1st ODI (D/N), Durban, Jan 16 2015, West Indies tour of South Africa
(48.2/48.2 ov)
(28.2/32 ov, target 226)
South Africa won by 61 runs (D/L method)
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South Africa
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10.45pm: Thanks for sticking with us through the delays, folks, that's your lot for tonight. We'll be back to bring you all-singing, all-dancing fingertip-tapping coverage of the second ODI on Sunday - until then, it's goodnight and good luck from Alex and myself. Cheerio

10.35pm: Here we go with the garlands, then. Mike Haysman calls up West Indies captain Jason Holder: "We made a start but lost our way in the middle. That's the nature of Chris, he's a counter-attacking batsman, he gave us a decent start but SA got the better of us. It's a problem we've been having for a period of time, we've got to try and correct it. [First captaincy taste] It's been pretty good, a good challenge, we felt they were getting away from us but managed to fight back. We need to cut out the bad balls and to rotate the strike a bit better next time."

South Africa captain AB de Villiers is named Man of the Match: "We did well after the first ten overs, it wasn't easy, credit to Hash. I'm a bit embarrassed with the Man-of-the-Match award, I thought David Miller played much better. But I've got to give myself some credit, it was good to get in and get some partnerships. [Miller] played like he was on a different wicket today, he was the best batter and played an exceptional knock. Morne van Wyk is an incredible player, we'd love to give him a go but he's not in the World Cup squad so we want to give those guys a go, JP Duminy, Rilee Roussouw. So I'll take it on the chin and keep until Quinton can come back. Rilee will be the extra top-order batsman, so he's getting some practice. Other than me taking the gloves, it's pretty much our first team. Everyone bowled well in partnerships, never easy bowling to guys like Gayle, Samuels, Sammy. The guys were mature, showed some variation, Immy was the stand-out but everyone around him bowled exceptionally well. Always a great crowd at the Bullring, we love entertaining in Johannesburg. West Indies can beat anyone on their day, we'll try and do the basics well for a long period of time and try to hit our straps."

10.25pm: So, Steyn ends up with three wickets, like Tahir and Philander, but there's no doubt that his first - Chris Gayle - was the most important. West Indies might have benefited from the rain reducing the number of overs they had to bat - and they've proved how much they love the short stuff, chasing 236 in 20 overs a few days ago - but no one could stick around after Gayle's brief burst first up. They did well to drag the game back after South Africa were 238 for 3 in the 40th over but reverted to type with the bat. All in all, a tough day for the debutant captain, Jason Holder. His counterpart, AB de Villiers, meanwhile finished with four catches and a stumping to sit alongside 81 runs.

Steyn to Taylor, OUT
there it is, dabs in the channel and nicks through to de Villiers! Steyn started the wicket-taking and he finishes it with two in two to give South Africa a 61-run win (D/L method)
JE Taylor c †de Villiers b Steyn 2 (9m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Steyn to Holder, OUT
length ball, another giddy swing, top-edged high, high, high into the sky... and David Miller takes an excellent catch back-pedalling in the covers. South Africa are almost home and hosed
JO Holder c Miller b Steyn 2 (7m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

Tahir off after one over, Steyn back

end of over 283 runs
WI: 164/8CRR: 5.85 • RRR: 15.50 • Need 62 runs from 24b
Jerome Taylor2 (5)
Jason Holder2 (5)
Morne Morkel5-0-36-0
Imran Tahir6-0-30-3

"Every time Imran Tahir gets a wicket, he waves to someone in the crowd, will cricinfo tell us who is he waving?" We would if we knew, Zain. Sadly, we are not omniscient, despite appearances

Morkel to Taylor, no run
135kph bouncer, at Taylor's bonce, he nods underneath it this time
Morkel to Taylor, 2 runs
Taylor hacks across the line against another bumper, top-edges the ball high over the keeper, fine leg runs around to collect
Morkel to Taylor, no run
back of a length outside off, backs away and throws the bat, misses
Morkel to Taylor, no run
banged in again, Taylor takes it on and this time wears the blow on his shoulder
Morkel to Taylor, no run
bouncer, Taylor has a swipe at it, doesn't connect... or does he? De Villiers asks to review. Nothing on Snicko or the audio, so we'll carry on, gentlemen
Morkel to Holder, 1 leg bye
dug in and rising to hit Holder on the body as he stays leg side

