1st Test, Manchester, Aug 5-8 2020, Pakistan tour of England
326 & 169
(82.1 ov, target 277)
219 & 277/7
England won by 3 wickets
Player Of The Match
ENG 2nd Innings
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6.56pm Well, another day, another breathless finish. It's been a hell of a Test summer in spite of everything. What a remarkable match, and it's only the start. The second Test gets underway at the Ageas Bowl on Thursday. And well, can Pakistan battle back? They did so much right, but were just scuppered at the last by a team that just never knows when it is beaten - even when they are beaten!

From Andrew Miller, Alan Gardner, Deivarayan Muthu, Chandan Duorah and Venkat Raghav, thanks for tuning in, and see you next week for more Test-match fun and frolics!

Abhijato: "Tonight, we will all sleep in Buttler pajamas!"

P Na: "This country messes with our brain: weather, sport, a lot of things are unpredictable here. But still, welcome to Britain!"

Emanuel: "Test Cricket, You will be my first love!!! Always!!!!!"

Dixy: "Just shows you can have a fantastic, multi-faceted bowling attack but at the end of the day you can't beat runs on the board. Pakistani bowlers really let down by their batsmen in the second innings"

Chris Woakes is Player of the Match "After that ball that Ollie got, we knew that was the way to go on this pitch. It made up our minds for us, and worked into our hands, take it to them and put them under pressure. I was second fiddle to Jos, I'd have loved him to be there to the end. One of the best white-ball players in the world and one of the best run-chasers. Today he showed why."

"I've been working hard in the nets," he says after a lean run of form. "a tricky period, but the situation helped today."

Four wickets too, " pleasing to pick up the big scalps. I feel really good with the ball, not much cricket coming into the series, but found good rhythm and I hope that can continue."

Joe Root: "Couldn't be more proud of the lads, approach was outstanding and that partnership was magnificent. We knew it would take something special but after last summer we knew not to stop believing. It's a real strong trait of ours.

"Jos, it shows the mental strength, to play that situation and manage different passages of it, calculating risks, manipulating the spinner, brilliant innings, and Chris was magnificent too."

"The more important thing is we back it up again, and keep learning, but the clarity with which they played shows the maturity of the group too."

Azhar Ali: "It's been a wonderful Test, disappointing to be on the wrong side of it, but they took the game on and the pitch started to do nothing. They changed the momentum and we couldn't reply what they threw at us. I would give credit to their partnership, tough to keep the field up and the boundaries dry. One of the best innings of recent past was Stokes v Australia and this one is not far behind because conditions were tough."

"For both sides, a packed house would have been more to enjoy, but watching at home on TV they will have been entertained, and we're happy to be a part of it.

"Surprised there wasn't reverse swing, but there was enough there, when we had five wickets we were happy with our discipline, but the partnership changed everything."

"We had our opportunities to bat England out of the game, We lost run-outs which are a crime in Test matches, but this total should have been enough."

6.44pm A lot to digest there from Buttler. Just imagine the pressure he was under, sensing this was his final Test innings. But he's not a World Cup hero for nothing. When the pressure is on, the big guns step up, and there's no doubt the one-day tempo helped his game.

Alex: "In 9/10 other eras Chris Woakes would be talked about as one of England's best ever all-rounders... Botham, Stokes, Flintoff, Bailey, Greig are the only ones ahead of him in my eyes since Frank Woolley played his last test in 1934... and I can see an argument vs Bailey in terms of impact."

Dezz: "I said this earlier but it wasn't posted.. can anyone tell me the last time there was a duff Test series in England? Always competitive wickets, England are always unpredictable and often start off on a bad foot, plus the weather interruptions often add a unique dimension especially from a tactical point of view." I truly can't ... it's rarely dull over here!

6.37pm Jos Buttler is talking to Sky: "A bit of relief, but we turned up today with a lot of belief. Pakistan added some important runs, Root and Sibley had a good partnership, but I enjoyed my stand with Woakesy. I tried to be busy, especially when I saw the ball that got Ollie Pope. We got some nice momentum going. Trying to grab the initiative, if you stay in and bat the time you are a sitting duck, but tried to make it a one-day chase."

