Australia v India, 3rd Test, Perth, 3rd day January 15, 2012

Dhoni for gradual phasing out of seniors


MS Dhoni has said he is not aware of any ultimatum the BCCI might have given to VVS Laxman after the batsman's lean series in England and Australia. It was reported in some Indian newspapers, quoting BCCI officials, that Laxman might have played his last Test in Perth. "As of now there is nothing like that that I know of officially," Dhoni said when asked about the development.

When asked if he would try to talk him out of it if Laxman indeed decided to call it quits, Dhoni said: "I won't like to answer something where there is a big if and big but. I don't know where this came from, but unless Laxman comes and tells me I don't know whether it's happening or not happening. I really don't have to think about it [now]."

Dhoni, however, spoke about the importance of phasing out the seniors thoughtfully. He said he hadn't sat and thought about it, but the end of the series might be a good time to start. "Not really right now," he said. "May be at the end of the series will be a right time. We also have to see what the senior's thoughts are. I think there is a bit more emphasis right now about getting rid of the seniors but it will be a very careful decision. Because of what they have done for the country, and the amount of experience they can share with the youngsters."

Dhoni spoke of getting a right combination of youth and experience. "Very important to have the right mixture at the right time," he said. "You can't have all the seniors missing out all of a sudden, and all the juniors coming in. We will have to thoughtfully decide the best option. Give a bit of exposure to youngsters coming [in], at the same time have the fair mix of experienced guys and youngsters.

"Ultimately [in] Test cricket a lot of people will be tested, but once they transfer that experience or share that experience, the job of the youngsters will become slightly easy. That's something we need to be very careful about."

There has been widespread criticism that India have already delayed the phasing out of their three great batting stars. There have been calls to lose with young players if they have to keep losing, like they have done over the last seven overseas Tests. The Adelaide Test will be India's last away from home over the next two years. "Ultimately we know that most of our batsmen who will come in or will be part of the team will perform in India because we have played in India," Dhoni said. "But we need to find ways as to how we perform outside India. Definitely it will be a good option to see the youngsters coming in. Of course we are playing quite a few games in India, but we are playing tough opposition at the same time. I think it will be a good exposure for them."

Dhoni was asked if the Indian set-up lacked the courage to drop legends of the game when they were out of form. "It's not about courage," he said. "It's about taking the right decision. Just for example, if you see in this series, people went after Virat [Kohli] to be dropped, and he batted really well in this series. You have to give that span of time to people. Especially when you know somebody is a really talented guy, you have to give that extra time to that particular batsman to keep going on."

Dhoni was also asked how he would like to see the transition happen. "I have not sat and thought over it," he said. "It's something everybody needs to be a part of. The players and the BCCI also. It will be a process rather than just an event. We will be carefully deciding as to what needs to be done in the best interest of the country."

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • on January 18, 2012, 18:00 GMT

    ppl are saying to drop dhoni i agree performance wise he is useless in tests .but look at sri lanka for example once sanga stepped down as captain and board named a horrible captain dilshan and horrors started !! sanga was a great captain like dhoni .

    same will happen if india make sehwag the captain horrors will happen and we saw in the one day series against west indies sehwag playd defensively and lost his wicket evry tym .instead gambhir is the best choice for captaincy !! he is an very agressive captain and when he was captain his stats improved drastically he wants to lead frm the front. he sets agressive fields and wins the matches.he has 100 % record as a captain. 5-0 against kiwis and 1 win against wi in last odi .he is the only option for a captaincy right now.he is experienced enough to lead the team. just luk at kkr. a team tht never reachd semis has reachd semis under gambhir's captaincy .atleast he will make a better captain thn sehwag and sehwag can play aggrressivly

  • on January 18, 2012, 2:46 GMT

    Dhoni..should be the first to go how many test match he won for India. He has been terrible with keeping and his batting average overseas is so pathetic

  • 158notout on January 18, 2012, 1:26 GMT

    All this time I have wondered why Sourav was forced to retire. At the time I thought, wow BCCI has a really smart plan here to avoid the same 'transition' that many teams have - they will force players out one by one and blood youngesters this way. And then nothing - Kumble retired also but then Dravid was allowed to continue despite very poor form, although he did then play himself back into good form, SRT has been up and down since then and maybe 99 would be a more memorable number, just like 99.94?!? Laxman now looks to have lost the fight. it is a shame, as an England fan VVS is my favourite non-English player in the world but even i think it is time for him to go. Dhoni looks frazzled as well and gambhir has lost his off-stump. At least Kohli brings some atheliticism to the field, perhaps they could give Raina another shot as well, Sharma, Kohli, raina at 4,5,6?

  • Al_Bundy1 on January 17, 2012, 23:07 GMT

    No need for gradual phasing. Drop all of them immediately. If a patient has cancer, surgeon has to take quick action and get rid of that part. Similarly if players are not performing - get rid of them immediately. If they happen to be seniors - so be it. This is not a government job, where seniority counts. In a highly competitive sport, if you don't get rid of the non-performers, you will be annihilated.

  • MasterClass on January 17, 2012, 23:00 GMT

    @ jeevan - I like your idea of pushing Sehwag down the order. Abroad what we need is a steady start, not a blistering one. And Gambhir should be allowed to take risks and play the disruptive role if the conditions permits. Sehwag down the order could play the disruptive roll as well, in case the bowlers break-thru. Anyway against the semi-new or old-ball or spinners he would be a riot to watch and PURE ENTERTAINMENT! I can guarantee people would get their money's worth, because every single ball he will be trying to manufacture runs. I certainly would pay good money for that, regardless of win or lose :)

  • MasterClass on January 17, 2012, 22:36 GMT

    Just wanted to share my feelings in case others feel the same: I've been more interested in a young team India for almost 2 years now (even more that the much-hyped No. 1 test status which I felt would lead to humiliation because the Indian public would actually believe it!). It started with Gambhir's resurgence in NZ, followed by Pujara's debut against OZ. Can you guess what was my highlight of the SA tour? it was Pujara's vigil on the 2nd day of the Durban test when India could have easily slid to defeat. Gambhir quietly walking away with credit to his reputation at the end was also a pleasure, much more so than any 100 by the seniors, because it represented a promising future! I was crushed when Pujara did not make it to OZ, but elated by Kholi and YADAV! And I am eager to see Rohit and Rahne! Please don't deny this pleasure for all the forward looking cricket lovers in India.

