9th Match (D/N), Mohali, Mar 30 2019, Indian Premier League
(18.4/20 ov, target 177)
Kings XI won by 8 wickets (with 8 balls remaining)
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Kings XI Punjab
KXIP Innings
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end of over 196 runs
KXIP: 177/2CRR: 9.48 
David Miller15 (10)
KL Rahul71 (57)
Jasprit Bumrah3.4-0-23-0
Mitchell McClenaghan4-0-35-0

7.50pm Over at the Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi Capitals have chosen to bowl against Kolkata Knight Riders. Sandeep Lamichhane and Chris Morris will play their first games of the season today. I'm not sure we'll get to see the presentation ceremony from this match just yet, so do hop over to our ball-by-ball from the game in Delhi, or stay right here and watch our experts, Deep Dasgupta and Brad Hodge, build up to that game. I'm off for now, good night!

Vijay: "Some credits to be given to punjab bowlers especially the spinners."

Virag: "MI cannot get by with 8 over of part time period .. They have to use 4 specialist bowlers and 4 overs total from allrounders (Pandyas)."

Rishabh: "I think MI pacers have barely used the short ball, which was essential given the large square boundaries." -- They did try it, but the target wasn't big enough to force the batsmen into trying to hit those balls for six.

Kisun: "MI will have to make some tough calls following this loss. Pollard not performing. Malinga, Yuvi not finished yet, but far from the forces they used to be. Their presence weakens the fielding as well. Not looking like potential qualifiers at the moment are Mumbai."

Koustav: "Has to be one of the best innings played by KL Rahul till date. Scoring the ugly runs is the most difficult thing. Hope this brings about a flurry of runs in future."

7.38pm Comprehensive win for Kings XI. Mumbai just didn't set them a big enough target on a flat deck, and that allowed KL Rahul to play something of an anchor role (not sure whether by accident or design, given that he was struggling to find the gaps initially, and seemed to work his way back into form as he got his eye in), with Gayle and Agarwal supplying the boundaries at the other end. Once Rahul was set, he read the fields and picked the gaps brilliantly.

Bumrah to Miller, 1 run
short, gets up to chest height fairly wide outside off, Miller pulls to the left of deep square leg and completes the job
Bumrah to Miller, no run
short, angling across the left-hander. Miller looks to jump across and work it against the angle, can't put bat to ball
Bumrah to Rahul, 1 run
short, angling into off stump, steps across and hooks to the left of fine leg
Bumrah to Rahul, FOUR runs
back of a length, not too far outside off, and third man is back, but he's fairly square, and Bumrah offers Rahul plenty of pace to use, just opens his bat face and guides it down nice and fine

Bumrah to bowl the 19th with Kings XI only needing six runs. Mumbai need a miraculous over here. Mid-off is up again.

end of over 188 runs
KXIP: 171/2CRR: 9.5 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 6 runs from 12b
David Miller14 (8)
KL Rahul66 (55)
Mitchell McClenaghan4-0-35-0
Jasprit Bumrah3-0-17-0
McClenaghan to Miller, FOUR runs
makes room premeditatedly, and leaves McClenaghan with two options - follow him or make him reach for the ball. Goes for option two, with a full one outside off, but it's still within his reach and he frees his arms to slap it away to the left of deep point
McClenaghan to Miller, 1 wide
looks for the yorker, ends up sliding a low full-toss down the leg side. That brings up the 50 partnership, off just 30 balls
McClenaghan to Rahul, 1 run
full on middle stump, flicked away against the angle to deep square leg
McClenaghan to Rahul, no run
sees Rahul trying to make himself room and follows him with a slower, back-of-length ball. Slapped to extra-cover
McClenaghan to Miller, 1 run
late inswing causes this yorker to tail in towards Miller's feet. Nearly falls over while trying to flick it. Thick inside edge into pad
McClenaghan to Miller, no run
bouncer outside off, Miller ignores it, pulling his upper body out of the way
McClenaghan to Rahul, 1 run
slower ball at leg stump. Looks to step across and help it fine, but only manages a tickle off the thigh pad, to the left of the keeper

Here's McClenaghan, left-arm over to Rahul.

Mas: "I do admire Rohit's captaincy. however, really disappointed to see him being reluctant to give Pollard a bowl. in the recently concluded PSL Darren Sammy arguably the best T20 captain used Pollard well was instrumental in their road to the finals."

end of over 1711 runs
KXIP: 163/2CRR: 9.58 • RRR: 4.66 • Need 14 runs from 18b
KL Rahul64 (52)
David Miller9 (5)
Jasprit Bumrah3-0-17-0
Lasith Malinga3-0-24-0
Bumrah to Rahul, 1 run
length ball angling in towards off stump, punched to sweeper cover
Bumrah to Rahul, no run
bouncer outside off, Rahul looks to lean away and ramp it fine, but he can't make contact
Bumrah to Rahul, FOUR runs
back of a length, angling in towards middle stump, and that's a super shot, takes a step across his stumps and whips it away in the gap between deep square leg and fine leg
Bumrah to Rahul, FOUR runs
and that means there's a gap to exploit between extra-cover and mid-off. Bumrah allows him to with a full-toss close to off stump, and he punches it away through that very gap

Cover point and third man back on the off side. Fine leg, square leg and long-on back on the leg side.

Bumrah to Rahul, 2 runs
back of a length on off stump, punched to the right of the diving backward point fielder, who gets his hands to the ball but can't keep it from rolling away from him and conceding two runs
Bumrah to Rahul, no run
back of a length on off stump, punched to mid-off

As expected, here's Bumrah. Kings XI need 25 off 24.

Robin: "Why Pollard is in this team if he is not to bowl at all. Instead of an once-in-a-tournament all rounder, MI should have a proper batsman who can hit good blows if need be."

end of over 1612 runs
KXIP: 152/2CRR: 9.5 • RRR: 6.25 • Need 25 runs from 24b
KL Rahul53 (46)
David Miller9 (5)
Lasith Malinga3-0-24-0
Hardik Pandya3-0-39-0
Malinga to Rahul, 1 run
slower length ball on off stump, punched down the ground to long-off
Malinga to Rahul, FOUR runs
Immediate shortening of length, but the angle takes it down leg, and Rahul swivels on the hook to send it flying away to the right of short fine leg. Brings up his fifty too

Change in field. Third man goes back, cover point comes into the circle.