"How many overs was it to the new ball? IF we still needed fifty it would be tough, so we tried to break it down and score at four an over. The pressure ramped a little, Pakistan had a good spell of bowling, and it was tough to get off strike, but when the finishing line gets closer it plays in the back of your mind.

"The reverse sweep, I feel comfortable playing it and it was productive, it got me off strike. Both sides made some mistakes, we can improve, as the series goes on. Haven't played to our potential, but grit and character [goes a long way]."

"I'm very aware I didn't keep well. I have to be better, thoughts go through your head that if I don't score runs I've potentially played my last game. But after a tough period with the bat I feel my game has come together now, that's how it felt walking to the wicket today."

And on Chris Woakes: "Delighted for him, he's certainly not undervalued in our team but with Stokes as the other allrounder he does get overshadowed."

"A lot of headlines were written last night about same old England, but we'll take this momentum through the series."

6.32pm England, against all the odds, have bucked the recent trend and won the first Test of the series,for only the third time in 11 attempts. But as it their wont, they have done it the hard way. I love Test cricket!

Abhijato: "Chris Woakes in his prime is better than Ben Stokes ... Discuss!" Sounds like one for #PoliteEnquiries...

TomM: "Woakes is Postman Pat, he always delivers." Ian Poulter, eat your heart out!

Chris : "Serious question when was the last time played a run of the mill test match. Keeping the format going!" Serious answer. The snore draw in New Zealand before Christmas. But yes, that is the anomaly. They are an utterly compelling team in victory and defeat. As unpredictable as their opponents in this game, you might say!

6.30pm And breathe. What a sensational Test match we have witnessed! Chris Woakes, Superman, seals the victory with an outstanding, gutsy innings, rescuing England from the point of no return at 117 for 5. And he was in the wickets endlessly with his peerless seam and swing. A tremendous, and potentially career-defining hand from Jos Buttler too... he set the tempo for England after lunch, refusing to be cowed as he worked the angles with all of his one-day nous, and resisted the attentions of Yasir Shah in particular, who was more magnificent than his 4 for 99 would suggest.

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Woakes, FOUR runs
edged through the cordon, and England win! You couldn't ask for a better ball in the circumstances, a ripping full length, swinging late, snagging the edge as Woakes pushed across the line, but Pakistan's cordon had a fat gap at fourth slip, and Woakes found it!

Woakes on strike with glory in his grasp... Jofra Archer looks ... not entirely placid as the next man in

end of over 821 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 273/7CRR: 3.32 
Dom Bess0 (4)
Chris Woakes80 (119)
Yasir Shah30-2-99-4
Shaheen Afridi15-1-57-1
Yasir Shah to Bess, no run
very full, very straight, dug out on the toes, Bess survives!

Two slips, leg slip...

Yasir Shah to Bess, no run
tries to leave outside off, under-edged into the crease! Eek...
Yasir Shah to Bess, no run
skidding on, but too high as Yasir appeals! Clearly going over, I reckon, but the tension is high. And he hit it too. Apart from that, close!
Yasir Shah to Bess, no run
back of a length, tight line, men all round the bat, Bess rocks back to block

Crikey. But to be fair, the promotion worked. Dom Bess, a more compact technician, comes out to face the new ball with the game almost done...

Yasir Shah to Broad, OUT
Right up to the toes, thumped on the pads, that's plumb! Broad went for the sweep, Yasir knew it was coming, pushed it fuller, and even Broad doesn't bother to review that one!
SCJ Broad lbw b Yasir Shah 7 (21m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 77.77

A change of the field as Broad surveys the scene. Rightly reinforcing the sweep...

Summer Joe: "Wasim Akram laying into Azhar Ali's captaincy on air and I believe rightly so" It's not been the most imaginative, I grant you...