  • MasterClass on January 17, 2012, 22:18 GMT

    @stormy16 - beautifully said, hitting all the salient points! @ Abdussalaam Jenkins & others have mentioned county cricket & developing a program for the India A team to tour abroad - 100% correct! Personally, while I really respect & admire the veterans, I am more excited to watch a young energetic Indian team evolve (hopefully into a world class team). I'm fine with losing, if the progress curve is forward. For one thing it would take away the expectation of winning (unrealistic with this aged team anyway) and even better the tiresome need to defend the team when we loose. We can all say India is in transition. It would make watching test cricket more enjoyable regardless of win or lose. There is also the very important need to ACKNOWLEDGE good opposition, which when the seniors fail we obsessively forget to do. And that's a shame! The pleasure in sport is also in crediting a worthy opponent. With the seniors gone all this can return.

  • myStraightTalk on January 17, 2012, 18:43 GMT

    If Dhoni keeps the same team and winless then he have to take responsibility fully. As a captain he should be aple to pick the right player. Tendulkar/Draivid have to take the responsibility and captain the team for the next series. Such a senior player should either captain the team or retire from the team and cannot give problem to young future captain. Why there is no merit system and accountability in Indian always?

  • stormy16 on January 17, 2012, 17:09 GMT

    I dont see what the IPL has to do with this - both Warner and Hussey played IPL. Any chance of accepting that the Aus bolwers have been fantastic in helpful conditions while the Indian batting order has been found wanting away from home - again! There are no more overseas tours for two years so I dont think India needs to panic and throw people out for a lost cause test. Having said that the time has come for Lax and Dravid to bow out. I think it was justifiable keeping them going in the hope of winning that ellusive series in Aus but now it makes no sense. I would give them a grand send off at home.

  • on January 17, 2012, 15:41 GMT

    Sachin is worst performer from indian side in this series.

  • on January 18, 2012, 18:00 GMT

    ppl are saying to drop dhoni i agree performance wise he is useless in tests .but look at sri lanka for example once sanga stepped down as captain and board named a horrible captain dilshan and horrors started !! sanga was a great captain like dhoni .

    same will happen if india make sehwag the captain horrors will happen and we saw in the one day series against west indies sehwag playd defensively and lost his wicket evry tym .instead gambhir is the best choice for captaincy !! he is an very agressive captain and when he was captain his stats improved drastically he wants to lead frm the front. he sets agressive fields and wins the matches.he has 100 % record as a captain. 5-0 against kiwis and 1 win against wi in last odi .he is the only option for a captaincy right now.he is experienced enough to lead the team. just luk at kkr. a team tht never reachd semis has reachd semis under gambhir's captaincy .atleast he will make a better captain thn sehwag and sehwag can play aggrressivly

  • on January 18, 2012, 2:46 GMT

    Dhoni..should be the first to go how many test match he won for India. He has been terrible with keeping and his batting average overseas is so pathetic

  • 158notout on January 18, 2012, 1:26 GMT

    All this time I have wondered why Sourav was forced to retire. At the time I thought, wow BCCI has a really smart plan here to avoid the same 'transition' that many teams have - they will force players out one by one and blood youngesters this way. And then nothing - Kumble retired also but then Dravid was allowed to continue despite very poor form, although he did then play himself back into good form, SRT has been up and down since then and maybe 99 would be a more memorable number, just like 99.94?!? Laxman now looks to have lost the fight. it is a shame, as an England fan VVS is my favourite non-English player in the world but even i think it is time for him to go. Dhoni looks frazzled as well and gambhir has lost his off-stump. At least Kohli brings some atheliticism to the field, perhaps they could give Raina another shot as well, Sharma, Kohli, raina at 4,5,6?

  • Al_Bundy1 on January 17, 2012, 23:07 GMT

    No need for gradual phasing. Drop all of them immediately. If a patient has cancer, surgeon has to take quick action and get rid of that part. Similarly if players are not performing - get rid of them immediately. If they happen to be seniors - so be it. This is not a government job, where seniority counts. In a highly competitive sport, if you don't get rid of the non-performers, you will be annihilated.

  • MasterClass on January 17, 2012, 23:00 GMT

    @ jeevan - I like your idea of pushing Sehwag down the order. Abroad what we need is a steady start, not a blistering one. And Gambhir should be allowed to take risks and play the disruptive role if the conditions permits. Sehwag down the order could play the disruptive roll as well, in case the bowlers break-thru. Anyway against the semi-new or old-ball or spinners he would be a riot to watch and PURE ENTERTAINMENT! I can guarantee people would get their money's worth, because every single ball he will be trying to manufacture runs. I certainly would pay good money for that, regardless of win or lose :)

  • MasterClass on January 17, 2012, 22:36 GMT

    Just wanted to share my feelings in case others feel the same: I've been more interested in a young team India for almost 2 years now (even more that the much-hyped No. 1 test status which I felt would lead to humiliation because the Indian public would actually believe it!). It started with Gambhir's resurgence in NZ, followed by Pujara's debut against OZ. Can you guess what was my highlight of the SA tour? it was Pujara's vigil on the 2nd day of the Durban test when India could have easily slid to defeat. Gambhir quietly walking away with credit to his reputation at the end was also a pleasure, much more so than any 100 by the seniors, because it represented a promising future! I was crushed when Pujara did not make it to OZ, but elated by Kholi and YADAV! And I am eager to see Rohit and Rahne! Please don't deny this pleasure for all the forward looking cricket lovers in India.

  • MasterClass on January 17, 2012, 22:18 GMT

    @stormy16 - beautifully said, hitting all the salient points! @ Abdussalaam Jenkins & others have mentioned county cricket & developing a program for the India A team to tour abroad - 100% correct! Personally, while I really respect & admire the veterans, I am more excited to watch a young energetic Indian team evolve (hopefully into a world class team). I'm fine with losing, if the progress curve is forward. For one thing it would take away the expectation of winning (unrealistic with this aged team anyway) and even better the tiresome need to defend the team when we loose. We can all say India is in transition. It would make watching test cricket more enjoyable regardless of win or lose. There is also the very important need to ACKNOWLEDGE good opposition, which when the seniors fail we obsessively forget to do. And that's a shame! The pleasure in sport is also in crediting a worthy opponent. With the seniors gone all this can return.

  • myStraightTalk on January 17, 2012, 18:43 GMT

    If Dhoni keeps the same team and winless then he have to take responsibility fully. As a captain he should be aple to pick the right player. Tendulkar/Draivid have to take the responsibility and captain the team for the next series. Such a senior player should either captain the team or retire from the team and cannot give problem to young future captain. Why there is no merit system and accountability in Indian always?

  • stormy16 on January 17, 2012, 17:09 GMT

    I dont see what the IPL has to do with this - both Warner and Hussey played IPL. Any chance of accepting that the Aus bolwers have been fantastic in helpful conditions while the Indian batting order has been found wanting away from home - again! There are no more overseas tours for two years so I dont think India needs to panic and throw people out for a lost cause test. Having said that the time has come for Lax and Dravid to bow out. I think it was justifiable keeping them going in the hope of winning that ellusive series in Aus but now it makes no sense. I would give them a grand send off at home.

  • on January 17, 2012, 15:41 GMT

    Sachin is worst performer from indian side in this series.

  • nagpalajjampur on January 17, 2012, 14:48 GMT

    The performance of the team in overseas of late has surely been highly disappointing. There has been talk about dropping players and non-performing seniors to give way for the new comers. For the later, I feel the new comers have not proved to claim places in the team and the reason mainly being IPL. On dropping players, you cant drop them on performance of these 7 test, but rather drop on pure ability to perform at Test level. And when that is the case, the first to be dropped should be MS Dhoni, and then perhaps VVS Laxman whose style has indeed become ineffective now.

  • diva1234 on January 17, 2012, 14:42 GMT

    dhoni was winning as a captain because of those seniors. on his own he never won any test matches for india. the first senior supposed to go should be dhoni.

  • on January 17, 2012, 14:30 GMT

    Before dhoni want seniors to get phased out,he has to leave the test team..he is a good captian in india.a captain should be aggresive when they r in overseas ex sourav ganguly.that aggressiveness is certainly missing in dhoni so better leave the team mahi..try to become a good home suits u the most.try anything new

  • on January 17, 2012, 13:54 GMT

    Arun Chauhan - Yeah I'm sure that line up is the best in the world provided they play on a pitch where the ball doesn't bounce higher than the hip, rear up off a good length, move off the seam or swing in the air which is what they failed to deal with in the Perth test. Tendulkar aside the majority of Indian batsmen have been nothing but flat track bullies and you can add the majority of subcontinent batsmen to that too.

  • Mandyyboii_says on January 17, 2012, 12:57 GMT

    Axe should fall on players who failed to perform (Sr or Jr). If BCCI is Just and wants to send out a strong message drop Dhoni, Simply because he is out of form. i think he is best suited for the ODI and T20. he is misserable in test cricket.

    I do believe it is high time we have a succession plan for the 'terrific trio' but knee jerk reaction will only be detrimental to team's moral.

    Lastly i hope the England whitewash and poor show downunder doesnot vanish off our memories come next home serise or IPL. To win you Build a team, the time is now. build for future with a well thought out plan.

    Wishing India All the best for rest of the Aus tour!

  • WellwisherINDIA on January 17, 2012, 11:17 GMT

    Mid_Wicket @ please worry about your Lanka they are getting all out with record scores 20,30,40 in south Africa,lets see how Lanka gon to play against India in Australia

  • Mid_Wicket on January 17, 2012, 10:35 GMT

    We as Lankans feel sorry for the Indians..... Just try to win atleast one ODI in Ausi.

  • on January 17, 2012, 10:01 GMT

    "Either you quit as a hero(saurav ganguly , anil kumble , steve waugh) or live long enough to see yourself become a villian ( v.v.s.laxman , rahul dravid) " - The dark knight (batman 2)

  • rakster on January 17, 2012, 9:12 GMT

    In batting Order In the next test series I would select the following

    Rahane Dhawan Pujara Kohli (captain) Pandey Sehwag on notice (last chance) Dhoni on notice (last chance) Ashwin Irfan Pathan Yadav Aaron

    and I would want per season 1 batsmen and 1 bowler to play in england.

  • spot_on on January 17, 2012, 9:04 GMT

    LOL!!! out of all comments.. I liked the 1st one... Yeah.. get Dhoni outa this Indian Cricket... He has spoiled the spirit created by Dada and Jumbo...

  • Abdurrazaaq on January 17, 2012, 8:56 GMT

    Sachin Tendulker is a living legend, no one can deny that, and Dhoni is a great captain and player, but Dhoni cant be held responsible if his players(seniors + newbies) are struggling with the conditions. The indian cricketers(or most sub continent players for that matter) are literally like fish out of water when playing in Australia.

  • zenboomerang on January 17, 2012, 8:55 GMT

    @Hotu Chainani... Really like your team selection... The extra spinner could do in Adelaide what the Pakistan spinners are doing to England at present - 5/43 on a flat & non-spinning surface... India would also have Sehwag, SRT & Rohit for variation... Adelaide starts flat & always turns later in the match & is the only Oz ground that Swann got a decent haul from... It wont matter who bats first...

  • soumyas on January 17, 2012, 8:50 GMT

    @kingcobra85--ur team will loose even against bangladesh in india itself :)..... @jonesy2--dravid,tendulkar,gambhir shud be ther for sometime, shud drop laxman,dhoni first..sehwag shud play only in flat sub continent pitches...... @IvorVaz--nice idea, anyway... robin uthappa is better than sehwag on seaming tracks.. anyways rohit shud be in team.. indian selector need to search for young batsmen who have better bating techniques on seaming,swinging tracks... not flat track bullies like sehwag,dhoni,yuvraj,raina,gambhir.... being indian FAN...i'm ashamed of 2011 world feels like it was fake, champion team cannot loose 7 straight TESTS...SouthAfrica shud have won 2011 world cup, they had good records overseas over long time...and have better balanced team than india...

  • zenboomerang on January 17, 2012, 8:43 GMT

    @Nampally :- "India is too strong to go winless against an average Aussie team!"... As many people said before this series started... The same was said in 1989 in England where we once again whitewashed England 4-0 in the 6 Test series... Times & teams change... Oz is changing now so get used to it... Only Marsh & Haddin have failed with the bat while the other 5 batsmen have all managed decent scores in this series...

  • IPLphuckedIndianTestCricket on January 17, 2012, 8:22 GMT

    Dhoni must get himself flushed out of Indian Test Team. Later he can expect other seniors to get phased out.

  • on January 17, 2012, 8:13 GMT

    IPL should be stopped , Ads should be stopped for Players, The only earning for an Indian player should be his Match fee only then every player will play with at most dedication. I see no seriousness after loosing a match, they go on partying. These days even a school going child is punished when he fails in 1 subject, but these fellows go on partying. The Indian cricket team future is looking bleak.

  • anver777 on January 17, 2012, 7:46 GMT

    MSD pleeeeeeeeeeease give up test bc this is not the type of cricket people like see from u.There are plenty of test match potentials in Ind, so better stick to overs format which suits u better......

  • sj1801 on January 17, 2012, 7:14 GMT

    Phasing out seniors is fine but lets not make laxman a scapegoat. Juniors have been failing for a long time now. BCCI should ask gambhir, sehwag, kohli, dhoni to go and play county instead of IPL. You want to remove laxman and dravid? Please look at the last one year record. India have won only 2 away matches in last 15 months: ------------------------------------ India tour of South Africa: 2nd Test at Durban (2010-11 series):-

    Laxman scored 38 & 96 - highest runs in a low scoring match on a difficult Durban pitch All other batsmen flopped.

    India tour of West Indies: 1st Test at Sabina Park (June-July 2011 series):-

    Dravid scored 40 & 112 - highest runs in a low scoring match on a difficult Sabina pitch ------------------------------------ Dravid and Laxman will fail occasionally. Which youngster has stepped up? Mukund, Raina, Kohli & a others were given the opportunities.

    The point is simple - Lets not make laxman the scapegoat but look at the real issues. Period.

  • Sachit1979 on January 17, 2012, 7:10 GMT

    I don't think phasing out seniors is the answer to the problem. Laxman and Dravid had been back bone of Indian test team. If you withdraw the performances of Laxman and Dravid then we could not even win home series against Australia, NewZealand and West Indies in last 2 years. I know both of them are loosing against age but we need to find stable replacements before signing them off. I think BCCI should prepare a rotation policy for Big 3 such that either 2 of them play in any test. Then once we have 2 stable replacements then we could give them opportunity to sign off. Main problems looks like to me is out of touch Sehwag, Gambhir and clue less leadership by Dhoni. These areas need attention before seniors.

  • SanjivAwesome on January 17, 2012, 7:05 GMT

    Sunny Leone for captain to inspire our cricketers with her big scores.

  • SpadeaSpade on January 17, 2012, 6:45 GMT

    Seriosuly , some of the comments here are far fetched. Why drop Sachin ? at the moment his held his own and can be proud of his efforts. Laxman deserves more respect then given by some, his match winning perfromances over his career even outwiegh the contribution of Sachin to the test team. But i agree that his mobility appears to be on the decline and would think that Dravid and Laxman are the 2 to make way for some young talent. You need the young players to learn their test cricket with some experienced players around them to watch and learn from close up. Even though the sentiment towards Greg Chappel seem to lean close to hatred you must accept that you need someone as head strong as Greg to make these kinds of transistions. If you have a yes man in place nothing will change until the players themselves want it too.

  • visakri on January 17, 2012, 6:23 GMT

    These are the averages of the Indian batsmen in overseas tests since the beginning of 2011:

    Sehwag : 15.08 Gambhir: 23.375 Dravid: 36.9 Tendulkar: 41.63 Laxman: 26.64 Dhoni: 23.405

    If based on this statistic alone, Laxman would be the fourth worst performer, preceded by Dhoni, Gambhir and Sehwag. Sehwag, with an average of15.08 in this period, has not been able to provide India with a start of any sort and so puts the team on the defensive from very early stages of a test match. It seems like a rethink of the opening pair combination is in order. The phasing out of the big 3 is probably not going to be the cure for he present malady.

  • on January 17, 2012, 5:57 GMT

    I am baffled by ppls comments against srt & others. If so many of u r concerned abt indian cricket today,its bcos of srt. If indian team draw so many crowds abroad,its bcos thye come 2 see srt & co. very famously alistair campbell[the then zimbabwe captain]said:'' the only difference btwn zimbabw & india is srt. the reason whole u gen is follwing cricket is bcos of sachin. They r mature enouf 2 decide their fate, just like they skipped just rlax.

  • Hareendra on January 17, 2012, 5:46 GMT

    Sounds good when said like that, but Tendulkar and Dravid have been scoring plenty of runs. However, a long list of youngsters have hardly made any impact at Test level. Its a long and painful list; Youvraj, Raina, Pujara, Vijay, Mukund, etc. of failures!

  • SydneyIndi on January 17, 2012, 5:45 GMT

    I am surprised that MSD is talking about phasing out seniors! If you look at his record overseas in tests and his technique in OZ tests, it is painfully obvious that he is not suited to test cricket. He is ofcourse a great T20 and ODI player and just that. We Indian fans like short form cricket so much and worship those heroes/gods (god, how many gods do we need?) and build hype around them. Then they end up in test cricket which exposes their weaknesses when O/S. Look at his avg in the last 7 O/S tests. If I were a selector, I would not keep him in the test team, let alone leading it. If you consider purely the batting skills, he would not be in the Indian top 7; if he can't make the team, he can't lead it. As simple as that. Winning the worldcup at home, etc was good but it also overly estimated his captaincy skills and he started to believe that himself. It is time for selectors to differentiate short and long form cricket and select accordingly. Dhoni should be in T20/ODI only.

  • AtticusFinch on January 17, 2012, 5:26 GMT

    I really like the cheek of MSD. As a player he has no place in the Indian Test Team. As a Captain, he is scheming, indifferent, arrogant, casual, lacks basic Leadership skills, plays favorites and is easily the worst Indian Captain of ALL TIME. And after getting his pants stripped in the last 7 Overseas Tests, I really like the gall in him. He says "I am responsibile for this state of affairs", "I am to be Blamed", "I want to give up one format (read Test Cricket)". And he does not offer to quit! He plays some stupid Machiavillian scheme to sit out the last match. Why? He knows we are going to lose and doesnt want to be captain for another thrashing? He wants a break before the ODIs? He is not interested? He wants to hit the Go-Karting Tracks? If our Selectors had any cajones, they should have dropped him as Captain for the ODIs as a lesson. But our Selectors, like the oft repeated Strokeless wonders are Ball Less Wonders! Pah!

  • aloy on January 17, 2012, 4:34 GMT

    I personally think Sachin doesn't deserve to be criticized so harshly. We have almost forgotten what he has done for India over the last 2 decades. He carried the responsibility of the frail and fragile Indian batting line up almost single handedly until Saurav and dravid came. Rahul Dravid, according to me should never be compared with greats like Sachin. To me, Dravid is a very competent player but not great. Don't forget Sir Don, Viv, Sobers,Pollock, Lara, Sachin, these legends are all aggressive Batsmen. Sunil Gavaskar often says that the parameter of difference between Very good and great is the ability to hit good balls for boundary. Gavaskar himself was a great stroke-maker but he had to curb his tendency to stabilize Indian batting. The greatest difference between Sachin and Dravid is that Sachin was never bowled defending, he was bowled trying to flick or drive. But I can show a lot of examples of so called "THE WALL" being clean bowled while "DEFENDING!"

  • wake_up_india on January 17, 2012, 4:21 GMT

    The cricket played in India is some other game from that played in England and Australia. Call the former Desi Cricket and the latter Feringee Cricket. In the old days, many Indian players spent the summer playing Feringee cricket in England (county cricket) so they had some familiarity with Feringee Cricket. Now, with the overwhelming importance of IPL, the Indian players have too much experience of Desi Cricket and too little of Feringee Cricket. What is worse, the IPL allows the the Feringees to also get experience of Desi Cricket while the converse is not true. So it is not a question of young or old. The young players may actually have even less experience of Feringee Cricket than the seniors, as Gambhir and Kohli showed, as the older players may actually have had, in their remote past, some real experience of Ferinee Cricket, which they are now rapidly forgetting. The solution is to play all IPL matches on Feringee style pitches and keep the Desi pitches for visiting team

  • SamRoy on January 17, 2012, 4:19 GMT

    @Biophysicist When you have given statistics about Dravid, let me give you some as well. Dravid averages less than 30 in South Africa and apart from 2003-4 where Australian bowling was pathetic (No Warne and No McGrath and not a match fit Lee and Gillespie, besides featherbed wickets) he has failed in 1999-00, 2007-08 and this time. NZ and England are more slow swinging tracks (although TrentBridge and Edgbaston have good pace and bounce but no where compared to Australia and SA). So he isn't all that good on fast bouncy tracks as my fellow Indians think he is.

  • on January 17, 2012, 3:53 GMT

    Mr. Dhoni.. I respect you as our captain however weeding out seniors from test is not a good idea.. We have the worlds best batting line up.. Sachin, Dravid, Sehwag and Laxhman.. its a dream team that can thrash any bowling attack, and if this line up is not working out then there is something seriously wrong??? we all know our biggest problem is our pitches.. and that is the reason that we struggle on foreign pitches.. You practice on slow pitches and expect your players to perform on extremely fast pitches.. and its not veterans.. no one has performed in three matches.. not even bowlers.... its time we gather our act and try our level best in the last one.. m sure little more aggression.. and better team bonding will spell success.. Keep in mind Mr Dhoni... You have a GREAT TEAM... never mind if we lost the series.. austrllians do lose on our pitches as well.. m sure we'll rock the last match!!!! Lets go Team India...

  • sabina2009 on January 17, 2012, 3:34 GMT

    No doubt, India has proved yet again that they are just a minnow when they play abroad. India never plays well anywhere around the world except in India. Playing well on the home soil and wanting to become number 1 is not going to happen. Senior Indian players must leave and they should give chance to young players.

  • on January 17, 2012, 2:34 GMT

    dhoni shud b sacked 1st...

  • krk19 on January 17, 2012, 2:16 GMT

    Dhoni is thinking about phasing out seniors... BCCI should think phasing out Dhoni...It is pathetic that India cannot play overseas. I am deeply worried that India may become only an IPL/Champion League/T20 and finally an ODI team. Thanks t o our great so called entrepreneurs and BCCI that is giving India this status. How can this happen? Recent No.1 team doesn't seem to be showing any willingness to win. Is it Gary that is making the difference? I hope not; coz he is not coming back. what is happening to basic strategies during the execution? Our batting form is at its abyss and we are choosing to bat after winning the toss where the curator says that the pitch is going to be good for batting after a day or two.. I can go on and I am sure a lot more can give better input...Hey! its frustrating.

  • Vishal_07 on January 17, 2012, 2:13 GMT

    If each position should be filled based on competency then both the openers and Mr. Captain need to go first, well, may be Laxman in the mix as well. But these 3 are supposed to have a good mix of experience and youth and they are at the bottom of the batting averages against Eng and Aus (in their respective countries). It is almost like you get rid of Sehwag, Gambhir, and Dhoni now so that the young guns can get useful tips from the Big 3 before they retire. @SRT_genious: dude, the only time I can remember Tendulkar going for the 100th ton was against WI in the second Test in India and the game was already within India's reach so no harm no foul. Other than that, this dude has played positive all the time (look at these last 3 Tests against Australia).

  • passionate_cricket_follower on January 17, 2012, 2:11 GMT

    I would vote for Zaheer Khan the captain of the test team, subject to fitness. He has been the leader of a depleted inconsistent attack for a long time. Doesn't he deserve a go at captaincy? Kumble was made captain at the twilight of his test career. I hope Zaheer does not meet with the same fate!

