to be happening at 3:30pm

4:20pm Well we have good news of sorts, the rain had stopped and the Umpires have been out for an inspection. Had a long chat with the two captains and they do seem keen to see if they can get a game played. One of the side covers has been taken off, although backward point does seem a little soft. They are super-soaking the other cover to remove the water on top and hopefully when that comes up it won't be too bad.

Would expect that we would have another inspection around 5pm, if we can get a 5 over game in then we would need to get it started around 7pm at the latest. We really do need to see some cricket today after hanging around all day, don't we?

5:10pm: The Umpires have been out for another inspection and after having a very long chat with the players, there have been handshakes between the Umpires and the Captains. Looks like there is a couple of area out there that haven't dried enough and so that's the second match of the day abandoned.

So, they both pick up 2 points and what a wasted day that has been. As the groundstaff start to bring the covers back out onto the pitch, all we can do is hope for better weather tomorrow. Hopefully you'll be able to join me then. This is Justin Smyth saying goodnight from Bready.

Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy