2nd Test, Leeds, Jul 21 - 24 2010, Australia tour of England and Ireland
88 & 349
(target 180)258 & 180/7
Pakistan won by 3 wickets
Player Of The Match
6/33 & 24

Pakistan win by three wickets and level the series 1-1. Fabulous scenes, handshakes all round and Rudi, with a tear in his eye, picks up a stump and leads the players off the field. The Pakistan team give him a souvenir T-shirt which is a lovely touch. There is a lot to like about Salman Butt and he has a very gifted young side under him. Tough tour this for Ricky Ponting and Australia, they lost the one-day series to England, lost the Twenty20 to Pakistan in his absence and could not beat Pakistan in the Tests.

Paul Allott leads the presentation ceremony which begins, fittingly, with a special presentation to Rudi Koertzen - a sculpture depicting Rudi with his infamous 'slow death' dismissal.

One again there are two men of the match. Which is odd, this spirit of cricket lark has gone too far you'd think. Shane Watson is named Australia's man of the match, for his bowling, which, though laughable, has been very good all Test. The Pakistan man of the match is Mohammad Aamer, now he can bowl. In a brief interview he says, "when I smile it gives me confidence." That's the spirit of cricket.

Ricky Ponting, somewhat predictably says he wouldn't have batted first if he knew the wicket would have done so much on the first day and congratulates Pakistan for their tense win. Tantalisingly, he says if he can keep scoring runs, he might return to England in the future.

Salman Butt thanks the crowd, his young side and all the supporters back home who haven't had the chance to see the team. He says that if this young side can perform like this under these conditions they could go on to become world beaters. He might be right as well. I'll say it again, Salman Butt is an awfully suave fellow - reminiscent, actually, of a certain Imran Khan.

Hugely entertaining match which finished with a hugely entertaining morning, to try and get a flavour of it all check out Andrew Miller's bulletin. That will be all from me today, Pakistan are back in action soon, beginning their four-Test series against England at Trent Bridge on Thursday, so I hope you'll join us then. If this game was anything to go by, it will be an absolute cracker.

Johnson to Umar Gul, 1 run

That's it! Gul finishes it in style! Famous victory for Pakistan and boy have they made their fans work hard this morning. Gul finally ends the torture, crashing a full-blooded drive through covers and jumping in the air to celebrate!

Umar Gul is the new man. One run, that's all it is....

Johnson to Kamran, OUT

what a catch! Top stuff from Hussey, he caught this one cleanly! Full and wide from Johnson, Kamran through he had crashed the winning runs but Hussey diving full length to his left at gully plucked it out of the air

Kamran Akmal c Hussey b Johnson 13 (31m 26b 3x4 0x6) SR: 50
Johnson to Kamran, no run

still they wait! Beaten outside off stump!

Pakistan player now waiting on the boundary. They're going to go berserk here!

Johnson to Kamran, no run

not quite time for Kamran yet, working this off his pads to midwicket

end of over 504 runs
PAK: 179/6CRR: 3.58 
Mohammad Amir5 (11)
Kamran Akmal13 (23)
Ben Hilfenhaus 13-2-39-3
Mitchell Johnson 10-1-40-0
Hilfenhaus to Amir, no run

three in a row! Hilfenhaus will be damned if the winning runs come off his bowling, dug in short once more and Aamer ducks

Hilfenhaus to Amir, no run

once again it's short and Aamer tucks underneath it again

Hilfenhaus to Amir, no run

much shorter, fully fledged bouncer from Hilfenhaus, Aamer ducks

Hilfenhaus to Amir, FOUR runs

four! Not at all convincing but the scores are level! A touch shorter from Hilfenhaus, Aamer tried to drive but it found the edge and went past the slips down to third man

Hilfenhaus to Amir, no run

touch too wide of off stump this time, Aamer gleefully shoulders arms

Hilfenhaus to Amir, no run

Hilfenhaus round the wicket to Aamer, who is camped on the front foot and is beaten outside off stump, the ball moved away from the left hander this time. Australia, somehow, keep fighting

end of over 491 run
PAK: 175/6CRR: 3.57 
Kamran Akmal13 (23)
Mohammad Amir1 (5)
Mitchell Johnson 10-1-40-0
Ben Hilfenhaus 12-2-35-3
Johnson to Kamran, no run

full from Johnson once more, Kamran drives firmly but it's fielded smartly in the covers

Johnson to Kamran, no run

great bowling! Almost got rid of him again this time! It was on a length, jagged away and bounced beating Kamran all ends up. Good ball from Johnson, but is it too late?

Johnson to Kamran, no run

Kamran gone now - or has he!? The drama continues! It was a touch short and wide, Kamran crashed it to gully where Hussey looked like he took a very good low catch. Kamran feels the ball may have reached Hussey on the half-volley, Hussey felt the catch was clean, and the TV replay, as always in these circumstances, is inconclusive. There is nothing really the third umpire can tell from the replay and Hussey and the benifit has gone to Kamran

Johnson to Kamran, no run

Johnson fires it full and a touch wide, Kamran tries to squeeze a drive away but can't time it and it tickles to cover

Johnson to Amir, 1 run

full again from Johnson, Aamer leans forward into a defensive prod and scampers a swift single. 5 to go...

Johnson to Amir, no run

good start from Johnson, full and straight, Aamer is set up for the full ball, hanging on the front foot and defending

Ponting needs a miracle now and he's turned to Mitchell Johnson.

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