  • jtstriker9 on January 17, 2012, 1:08 GMT

    I dont think you can say anything against Sachin, he is the leading Indian run scorer in the series to date. Dravid was phenomanal in England, and that was not too long ago. I believe it's time now for Laxman, even though he has been a fantastic batsman, to go and open a spot for Raina to create a LHB/RHB balance in the middle order. Yuvraj and Rohit will battle for those two places as well, although I think Kohli is there to stay now, eventually succeeding Sachin at 4. Sehwag, Ganguly and Dhoni are young enough to stay, with Rahane to back him up.

    On another point, I think India would have been much more succesful had Praveen been fit. His swing bowling could have caused loads of problems for the Aussies who are inept at playing swing. Such a shame!!

  • on January 17, 2012, 0:51 GMT

    Biophysicist - In 26 matches in Australia and South Africa Dravid has scored just 2 centuries and on top of that in 24 matches Laxman has scored 4 centuries in Australia 3 of them coming at the SCG and none in South Africa. Doesn't exactly refute the argument that these two are nothing but flat track bullies when they haven't excelled in countries that have the fastest and bounciest decks in the world.

  • Harry_Kool on January 16, 2012, 23:40 GMT

    @nampally. Get over it. This is far from an average team the Aussies are putting on the paddock. Your lack of cricketing nous just invites mirth, open BOTH eyes and take in the high quality cricket Australia is displayhing. The younger players you mantioned do not have the experience on these pitches so how are they going to majically perform when the legends struggled?

  • SRT_GENIUS on January 16, 2012, 23:38 GMT

    @wc1992: you do not like Dhoni (which is your taste) and its for all to see that he is a BAD captain overseas in tests. So far so good. But you took your argument over the hill when you say that he plays for hit batting average... I'ld think that's something Dhoni doesn't do, ever. He tries to stay unbeaten coz he wants to ensure that the job is done. Among established players in India, there is only one who is so conscious of personal records (hint: look at my moniker). In international cricket, other than Sachin, I would say Kallis is the other one - but he is surrounded by a good team, so he can afford that luxury.

  • on January 16, 2012, 21:40 GMT

    All Indian fans are so fickle and very short sighted. Few months ago these same players won the World cup and they were heros and Gods. Now most of the young talent can not stay fit for one year and breaks down. Irfan, Praveen Kumar, Pujara and many others. Our bowlers can not stay healthy for one series and the reason is they do not take physical fitness seriously. Look at any sports in USA where most of the sportsmen make millions but after 5-6 month season they stay in constant physical training and stay fit. BCCI needs to monitor all those things instead of just worried about standings. Make sure you have enough rotations and all players in 30-40 players in pool are monitored throughout the year for their physical fitness. Need a professional model and administrative body who take care of all this. We just do fitness test just few days before a series. All young players who are under contract they should be obligated to stay fit. Too much cricket can be used to rotate the players.

  • wc1992 on January 16, 2012, 21:14 GMT

    problem for india a...Dhoni is the most over rated player and captian in the history of game and other player have achieved for more then him. If you have noticed in the last three test noone really talked about him it was all about other player arround him even he is the leader. Only thing they say is that he goes in the shell, which creats the illision that he is very comm and in control. And to be fair it has worked cuze they were mostly playing home so they were al most going to win every thing . But when overses where it really counts that technic did not really worked. Plus captan who promote himself when he knows they are going to win and sitution is easy not when team is really introuble... lastly i have seen number of times to play for not out to get his average high then for team....... he has no place in test team

  • Chris_P on January 16, 2012, 20:39 GMT

    From an outsider's pov, I would say that the turning over of youngsters, at this stage is a band aid solution, at best. The legends have given grand service to Indian cricket, & no doubt a couple have hung around a bit too long, leaving the predictable results. Indian cricket need to address the core issue, i.e. how to play on foreign pitches. When Australia toured in 04/05, they were presented with a fast bouncy pitch at Nagpur, where the Aussie quick men profited. Rather than condemn the curator and berate him in the manner he received, India should have encouraged to keep those pitches going for 2 reasons, 1) For batsmen to learn how to play on pacey bouncing pitches & 2) for bowlers to learn the right length to bowl. Short term pain for long term gain. It has been disappointing to see this great side reduced to the rabble that has surfaced in the recent year, recent memories, unfortunately stay longer than brilliant early ones.

  • aloy on January 16, 2012, 20:28 GMT

    But the biggest question is that who can replace SRT? He's still the best India have. Don't forget he was the top scorer in WC. I think sachin should limit his tendency to flick and thus he can reduce the chance of being LBW in fast pitches, I wonder why he has given up on driving!! Rahul was superb in England. And most of all don't forget, It was youngsters who put up a disgraceful performance in England. Laxman is a great player. You can't be hopeful about youngsters like Raina or Yuvi to succeed in test arena who can't handle short pitched stuffs. Only kohli is an asset. So before eliminating Laxman Dhoni should be eliminated from test squad.

  • on January 16, 2012, 19:55 GMT

    Why is everyone looking for Tendulkar's head? There is no justification in that, as he is still the highest run scorer on the Indian side. Dravid and Laxman have fallen short, by their own standards - but then who else has scored? Kohli perhaps. Sehwag has come a cropper 6 times out of 6. Gambhir has a lone 50+ score. Dhoni has failed, each time. By this token, there should be sweeping changes in the team for the Adelaide test. With Dhoni ruled out of the test, my team would read: Gambhir, Rahane, Kohli, Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma, Sehwag, Saha, Ashwin, Khan, Ojha and Yadav. With the Adelaide wicket possibly aiding the spinners, India would do well to play both the specialist spinners.

  • Nampally on January 16, 2012, 19:28 GMT

    Mr. Dhoni: Never mind about the future phasing out. Please get your troops together for the last test at Adlaide and put up a winning performance. There are still 2 younger guys on the bench - Rahane & Rohi Sharma. Of course Dhoni will be the cheer leader because of the ban. So Sehwag will have to play captain's knock and get this team on winning track. Despite 3 losses, i still feel if India goes in with intensity & Will to win, they can beat this Aussie team.Keep shoulder arming the balls outside the off stump patiently till the seamers are exhausted- say in 4 sessions. Then open your arms & belt them. These are the counter tactics India has to adapt to annul on or outside the off Aussie bowling. Reckless batting has cost India dearly. Learn from this experience and counter their tactics. Yadev, ZAK, Ishant & Ashwin can get the 20 wkts. if they bowl consistently on or outside off. ZAK needs to get the 3 top lefties.India is too strong to go winless against an average Aussie team!