Back comes Morne Morkel

end of over 278 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 161/8CRR: 5.96 • RRR: 13.00 • Need 65 runs from 30b
Jason Holder2 (4)
Imran Tahir6-0-30-3
Dale Steyn5-1-27-1
Imran Tahir to Ramdin, OUT
tossed up a little straighter, Ramdin tries to heave to leg again, this straightens and clatters the stumps! Ramdin is done, played his slog-sweep over the top of the ball. Tahir does a baby-rocking celebration toward the stands
D Ramdin b Imran Tahir 31 (62m 32b 2x4 0x6) SR: 96.87
Imran Tahir to Ramdin, FOUR runs
floated up, full outside off, Ramdin goes down on one knee and proposes the ball head out towards deep midwicket, which it does, beating the fielder in the deep
Imran Tahir to Holder, 1 run
on the stumps, Holder works the ball to the leg side
Imran Tahir to Ramdin, 1 run
flat and sliding towards middle and leg, pulled via bat and some pad behind square
Imran Tahir to Ramdin, no run
tossed up outside off, skidding on and chopped into the ground, Tahir fields in his follow through

Yep, just six overs to bowl now. West Indies need 72 (so the target is revised to 225)

Imran Tahir to Ramdin, 2 runs
pushed through, Ramdin works the ball into a gap at midwicket and comes charging back for two

Imran Tahir is going to return, he has a couple of overs left, potentially. Seems like we may have lost another over, with that brief delay

end of over 265 runs
WI: 153/7CRR: 5.88 • RRR: 12.16 • Need 73 runs from 36b
Denesh Ramdin24 (27)
Jason Holder1 (3)
Dale Steyn5-1-27-1
Vernon Philander6-0-44-3

And now the umpires pull up the stumps, they're heading off, on come the groundsmen... Oh, hold up, it's a do-si-do, the players are being called back on, looks like the shower has swept through faster than you can say "West Indies have blown this". We're continuing apace.

Steyn to Ramdin, 1 run
touch short, drops back and guides one to third man

The rain is coming down again at Kingsmead... D/L par score at the end of this over is 187

Steyn to Holder, 1 run
good length, outside off, stabbed into the covers and Holder pinches one
Steyn to Holder, no run
puts it on a length around the line of off, Holder plays down the wrong line
Steyn to Ramdin, 1 run
short and around off stump, rolls the wrists on a pull through square leg

Danny got a clear view on that Russell dismissal: "Absolutely mindless batting!! Where have their brains gone to??"

Steyn to Ramdin, no run
little bit of width, Steyn rolled his fingers over the ball but it left Ramdin off the pitch, beat the outside edge
Steyn to Ramdin, 2 runs
again veers to the leg side, waits on the short ball and flicks behind square, Duminy does well to prevent four
end of over 2514 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 148/7CRR: 5.92 • RRR: 11.14 • Need 78 runs from 42b
Jason Holder0 (1)
Denesh Ramdin20 (23)
Vernon Philander6-0-44-3
Dale Steyn4-1-22-1

Here's Ajit: "I can't believe Clive Lloyd's assertion that Bravo and Pollard were not performing (by that criteria there were many others that could have been left out). How is this game even being played at the moment? The WI team should go on strike again and forfeit all WC matches. We are watching a deliberately diluted contest, and the blame for that lies squarely on the petty despotism of the WI board."

Philander to Holder, no run
slightly short and angling away off the seam, pushes at it in the channel

Jason Holder, the captain, is out in the middle. Tough gig for him

Philander to Russell, OUT
bumper, thin edge, gottim! Russell burns brightly and briefly, as too many have for West Indies, tried hit the cover off it again, swinging wildly at a short ball outside off, totally off balance and snicks through to de Villiers
AD Russell c †de Villiers b Philander 19 (9m 8b 1x4 2x6) SR: 237.50
Philander to Russell, SIX runs
full toss this time and Russell goes again, pumping the ball in the crowd at long-off, not quite the same distance but six more good'uns
Philander to Russell, SIX runs
oh my, that's outrageous! Slightly overpitched by Philander and Russell clears the leg, plants him into the stands at long-off... That went miles