Player of the Match
Player of the Match
    37.5 and the first wicket..a very good take by the fielder at silly point. Flatter length delivery pitched outside leg stump. Desai prods forward and tries to block it. It hits the top half of the bat and Raman, the substitute fielder held the catch 82/1
    48.1 Barot reviews as he was given out caught behind..On a good length and outside off, Barot took half a step forward to defend. But, ends up with an outside edge back to the keeper. It was definitely off the bat as the third umpire S Ravi confirms. Both the teams have lost a review each. 113/2
    65.3 fuller in length and this one nips back in off the seam from outside off. Jadeja tries to drive that off the front foot but was beaten comprehensively by that inward movement. As the ball goes past the bat pad gap and hits the stumps.. 163/3
    144 and finally a wicket ..length ball which was pitched well outside off as Vasavada steps out and tries to defend. Just straightens enough and beats the bat, Saha does the rest. 348/6
    69 and another one, this ball kept quite low..Jackson thought of reviewing but decided against it. It was a length ball and angling in, as Jackson was already onto the back foot and fails to get any bat onto it, plumb infront 182/4
    150.3 and he's gone..given lbw..This one kept low and hits the back pad. Pujara goes for the review..Fuller in length on off. Pujara tries to defend it but plays inside the line, as it goes past the bat and hits the back pad. Impact is umpire's call, as confirmed by Shamshuddin. So stays with on-field decision, but Saurashtra keeps the review. 358/7
    80.5 another review by Bengal, this time for caught behind as Shamshuddin turns down the appeal ..Back of a length and shaping across from Sakariya, who pushes at it without any feet movement, gets an outside edge back to the keeper as the replay confirms. 206/5
    161.3 and Jani is gone..This ball kept too low..this one didn't rise at all. Back of a length and angling in from outside off. Jani was beaten comprehensively by the lack of bounce..As it crashes the leg stump and breaks it 387/9
    152.1 one brings two..Mukesh picks another wicket..courtesy lbw. Mankad reviews. This was on a length which was pitched outside off and swings back in. It hits him right infront of the middle stump. Shamshuddin confirms that it stays with the on-field decision. Saurashtra lost the review. 364/8
    not out
    171.5 and here's the last wicket....came round the wicket. A flatter length ball on middle, slight turn there. Goes past the outside edge and hits the off stump.. 425/10
    22 (b 3, lb 10, nb 2, w 7)
    425 all out (171.5 Overs, RR: 2.47)
    Fall of wickets: 1-82 (Harvik Desai, 37.5 ov), 2-113 (Avi Barot, 48.1 ov), 3-163 (Vishvaraj Jadeja, 65.3 ov), 4-182 (Sheldon Jackson, 68.6 ov), 4-197* (Cheteshwar Pujara, retired not out ), 4-197* (Cheteshwar Pujara, retired not out ), 5-206 (Chetan Sakariya, 80.5 ov), 6-348 (Arpit Vasavada, 143.6 ov), 7-358 (Cheteshwar Pujara, 150.3 ov), 8-364 (Prerak Mankad, 152.1 ov), 9-387 (Chirag Jani, 161.3 ov), 10-425 (Jaydev Unadkat, 171.5 ov)
    IC Porel26105111.9600
    Mukesh Kumar44910322.3400
    Shahbaz Ahmed46.51410332.1902
    Akash Deep3599842.8030
    AA Nandi1734502.6400
    AP Majumdar301204.0000
    13.4 and the change of angle works.. A flatter length ball around the leg stump. A big stride forward from Gharami as he tries to defend it. It hits high on the bat and a good low catch by the fielder at short leg.. 35/1
    14.5 big appeal for lbw and given by Barde....Easwaran reviews but in vain.. Length ball, angling in from outside off, hits him on the flap of the front pad. Ravi is happy with the impact which was on leg stump, and the on-field decision stays. 35/2
    101.2 and he's gone.. ...a very soft dismissal. Flatter length ball around off stump, Chatterjee gets an inside edge onto the pad, which went to the fielder at short leg. Vishvaraj Jadeja took it without any trouble. 225/4
    52.2 and Tiwary is gone..Length ball, kept low, came back in from outside off. Plays outside the line and fails to connect as it hits the front pad... 124/3
    110.4 back of a length and just outside off. Saha stays in the crease and tries to dab it towards third man. It took the inside edge and just brushes the off stump on the way to the keeper. 241/5
    152.4 and Unadkat strikes, huge appeal for lbw and is given..Majumdar reviews..Length ball, angling in from outside off, it hits him infront of middle stump and so stays with the on-field decision. This is a big wicket. 361/7
    120.4 back of a length, coming in with the angle from round the wicket.. kept low. It goes past the bat and shatters the off stump 263/6
    not out
    153 and one more..back of a length and outside off. Akash Deep is beaten as he tries to defend that. The keeper was quick to gather it and throws it towards the stumps, but missed it and went towards the bowler. Unadkat then collects it and sends a direct throw at the keeper's end. Akash Deep didn't drag his feet back into the crease as he was standing on the line. Given out. 361/7
    158 length delivery, big appeal for a catch. Ananthapadmanabhan says no...and Saurashtra reviews..Length delivery around leg stump, Mukesh Kumar gets forward to defend with the bat pad close, replay confirms that there is a bit of bat involved. A very good catch by the fielder at short leg 370/9
    161 and this is done..Saurashtra takes the first innings lead...Porel reviews it. Length delivery outside off, coming back in with the angle. That looks quite plumb. Impact is on line and he is gone. 381/10
    41 (b 20, lb 14, nb 1, w 1, pen 5)
    381 all out (161 Overs, RR: 2.36)
    Fall of wickets: 1-35 (Sudip Kumar Gharami, 13.4 ov), 2-35 (Abhimanyu Easwaran, 14.5 ov), 3-124 (Manoj Tiwary, 52.2 ov), 4-225 (Sudip Chatterjee, 101.2 ov), 5-241 (Wriddhiman Saha, 110.4 ov), 6-263 (Shahbaz Ahmed, 120.4 ov), 7-361 (Anustup Majumdar, 152.4 ov), 8-361 (Akash Deep, 152.6 ov), 9-370 (Mukesh Kumar, 157.6 ov), 10-381 (Ishan Porel, 160.6 ov)
    JD Unadkat37109622.5900
    C Sakariya28105511.9610
    DA Jadeja521411432.1900
    PN Mankad2174522.1400
    CS Jani2383211.3901

Close of Play

  • Mon, 09 Mar - day 1 - Saurashtra 1st innings 206/5 (AV Vasavada 29*, 80.5 ov)
  • Tue, 10 Mar - day 2 - Saurashtra 1st innings 384/8 (CS Jani 13*, DA Jadeja 13*, 160 ov)
  • Wed, 11 Mar - day 3 - Bengal 1st innings 134/3 (SD Chatterjee 47*, WP Saha 4*, 65 ov)
  • Thu, 12 Mar - day 4 - Bengal 1st innings 354/6 (AP Majumdar 58*, AA Nandi 28*, 147 ov)
  • Fri, 13 Mar - day 5 - Saurashtra 2nd innings 105/4 (34 ov) - end of match

Match Notes

Saurashtra 3rd innings Partnerships

1st38AA BarotHM Desai
2nd27AA BarotVM Jadeja
3rd17AV VasavadaAA Barot
4th23SP JacksonAA Barot