Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Vandersay to Guptill, SIX runs, slog sweep into the grass banks! That smile on Guppy's face keeps getting bigger and bigger, almost like his sixes. Just takes a full ball on middle and muscles
Senanayake to Guptill, FOUR runs, that time he had to make room for himself, which he has been doing so easily. Slapped through cover. Now he is looking for the fastest 100 in ODI cricket! That was in 31 balls by AB
Senanayake to Guptill, FOUR runs, whoa! Picks the carrom ball from the front of the hand, waits for it to pitch and turn and offer him the width he wants. Then it is crisply cut behind point
Vandersay to Guptill, SIX runs, that time it was tossed up and Guptill winds up and smears it over the cover boundary. Once he knows he can get under the ball, he is never taking second thoughts. Just clean hitting
Vandersay to Guptill, FOUR runs, one-bounce four as he meets the short ball on middle stump and flat bats it down the ground. Sri Lanka continue to unravel, Guptill is simply relishing in their misery
Vandersay to Guptill, SIX runs, maybe he thought the off side boundary was feeling left out. Plants the front leg outside leg stump and plants the ball over the ropes at long-off
Vandersay to Guptill, SIX runs, gee, they are going to finish this before lunch! Picks up a length ball and pastes it into the grass banks beyond long-on. That's a 107 m monster
Vandersay to Guptill, FOUR runs, first ball in ODI cricket is a long hop, which Guptill muscles over the short fine leg. Pitching middle and leg, going on with the arm because there is not as much spin. Was close to the diving man at 45 degrees, but it was a very hard chance
Senanayake to Latham, FOUR runs, short again and this time Latham, by virtue of quick footwork to exploit the depth of the crease, pulls to deep square leg boundary
Chameera to Guptill, FOUR runs, 46 from 12! He is well on course to beat de Villiers!. This one was short too, he had moved outside leg again and heaves it past mid-on. Not the most perfectly timed stroke, but it'll do
Chameera to Guptill, FOUR runs, flat batted down the ground! He is 42 off 11, looking for the World and New Zealand record for fastest fifty. De Villiers got there in 16 balls, McCullum in 18 balls. This ball, from Chameera was over the wicket, and shortish. Slammed away
Chameera to Guptill, SIX runs, carts it over the infield and this has gone all the way as well! The crowd at point is well pleased. New Zealand are nearing 50 in the third over! Guptill is 38 off 10! Another win for him backing away and banishing a short ball
Chameera to Guptill, SIX runs, dug in short, on and around off stump, but Guptill had again jumped outside leg and slashed it over third man. This is some hitting, and each one is making Sri Lanka's batsmen look so sheepish
Chameera to Guptill, SIX runs, backs away, and this time he creates the width he wants with Chameera deciding to go around the wicket. Gets under this one just back of a length and on leg stump, and launches it over long-off
Kulasekara to Guptill, FOUR runs, full and just outside off, Guptill takes this on too. Goes for a slash over mid-off, but the outside edge takes it to the third man boundary
Kulasekara to Guptill, FOUR runs, another screamer! Just hitting through the line, and that line was way outside off too. Guptill laces it past point off the front foot
Kulasekara to Guptill, SIX runs, he does not have the pace to bowl short and Guptill seemed to be waiting for it in that knowledge. Took a couple of steps down the track and launches it into the fans way beyond long-on. Didn't even look up, what a boss.
Chameera to Latham, FOUR runs, good call to take on the short ball, that seems to be the ploy for Sri Lanka and Latham does his best to upset that with a sweet little upper cut over point
Chameera to Guptill, FOUR runs, chance, dropped and the chaos continues. Chameera starts off from around the wicket and digs the ball in short. He has the field for it and Guptill keeps them in play as he pulls feebly. Rushed by the pace, the ball ends up at leg gully. Siriwardana had to dive to his right, got two hands to it, and then it spilled out and went to the boundary

dynamic batting


NZ's run rate in this chase, is the second-highest in an ODI innings. Highest is 15.83 also by NZ v Ban, Queenstown, 2007-08.

Fastest Kiwi


No. of balls by Guptill to complete his 50 - fastest by a NZ batsman and joint second-fastest in ODIs with Jayasuriya and K Perera

Quick 50


No. of balls taken by NZ to complete 50 runs, is the fastest in ODIs since 2002. They beat their own record of 21 balls v Ban, Queenstown, 31 Dec 2007.

Dominance v Asian teams


No. of 4-wkt hauls for Henry in ODIs, including this. All have been vs Asian teams - 2 v SL & Pak each and 1 v Ind; has 27 wkts in 8 inns vs them & 9 in 9 vs others

SL's poor batting


Number of totals lower than 117 for Sri Lanka against New Zealand in ODIs - 112, Christchurch, 2006-07 and 115, Colombo (PSS), 1983-84.