  • Golwala on January 16, 2012, 18:32 GMT

    Problem No. 1-Duncan Fletcher eg. He can't solve the small batting flaws which have crept in Dravid's Defence, Problem No.2-Dhoni as Captain-Pass on the captaincy to Gambhir, Problem No. 3-Sehwag-Has not Played a Single Good Knock in the last 3 Tours of SA,ENG & AUS, Problem No. 4-Laxman-Has not Played a Single Good Knock in the last 3 Tours of SA-Just 1 Knock of 96,ENG & AUS, Problem No. 5-Ishant Sharma-Bowls Very Good Line & Lengths Without Getting Wickets-NO USE & THE BIGGEST PROBLEM-INDIAN PITCHES.

  • on January 16, 2012, 18:23 GMT

    @Philip_Gnana You have the answer...People(even in aus) come to watch Sachin play...because he plays and plays well!!! If he doesn't play well fans would not come..So its obvious that he needn't retire as he is playing well

  • on January 16, 2012, 18:06 GMT

    What many people fail to realise is that we are talking about two different types of cricket here.On the one hand there is entertaining beautiful cricket where the love of the game and the open and the spectators predominate. On the other hand is the need to win at all costs, with the means including brutality and savagery and bullying being inconsequential. One is the love of cricket; the other the love to dominate. Chalk and cheese. Take your pick which approach is better for cricket.

  • Mittaraghava on January 16, 2012, 17:58 GMT

    Among the senir players Dravid and Laxman ,i feel that their reflexes have slowed a few fractions of a seond, resulting in their dismissal for low scores.They have batted successfully in their privious Australian tours against equally and may be better Aussie bowlers,is a proof .Hence they should retire first.Next Sehwag and Dhoni's unorthodox styles of batting ,cannot be encouraged any further ,if they go on playing careless shots and getting out for low scores,inspite of the records they hold.Hence they should be in the next line of target ,to give chance for the juniors.Sachin is the only batsman who played confidently against the Aussies.He still in good form ,he will know when to retire and he should be in the team for atleast 2 years.I think if V.Kohli continues to score well,i will not be surprised if he becomes Indian team captain in 2 years time.

  • Street_Hawk on January 16, 2012, 17:48 GMT

    @Philip_Gnana: I have been watching these tests and I don't know how much you have watched but I'd like to remind you that Sachin even after 20 years is the only batsman who did not look uncomfortable against any bowler unlike Sehwag, Gambhir, Dravid, Laxman, Kohli and Dhoni...Ashwin is the other one who comes closer apart from his weakness against short don't say he is in there for commercial reasons...he has played couple of good innings but unluckily has not been able to convert them to a hundred...It's not that we keep him in the team for commercial reason but WHAT IS UNFORTUNATE IS THAT EVEN AFTER TWO DECADES HE IS THE BEST BATSMAN WE HAVE..TELLS YOU SOMETHING ABOUT HIM

  • Tribez on January 16, 2012, 17:12 GMT

    It's high time for the 3 oldies to make way for the new blood...they have played enough for any age.There should not be any phase out in parts all of them should be asked to leave.What is the point in keeping them when any of them can't score or atleast try to avoid embarrassing defeats what happens with them abroad.Time for big change & for good. Look at the Pakistanis they all have young blood in their team but BCCI doesn't see that all..People out there enough is enough. Please & please bring young, talented & deserving guys in the team rather than keeping oldies who can't deliver

  • Nampally on January 16, 2012, 17:07 GMT

    Dhoni said " very important to have right mixture at the right time". If he means what he says why did he deprive Rohit Sharma of his chance when he was at his peak form before the first test started? It would have made tremendous difference to the series. When the players are not performing, change the mix. Why are Rahane & Rohit warming the bench when the batting is failing? Is it the "right mix"? Every player has to retire when he is getting older & cannot perform @ peak. This is the career Norm applies to any job - incl. Cricket. Blaming the seniors alone is not right. Younger guys Gambhir, Sehwag, Dhoni performed worse than Fab 3. Even Kohli failed till the Perth test.Amongst the younger guys Ashwin batted very well. Batting & Bowling was inconsistent, lacked intensity & Will to win. When you play like Losers,You Lose. That is the sum total of the series.An average Aussie team with no star bowlers beat India by sheer intensity.Mental attitude & keenness is key to any Victory.

  • RAAJ101 on January 16, 2012, 17:01 GMT


  • knan on January 16, 2012, 17:00 GMT

    This series should be the last for Laxman and Sehwag . While Laxman's reflexes have definitely slowed down, Sehwag has shown himself to be a flat-track bully who is completely out of sorts in alien conditions. Even SRT and Dravid should be close to their retirement , with no major tours coming up this year. It is time to blood youngsters in the friendly pitches at home, instead of allowing the seniors to find form again. Since Dhoni seems to be preferring T20 and ODI matches, he should also give way to others. Make Gambhir the captain and let him find form in the home series coming up. For the Adelaide test, drop VVS , Vinay and Ishant and play Rohit, Ashwin and Ojha. Let Dravid or Saha open the batting with Gambhir and push Sehwag down the order. VVS should announce his retirement to avoid the embarrasment of being dropped.

  • on January 16, 2012, 16:58 GMT

    1999. Sachin was the Captain. Azhar had led th team to defeats and scandals. Enter Saurav - a small man to take on the might of Hayden, Symonds, Gilly, Gilepsie, McGrath, Lee, etc. the Indian team for the first time got an unorthodox opener - Shewag. Players from different states. There was only one intent - to do well. This was followed by a 5 year period of conquests. Ind scaled WI, beat SL, beat Pak, beat Eng, held their own in Aus. SA tour was not bad too. WC final etc...Then Greg Chappel spoiled it all. Ind got Dhoni, an even better skipper. Ind won and did better. We cant forget the past. The current trend after the WC win is what needs to be studied. Struggles against the WI. Losses against Eng and Aus. Possibly the players are going thru burn out. This is tough to understand but passion is killing them! Most seem to lack the focus and desperation needed. They are comitted no doubt but something is lacking - is it lack of fear of failure for the seniors? It is upto the players!

