29th match (N), Kolkata, May 8 2008, Indian Premier League
(16/16 ov)
(16/16 ov, target 130)
KKR won by 5 runs
Player Of The Match
Kolkata Knight Riders
RCB Innings
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end of over 1613 runs
RCB: 124/4CRR: 7.75 
Praveen Kumar4 (2)
Mark Boucher50 (40)
Ishant Sharma4-0-25-1
Murali Kartik2-0-24-0

Ishant was surely the star of the death overs. His two final overs sealed the win and he showed the value of bowling full and in the blockhole. Cameron White's wicket was probably a big turning point, as was Ganguly's spell earlier in the night.

It's been a thriller. Bangalore slip to their sixth defeat and Kolkata have managed to stem the rot. Thanks for joining us. From Siddhartha Vaidyanathan, good night and good luck.

Sharma to Kumar, FOUR runs
short this time, slashed away but it's only four, the fielder is busy celebrating instead of chasing the ball because Kolkata have pulled off a fine win here. Boucher is distraught. He reached his fifty but one probably felt he left too much for too late. Ganguly is satisfied and Shoaib comes on to the field to hug everyone. Shah Rukh is elated too
Sharma to Boucher, 1 run
full again, on off, Boucher looks to back away and smash it but can't get the elevation again, swiped to midwicket and Eden erupts, they know it's all over, 10 needed of a ball and Ishant won't go back to Delhi if he over-steps
Sharma to Boucher, 2 runs
yorker again, no elevation for Boucher, Ishant is doing it brilliantly here, thwacked to midwicket but only two, this needs two sixes now, two Miandads
Sharma to Boucher, 2 runs
whacked to long-off but Taibu mis-fields there, they want the second and the fluff allows them, Praveen is coming back anyway, Boucher gets the strike but the match is running away
Sharma to Boucher, no run
full and outside off, crashed to cover but Kartik stops it, no single again, Boucher wants the strike, he wants to win it
Sharma to Boucher, FOUR runs
slower one but Boucher has managed to pull it away, he wasn't to the pitch of it but managed to find the gap anyway, Shukla runs across from square leg but can't get there, that runs away, what a start, 15 off 5.

Ishant it is. He turned in a sensational over last time around. What can he do now?

end of over 1515 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 111/4CRR: 7.4 • RRR: 19.00
Praveen Kumar0 (1)
Mark Boucher41 (35)
Murali Kartik2-0-24-0
Ishant Sharma3-0-12-1
Kartik to Kumar, no run
fired into leg stump, Praveen can't get the elevation and the ball deflects to short fine leg, they turn down the single, Boucher wants the strike, he wants to win it. Where's your money?
Kartik to Boucher, 1 run
down the track again, pulled away to long-on for a single, Praveen on strike now
Kartik to Boucher, FOUR runs
down the track again, it's outside off and he's pasted that past the bowler for four, screams past him and there's no fielder stopping that
Kartik to Boucher, SIX runs
huge! what a response from Boucher, down the track and slapping that way over square leg for six, there was a fielder there and he's cleared it. He's blasting them now
Kartik to Boucher, FOUR runs
down the track, nice little shimmy, over midwicket for four, that's a fine shot after the run-out, they need many more of those
Kartik to Boucher, OUT
Gone! run-out at the non-striker's end, Boucher cracks it back to the bowler and Kartik fields it superbly, White is backing up too far and can't get back to the crease, Kartik takes the bails off and Eden goes ballistic, they know the importance of that wicket, Bangalore have lost their way here
CL White run out (Kartik) 30 (16b 3x4 1x6) SR: 187.50

Murali Kartik now. 34 off 12 and it would take a big botch up for them to lose it now.

end of over 145 runs
RCB: 96/3CRR: 6.85 • RRR: 17.00
Mark Boucher26 (30)
Cameron White30 (16)
Ishant Sharma3-0-12-1
Umar Gul3-0-30-0
Sharma to Boucher, 1 run
full again, Boucher cracks it past the bowler and thinks of two but White slips at the other end, what drama, what an over, Ishant might have just won Kolkata this match. Hair-cuts can wait
Sharma to White, 1 run
and another gem, yorker again, driven to midwicket for a single, four from five balls, this is as good as it gets
Sharma to Boucher, 1 run
cracked hard towards cover, sliced it without timing, Hussey is there but he slips and can't get the catch, stops it anyway, well done after losing his balance, this is slipping away from Bangalore now
Sharma to Boucher, no run
well done again, slower ball this time outside off, tries to paddle it towards leg but misses that one, dot! now that's something special at this stage

By the way every ball that Ishant bowls is worth 100,000 Indian rupees. What pressure!

Sharma to White, 1 run
slow yorker this time, Ishant doing it well here, White digs it out and gets only a single
Sharma to Boucher, 1 run
yorker length ball, can't get it away and straight to extra cover for a single

Ishant is back on now. Get yourself a hair-cut man! Actually first things first.

end of over 1315 runs
RCB: 91/3CRR: 7 • RRR: 13.00
Mark Boucher23 (26)
Cameron White28 (14)
Umar Gul3-0-30-0
Ashok Dinda3-0-20-0
Umar Gul to Boucher, 1 run
fine yorker from round the wicket, Boucher can't get any room here, shovels it straight down the ground for a single
Umar Gul to White, (no ball) 1 run
it's above the waist and has been called a no-ball, pulled away but straight in the air, falls in no-man's land but he needs to re-bowl that

round the wicket

Umar Gul to White, FOUR runs
full and that's a lucky break for White, tries to loft it over extra cover and a thick edge has soared past the keeper for a four, he's charging here and giving his side a chance

It's pretty tense and Ganguly hasn't bit his nails yet. Some things actually change. Something is wrong with the ball but no change.

Umar Gul to Boucher, 1 run
typical Boucher back-away and try to swat over midwicket attempt, straight to mid-on for a quick single
Umar Gul to White, 1 run
low full toss, drives it hard through long-on for a single, Gul gets these full balls during the death.
Umar Gul to White, 2 runs
tries to loft it over long-off but can't get the timing right, thick edge falls just past mid-on and they scamper a couple