Player of the Match
Player of the Match

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34 | (wicket maiden) | SAU: 105/4

  • Sheldon Jackson12 (41b)
  • Sudip Chatterjee1-1-0-1
  • Mukesh Kumar12-2-33-0

That's the game then, folks. Saurashtra are the new Ranji Trophy champions. It was certain but not quite formal when Jaydev Unadkat trapped Ishan Porel lbw in the morning to give Saurashtra the first-innings lead. But it's done and dusted now. Bengal's barren run continues but Saurashtra have done it after three runner-up finishes in the seven preceding seasons. It was an incredible final, which forced the players from both sides to dig very, very deep. At the end of it, we have a new Ranji Trophy champion.

If you're in the UK or Ireland, you can watch these highlights from the first session of the day, when Saurashtra picked up the four remaining Bengal wickets and got the all-important first-innings lead.

And this too, of the last bit of the game, at the end of which Saurashtra were crowned the new Ranji champions.

Chatterjee to Barot, OUT, and he's gone now..full toss, as Barot slogs it across the line and mistimes it over the bowler's head. The fielder at mid-on ran across and held the catch..

AA Barot c sub (SS Chakraborty) b Chatterjee 39 (102b 7x4 0x6) SR: 38.23

Chatterjee to Barot, no run, dropped..extra bounce there, kicks off from a length, off the glove and it went towards the vacant silly point region. The fielder at first slip moves forward and tries to catch that but drops it, tough chance..
Chatterjee to Barot, no run, round the wicket now, on a length, outside off, left alone
Chatterjee to Barot, no run, fuller in length, Barot defends it off the front foot
Chatterjee to Barot, no run, on a length and outside off, left alone
Chatterjee to Barot, no run, fraction short around off, goes back and punched to backward of point

Saurashtra 3rd innings Partnerships

1st38AA BarotHM Desai
2nd27AA BarotVM Jadeja
3rd17AV VasavadaAA Barot
4th23SP JacksonAA Barot