331dThe Bulletin by Siddhartha Vaidyanathan

Rajasthan champions after cliffhanger

League or knock-out there was only one champion. It was fitting that the most consistent side in the tournament held their nerve to clinch a thriller

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Best performances - Batsmen

YK Pathan
56(39) 3x4 - 4x6
Control %62%
  • Productive Shot
  • leg glance
  • 25 runs
  • 1x4 - 2x6
2 1 4 2 2 12 11 22
SK Raina
SK Raina
43(30) 1x4 - 2x6
Control %83%
  • Productive Shot
  • leg glance
  • 14 runs
  • 0x4 - 1x6
0 3 2 5 16 11 4 2

Best performances - Bowlers

YK Pathan
JA Morkel

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Rajasthan Royals , elected to field first

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Series result

Rajasthan Royals won the 2007/08 Indian Premier League


Hours of play (local time)

20.15 start, First Session 20.15-21.35, Interval 21.35-21.55, Second Session 21.55-23.15

Match days

1 June 2008 - night match (20-over match)

TV Umpires

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee

20 | 8 Runs | RR: 164/7 | RR: 8.20

  • Sohail Tanvir9 (7b)
  • Shane Warne9 (9b)
  • Lakshmipathy Balaji4-0-42-0
  • Makhaya Ntini4-1-21-0

12.04 pm local time: Dhoni's got his players together and he's telling them that they've fought superbly. What a game, what a fitting finish to the tournament. Warne looks relieved and excited hugging Darren Berry. Warne's now calling his players together as the fireworks go off in abundance at the DY Patil stadium.

"Come over, come over boys," shouts Warne. They are in a huddle and they're jumping up and down, lovely scenes. Hugs all around among the Rajasthan players. The fans are dancing too.

Graeme Smith says he thinks he's hurt his hamstring again while running out to congratulate the boys. He missed out today because of his injury which he says is a Grade two tear. He expects to be out for about four weeks.

Yusuf Pathan's got a stump as a souvenir and he looks overwhelmed by emotion. Today was his match, 3 for 22 with the ball and then a half-century with the bat. And how fitting that Warne was in the middle when the winning runs were hit. Chennai competed splendidly but few will disagree that the better team won.

"A true finale....salute to good cricket and two good captains...a great day for cricket," says Sunil.

There's a massive presentation coming up, with loads of prizes. I'll have all of that for you ...

Chennai's Super Kings are standing with arms over each others shoulders for the presentation, like footballers do during a penalty shoot out.

Yusuf Pathan wins the maximum sixes award for hitting four sixes today, and massive ones they were too! He's the Man of the Match as well, a shoo-in really with 3 for 22 and 56 off 39 balls. "I'm speechless," says Yusuf." I'm so happy." He really is speechless and Shastri has to coax him and then he gives credit to the bowlers for restricting Chennai. He says he was really nervous before the start of his innings. The nervousness showed in the early part of his innings as well but he settled down superbly.

There's an award for the best under 19 player of the tournament and the winner is Shreevats Goswami who plays for the Bangalore Royal Challengers. "I learnt quite a lot ...a dream come true to share the dressing room with such experienced players."

Shaun Marsh isn't here to collect the orange cap that he's made his own by scoring 616 runs in the tournament. He was terrific. Sohail Tanvir walks up proudly to collect the purple cap, Tanvir took 22 wickets in the tournament.

"I bowled really well throughout the tournament," says Tanvir " but not in the final. It will help me in the future. He says he was feeling the pressure during the end of the run-chase but drew confidence from his hitting during the end of the World Twenty20 final against India in South Africa

The fair play award of the tournament goes to the Chennai Super Kings. Dhoni has a lot of hands to shake before he goes back to his team.

Now it's time for the Man of the Series ... step up Shane Watson who's been a star with 474 runs and 17 wickets. "Winning was the most important thing," says Watson. "I just tried to play as well as I could and everything came together well for me. We have a great set up and a team dynamic and the experience was amazing."

Chennai's players are now lining up to collect their medals. Dhoni's collecting the runners-up cheque for Rs 2.4 crores ($600,000).

Dhoni: "I think the standard of our cricket was really good. We were up to the mark in the finals. We lost as a team. There were a few errors in batting and bowling. We're not really unhappy or bogged down by it. We'll go back to our hotel and enjoy it. That's what sport is all about. the response from our team was great. even the guys who didn't get a chance were completely behind the team. So the spirit was great."

The Rajasthan team line-up to collect their medals from Sharad Pawar. Loud cheers as Warne goes up last to collect his medal, the winners cheque of Rs 4.8 crores ($1.2 million), and the trophy. He's got his entire team with him.

"It's been a fantastic journey. We're gelled together really quickly. It makes me proud to see so many young guys learning and executing their skills in the middle. I think the crowds all over India have made the atmosphere amazing. Congratulations to Chennai. It's been a wonderful ride for us."

Warne says he was nervous and was hoping that Tanvir would be on strike for the final ball. He's smiling of course. "As soon as Tanvir hit the ball I was ready to tear my hamstrings running for the single."

Warne says "I don't think there's been too many better teams that I've played in during my career." Warne goes back on stage to collect the trophy and the confetti machines go off, dousing the Rajsthan players as they celebrate once more.

Phew! It's finally over, the tournament that is, not the presentation ceremony. The final was the 59th match on the 44th day of the tournament. It's been fun for the majority of the tournament, there were a few drab matches and none more so than the semi-finals but the finale was a crackerjack. A fitting last ball finish.

So that's it from us at Cricinfo for the first edition of the Indian Premier League. Thank you for all your emails, today, and through the tournament. I hope you've enjoyed it. On behalf of the entire commentary and scoring team, this is George Binoy signing off. It's back to 50-over and Test-match cricket for now. Cheers.

Balaji to Sohail Tanvir, 1 run, Rajasthan have won! What a finish! Tanvir stays in his crease and pulls a short of a length delivery through wide mid-on, Warne was already half-way down the pitch by the time he made contact with the ball, the players run on to the field and mob their captain Warne and their best bowler Tanvir, who's been a hero with the bat today

Rajasthan's players are ready to run into the field from the dug out. The tension/excitement is palpable. Dhoni's marshaling his players, the field has come in.

Rajasthan need one off the final ball.

Balaji to Sohail Tanvir, 2 runs, Balaji bowls a full toss angling into the left-hander, Tanvir uses the angle into him and flicks towards long leg, Warne was setting off even before the bowler had delivered, they run two, the scores are level

Three to win off two balls.

Balaji to Warne, 1 run, Warne reaches out for a full ball and squeezes it towards point for a single
Balaji to Sohail Tanvir, 2 wides, what has he done! Balaji has bowled a wide outside off stump, Tanvir lets it go and Parthiv fails to collect cleanly and the batsmen run, that's two runs without a legal delivery being bowled

Rajasthan need two runs a ball. Balaji from round the wicket.

6 off 3 balls.

Balaji to Warne, 1 run, Warne steps down the track and throws his bat at a low full toss outside off, he hits it through cover for one
Balaji to Warne, no run, lovely! Balaji's bowled a yorker outside off stump, Warne tries to dig it out but misses, he was looking to smash it through cover

Royals 2nd innings Partnerships

19NK PatelSA Asnodkar
22Kamran AkmalSA Asnodkar
1Kamran AkmalSR Watson
65SR WatsonYK Pathan
32M KaifYK Pathan
0YK PathanRA Jadeja
4SK WarneYK Pathan
21SK WarneSohail Tanvir

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