(D/N)Super Smash at New Plymouth, Dec 29 2016
(19.3/20 ov, target 214)
Central D won by 64 runs
Central Districts Innings (20 overs maximum)
GH Worker c Guptill-Bunce b Grobbelaar1220050.00
DPMD Jayawardene c Grobbelaar b Mills31192542163.15
WA Young (c)c †Phillips b Chapman30274022111.11
LRPL Taylor not out82416048200.00
TC Bruce st †Phillips b Chapman127820171.42
D Cleaver c & b Grobbelaar47263124180.76
JA Clarkson not out00100-
Extras(b 1, lb 3, nb 2, w 4)10
TOTAL(20 Ov, RR: 10.65)213/5
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (George Worker, 0.3 ov), 2-44 (Mahela Jayawardene, 5.2 ov), 3-75 (Will Young, 9.1 ov), 4-95 (Tom Bruce, 11.2 ov), 5-206 (Dane Cleaver, 19.4 ov)
DJ Grobbelaar4054213.50---10
TS Mills402716.75---00
SM Solia1020020.00---01
MJ Barry2020010.00---20
RJ Nicol1013013.00---00
TS Nethula403909.75---00
MS Chapman403629.00---11
Auckland Innings (target: 214 runs from 20 overs)
ML Guptill-Bunce  b McCone911212081.81
GD Phillips c McCone b Tickner19161530118.75
RJ Nicol (c)c Taylor b Worker59230055.55
MS Chapman c Taylor b Tickner1450025.00
JA Raval c Young b Worker31181931172.22
BJ Horne c Clarkson b Tickner27182231150.00
SM Solia c Bruce b Rance40213214190.47
MJ Barry c Feldman b Tickner812210066.66
DJ Grobbelaar  b Tickner54410125.00
TS Nethula not out00400-
TS Mills c Tickner b Feldman1430025.00
Extras(w 3)3
TOTAL(19.3 Ov, RR: 7.64)149
Fall of wickets: 1-26 (Glenn Phillips, 3.2 ov), 2-31 (Michael Guptill-Bunce, 4.4 ov), 3-35 (Mark Chapman, 5.5 ov), 4-56 (Rob Nicol, 8.2 ov), 5-71 (Jeet Raval, 10.2 ov), 6-113 (Ben Horne, 13.6 ov), 7-143 (Sean Solia, 17.6 ov), 8-148 (Michael Barry, 18.4 ov), 9-148 (Donovan Grobbelaar, 18.5 ov), 10-149 (Tymal Mills, 19.3 ov)
LW Feldman3.302717.71---10
SHA Rance302719.00---00
RJ McCone402416.00---20
BM Tickner411954.75---00
GH Worker403929.75---00
TC Bruce1013013.00---00
Pukekura Park, New Plymouth
TossAuckland , elected to field first
SeriesSuper Smash 2016
Hours of play (local time)16.00 start, First Session 16.00-16.25, Interval 16.25-16.45, Second Session 16.45-19.10
Match days29 December 2016 - day/night match (20-over match)
RG Hooper
Phil Jones
Match Referee
RE Hayward
PointsCentral Districts 4, Auckland 0