Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    5.3 gets him at cover! Superb setting up of this wicket from New Zealand. It's a short ball in at his chest, rising sharply. He wants to pummel it over midwicket with a pull but he gets under it and slices into the off side instead. They gave him no room at all for any of his favourite strokes and after a bunch of yorkers, they get him with the first short ball 29/1
    16.1 slower ball, and he strikes first ball. Saw Babar looking to make a bit of room and followed him with a full, slow offcutter. Looks to hit it down the ground, but he has to manufacture all the power himself. Difficult to do with an outfield as big as this, and Tim Southee sprints in from the long-on boundary and takes a good, low catch 123/2
    not out
    18.4 fuller now, another slower one, and Malik swings hard and hits it maybe squarer than he intended. Down the throat of deep square leg 154/3
    not out
    2 (lb 1, w 1)
    166/3 (20 Overs, RR: 8.3)
    Fall of wickets: 1-29 (Fakhar Zaman, 5.3 ov), 2-123 (Babar Azam, 16.1 ov), 3-154 (Shoaib Malik, 18.4 ov)
    SHA Rance402205.5092000
    TG Southee403007.5063000
    LH Ferguson402917.2584000
    C de Grandhomme4041210.2546010
    IS Sodhi2022011.0010200
    C Munro2021010.5020200
    12.4 bowled him, Shadab's turning it on here. Flat legbreak pitching on off stump and turning marginally away. Looks to work it through midwicket, plays too much across it, and only manages to bottom-edge it into his stumps 97/4
    1.2 top of middle stump! 140kph and through Munro's ungainly swipe. It's a length ball, there for a leg side hit, but it needs a straighter bat than that. Munro has looked to go over midwicket and missed comprehensively 4/1
    3.2 length ball on leg stump, looks to clip it over square leg. Gets an inside edge to short fine. It trickles through to that fielder...who gets a direct hit. De Grandhomme slides on his pad as he reaches back in and he is caught on the line. He's gone! Usman the fielder. He was running down instinctively and had to get back in the rush of the moment 13/2
    12.2 gone! Big boundaries make limited-overs cricket so much more interesting. They allowed Shadab to bowl another over after his previous, expensive one, and they allowed him to flight this ball enticingly outside off stump. Williamson takes it on, but he can't clear the man at long-on. Hits it straight to the fielder 96/3
    13.5 cleverly done. This has gone up to the third umpire. Saw Chapman stepping out - he left his crease too early, and fired it down the leg side. Swung hard, in desperation, and missed, and Sarfraz does the rest, though he takes a bit of time moving down the leg side to collect. Chapman was a long way down the pitch, and there was no way he was getting back in time 103/5
    14.6 is that a top edge? Sarfraz thinks so, and the umpire thinks so. Quickish outside off, more topspin than sidespin, and perhaps not enough room to cut. Taylor is one of the better cutters in the game, and he doesn't really need that much width, but on this occasion all he manages is a thick edge, which Sarfraz does very well to hold onto because it deviated quite sharply 107/8
    13.6 bowled him, this is stunning stuff from Pakistan's spinners. This is like the classic arm ball, which swings into the right-hander and skids off the track, imperilling anyone who deigns to play back to it. Tim Seifert goes back and across to cut, and he's taken by surprise by the direction and pace of that ball, and is late on the shot. Only manages to chop it onto his stumps with a bit of back pad along the way 103/6
    14.1 full on leg stump, clipped towards deep midwicket, and oh my word, what are New Zealand doing here! Southee comes back for the second, Taylor sends him back, and Southee slips as he turns back towards the striker's end. Tries to dive back into the crease, but he's too late to beat the throw and Sarfraz's glovework. That's five wickets in eleven balls. Wow. 104/7
    not out
    16.1 and the birthday boy strikes! First T20I wicket for the debutant. Back of a length, slanting across the stumps, and Ferguson, making room and looking to guide it down to third man, only manages to edge it, and Sarfraz takes a good catch diving to his right 113/9
    16.5 bowled him, and Pakistan have wrapped up a 3-0 series win. Slower ball, fullish, with a bit of offcut taking it away from the right-hander and hitting off stump after Rance makes some room for the big hit down the ground but fails to make the requisite contact. Two wickets for the debutant Waqas Maqsood. 119/10
    3 (lb 2, w 1)
    119 all out (16.5 Overs, RR: 7.06)
    Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Colin Munro, 1.2 ov), 2-13 (Colin de Grandhomme, 3.2 ov), 3-96 (Kane Williamson, 12.2 ov), 4-97 (Glenn Phillips, 12.4 ov), 5-103 (Mark Chapman, 13.5 ov), 6-103 (Tim Seifert, 13.6 ov), 7-104 (Tim Southee, 14.1 ov), 8-107 (Ross Taylor, 14.6 ov), 9-113 (Lockie Ferguson, 16.1 ov), 10-119 (Seth Rance, 16.5 ov)
    Mohammad Hafeez20804.0040000
    Faheem Ashraf20613.0091000
    Imad Wasim402827.0092110
    Usman Shinwari302408.0062100
    Waqas Maqsood1.5021211.4534000
    Shadab Khan403037.5072100

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Pakistan , elected to bat first

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Series result

Pakistan won the 3-match series 3-0

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Hours of play (local time)

20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.25, Interval 21.25-21.45, Second Session 21.45- 23.10

Match days

4 November 2018 - night match (20-over match)

T20I debut

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Match Notes

New Zealand 2nd innings Partnerships

1st4C MunroGD Phillips
2nd9C de GrandhommeGD Phillips
3rd83KS WilliamsonGD Phillips
4th1MS ChapmanGD Phillips
5th6LRPL TaylorMS Chapman
6th0LRPL TaylorTL Seifert
7th1LRPL TaylorTG Southee
8th3LRPL TaylorIS Sodhi
9th6LH FergusonIS Sodhi
10th6SHA RanceIS Sodhi