Yasir Shah to Woakes, 1 run
back of a length outside off, cut hard to deep point. One lateral movement on that one, and Broad is back on strike...
end of over 818 runs
ENG: 272/6CRR: 3.35 
Chris Woakes79 (118)
Stuart Broad7 (8)
Shaheen Afridi15-1-57-1
Yasir Shah29-2-98-3

The gig, you sense, is up. Rizwan dons the lid, and it's going to be Yasir Shah with the new ball!

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Woakes, 1 run
pulled out to deep midwicket, Woakes keeps the strike with the single. Just five to get now!
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Woakes, FOUR runs
full face of the bat, stunning strike at this stage of the day! Woakes uses the extra hardness, leans on the stroke, and dumps it as straight as they come! All along the ground. Perfection
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Woakes, 2 runs
hacked through third man! Chasing the width and getting away with it! Only ten to win now...

Tahir Lateef: "Azhar should have tried Abbas or Shaheen when Broad came in. Should have attacked rather than keeping Yasir and Shadab " Can't believe they didn't trust Abbas to mop up the leaky runs

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Woakes, 1 no ball
through to the keeper with neat shape from back of a length, past the right-hander, but it's a no-ball!

Re Zee: "What are the scenes in the dressing room? "


Shaheen Shah Afridi to Woakes, no run
attempted drive on the front foot, inside-edged into the pads! Got too far outside that outswinger, and nearly chopped on!

Aniket Dhumal: "Will Anderson play the next game? " Almost certainly not...

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Woakes, no run
tighter line, a hint of swing, Woakes takes one hand off the bat as he lines it up late to defend
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Woakes, no run
fired past the pads, a one-day wide, but none of that nonsense now... A bit of swing?

So, it's the last roll of the dice. Pakistan lost 3 for 17 at this stage last night. They need England to lose 4 for 13! Shaheen Afridi has first dibs, fine leg, deep square, square third man, defending all the edges

end of over 802 runs
ENG: 264/6CRR: 3.3 
Chris Woakes72 (111)
Stuart Broad7 (8)
Yasir Shah29-2-98-3
Shadab Khan8-0-34-0

sevillano: "As you say, Buttler has been selected through thick and thin for his potential as a batter. So, is it not time that he should be selected as a specialist batter and felieved of his wicketkeeping duties, for which he is at best barely adequate. Please, selectors, opt for a specialist keeper for the next match."

Yasir Shah to Woakes, 1 run
clipped to the leg side, Woakes keeps the strike, crucially, with the new ball on its way out!
Yasir Shah to Woakes, no run
another big ripper-dipper, beats the edge again

Saleem afridi: "Why cant you bring the pacers two overs earlier azhar Ali?? Are you bound to bring them after 80!!" Seems odd, legspinners tend to buy their wickets. But not much hard cash left!

Yasir Shah to Woakes, no run
ripper! Tight off-stump line, turn and bounce, skims past the edge of a tentative prod!

Yuvraj Jaiswal: "Woakes will be the MoM if England pull this off." Surely...

Yasir Shah to Broad, 1 run
swept again, behind square, straight to the fielder...
Yasir Shah to Broad, no run
pressing forward to the wider, fuller line, no sweep there, tucked to mid-on
Yasir Shah to Broad, no run
swept again, and straight at short leg! He's worn that, and saved precious runs for his pains!
end of over 795 runs
ENG: 262/6CRR: 3.31 
Chris Woakes71 (108)
Stuart Broad6 (5)
Shadab Khan8-0-34-0
Yasir Shah28-2-96-3

Yasir Shah will continue ... Broad's sweeps will continue ... Afridi and Abbas are stretching their limbs. This is getting crunchy!

Shadab Khan to Woakes, no run
pushing forward, out to cover. One over until the new ball
Shadab Khan to Woakes, no run
Rizwan does brilliantly to rescue a lousy throw at his bootlaces as Woakes pokes to gully

Chinay Solanki: "4 wickets, 90 runs and counting... What a match for Chris Woakes.... " Indeed. All this chat about Buttler and Broad, Mr Dependable is overlooked again

Shadab Khan to Broad, 1 run
full toss, swept again! But straight to square leg this time. Was that the googly? Didn't matter. Got away with it in the end!