Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 13 Runs | INDIA: 251/4 | RR: 5.02

  • MS Dhoni78 (79b)
  • Kedar Jadhav40 (26b)
  • Kesrick Williams10-0-69-0
  • Miguel Cummins10-0-56-2

Rohit: "Jadhav is perhaps the most deceiving player in this side..he does look like bowler but takes wicket..he doesnt look bigg hitter but scores better than most big hitter..such a talent _/\_"

Saif: "Around 150 dot balls in the Indian innings today. That's half the number of overs. More than anything, that is what the team needs to worry about. Even if the pitch is slow, good placement can allow batsmen to steal ones and twos and keep the scoreboard ticking. That is what our players used to do very well until sometime ago -- Kohli especially. But, somehow, not anymore."

Manny: "Everyone tends to wax lyrical about Hardik Pandya's end-overs batting skills, but everyone (including Kohli and Co. during the Champions Trophy) seems to forget Jadhav's unbelievable ability to find the boundary -- a wonderful find for India in the last 12-15 months."

Udhay: "100 in last 10, which I thought was not possible and without losing a lot of wickets. Could have made a formidable score only if some urgency was shown between 30 and 40"

1:17 pm This is a decent score on a two-paced pitch. An 81-run stand off 46 balls has propelled India past 250. The criticism will come for Rahane, like it would for anyone who struck at 64.28. But context is everything, even if he had trouble switching gears. The turning point might well have been the drop of Dhoni. He finishes with 78. There weren't any visible signs of the pitch flattening out. We'll see if the afternoon sun has a say in that. India don't have a winning score, but it is a fighting one. Back soon.

Williams to Dhoni, FOUR runs, shot. Mid-off is in, the length ball arrives. It's a slower one. No worries. He waits, then he reaches out and lofts it wide of the fielder in the infield to push India past 250
Williams to Jadhav, 1 run, slower short ball outside off, Jadhav has to reach out to get bat on it, bunts it towards mid-off
Williams to Jadhav, FOUR runs, ah, Kesrick. He's done everything right. Another bouncer has Jadhav in trouble with feet pointed in different directions, face pointed skywards and an angled bat. It's four over the keeper
Williams to Jadhav, no run, another bouncer, again he's forced to get out of the way. Good comeback
Williams to Jadhav, FOUR runs, sweet. Doesn't back away too much this time, just gets the front leg out of the way, makes room and is gifted with a length ball at middle stump. Duly lifts it inside-out past mid-off
Williams to Jadhav, no run, can't get bat on this bouncer. He was backing away, he got followed, and he awkwardly fell to the floor as he avoided it

49 | 11 Runs | INDIA: 238/4 | RR: 4.85

  • MS Dhoni74 (78b)
  • Kedar Jadhav31 (21b)
  • Miguel Cummins10-0-56-2
  • Kesrick Williams9-0-56-0
Cummins to Dhoni, 2 runs, whack...but Bishoo is on a mission to keep Dhoni quiet today. This time he's quickly across to his right at sweeper cover as Dhoni gets all of a drive on the up to a length ball
Cummins to Jadhav, 1 run, full ball at off stump, goes hard with the drive, gets it off the bottom of the bat to long-on

Unhomely venue


WI' win-loss record in 11 ODIs in Antigua. Their win-loss ratio (0.222) is their worst at any home venue (5+ ODIs). One of their wins was v Ind, in 2011.

Hope & Hope


No. of brothers to play for West Indies in ODIs, including Shai & Kyle Hope in this game. R & M Samuels, Bravos and Pedro Collins-Fidel Edwards are the first three.

Consistent Rahane


No. of fifty-plus scores for Rahane in this series, in 3 games. Since October 2015, he has made 7 50+ scores in 13 innings.

Late blast


Runs scored by India in the last 10 overs of the innings. They had scored only 151 runs in the first 40 overs.

Dream start


No. of wickets for Kuldeep Yadav in his first 2 ODI innings. He took 3 for 50 in the last game and 3 for 41 in this game.

Spinners' show


Last time 2 India spinners picked 3 or more wickets in an ODI, before Kuldeep and Ashwin in this game. Jadeja and Ashwin had done it against Afg in 2014 Asia Cup.