  • on January 16, 2012, 16:57 GMT

    Why only VVS? In that case Dravid,Sachin,Viru and Gambhir are not playing well to, also the lead Dhoni is also in the queue. If they give way to juniors they too can score the number of runs what they did this series but they will get the experience what they needed for future instead of waiting for some one to step down and give way.

    Ganguly was out of team for same reasons but no one questioned why the others stayed back and got opportunities. Dont forget he was the one who lead the indian Juniors team to the world cup Finals in south africa and not in India...

  • bumsonseats on January 16, 2012, 16:55 GMT

    cricketcrazzychick indian team at the moment with vvs rsd and srt is already nightmarish. get used to pain. dpk

  • Biophysicist on January 16, 2012, 16:43 GMT

    @Lara4life501 and others who say that the much 'vaunted' Indian batting line up (except Tendulkar) are flat track bullies: please note that Rahul Dravid averages 53.59 abroad and 52.62 overall, has 36 centuries and 21 of them came in away tests (and only 4 of them in Zimbabwe and Bangladesh combined), has scored at least one century in every test playing nation; note also that VVS Laxman scored 4961 runs (out of his 8728 runs) which is more than 50% of the runs scored by him in away tests and 9 of his 17 centuries were scored in away tests. Please get your facts right before making sweeping statements! These guys may have failed so far in this series, but they are the people who were responsible for India away wins in the first decade of this century. Give them thier due and let them leave the test scene gracefully.

  • Pro-CricketXpert on January 16, 2012, 16:36 GMT

    Pity on narrow minded indians talking to phase out DHONI.How come so soon they could forget his contribution to indian cricket. He still plays with one hell of an average 51 in ODI and........ yeah 37 in test (which is quite an average for a wicket keeper batsman coming in at no. 7).So think mentally about who is HERO and who is ZERO

  • SamRoy on January 16, 2012, 16:34 GMT

    @NALINWIJ why the hell do you want Dravid to play at the age of 40 and Tendulkar at the age of 42? Kick them out of the team. With these ageing players building a team will be a hindrance.

  • on January 16, 2012, 16:15 GMT

    Looks like senior bashing has become a fashion, particularly SRT bashing. This inspite his being the highest run scorer in the series so far. I think SRT should opt out. The country doesn,t deserve him.

  • on January 16, 2012, 16:10 GMT

    i think the world has forgotton dhoni's services as a player and specially as a captain for India, I am a Pakistani and no offense but before 2005 when there was a india pakistan match we were not even a least bit worried that India can beat or even compete with Pakistan, but when Dhoni came he gave India a new mindset, hope that they can be the best and then he made them world t20 champs, then took them on the number 1 spot of test rankings plus the world cup in 2011. He made indian team a sort of a team that can beat any side on their day and it is a shame that people here are talking about him retiring, He has pleanty of cricket left in him bad patches come i a sportsmen career , and i think he should not be disrespected like that, India need to improve their bowling that's it and get rid of Sachin, Laxman, dravid and sehwag already they have played enough. The main problem is their bowling trust me these bowlers are a disrespect on the face of cricket!!

  • Vijay0212 on January 16, 2012, 16:02 GMT

    Selectors have been asked questions to phase out these cricketers which Includes, Laxman, Dravid and Shewag... is there anyone ready to stake their claim and cement their place in the current slot... If you can recall things back in 1996 onwards players like dravid,ganguly and laxman cemented their places in place of sidhu's,manjraker,kambli etc I have been hearing names like mukund,Yuvraj,Murali Vijay,Tiwari,Rahane, etc etc Are they ready ???? at least we are losing the series abroad (which shouldn't have happened).. if all of them are replaced at once,we might loose series at home too...

  • Vijay0212 on January 16, 2012, 16:01 GMT

    Why Sachin's credibility is not questioned when he hasn't scored a century for almost an year now, going by his stature of greatness & standards set by him,it is still considered a average performance by the little man. has no one got the courage to ask for his head ???? considering everyone has made to retire from ODI's, why is he the exception ???? Now he has world cup under his belt. what's stopping him.. Oh may be 50th ODI ton :-)

  • A_prabhakar on January 16, 2012, 15:54 GMT

    i think its very easy to blame someone if u have promise then come up and show ur talent don't blame ur senior's only, its a test match if Ashwin can make runs after comes on no 8 slot y u can not. either do something or keep quit

  • weluvit09 on January 16, 2012, 15:46 GMT

    whoever is saying people like Tendulkar and even Dravid for that matter should be dropped should really think again about these two players, in particular Tendulkar. Tendulkar ok did'nt live up to the tendulkar we all know and love, but he is still scoring runs, he has been palying some brillaint cricket recently, so why would you drop him? youngsters can come in yes, but dropping tendulkar because he is 'too old' is the worst excuse ever.

    Philip_Gnana - honestly mate, 'go out a long time ago' look at his recent scores, and the fact you have the audacity to say he is there for only marketing is a joke. This guy brings joys to people eyes when he plays, he scores run and im sure you ask fellow crickets that they would not like to see him retire at all.

  • on January 16, 2012, 15:35 GMT

    Haha India are going down and they are going to go down hard. If you thought your side had hit rock bottom think again because with an ancient middle order and the incessant desire to keep selecting Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman instead of telling them to go off and retire so then someone else can have a go you've now got three middle order players all 37 years or older who will have to retire at some point and no modicum of a succession plan. Well done BCCI in your desire to keep chasing the dollar you've just set your test side back 5 years. By the way N Srinivasan if you think that anyone is going to take an Indian side that can only win at home seriously think again because last I checked test sides were vaunted for winning series at home AND away.

  • maxatt on January 16, 2012, 15:32 GMT

    Dhoni has lost even one day match skills and he is not the right to be in field. i do like ashwin rather, he contributed with atleast 30 + Runs in each eanning

  • on January 16, 2012, 15:25 GMT

    @Lara4life501: I agree with most that you've said.Although i really feel the current England team is not even close to being in the league you mentioned(they got hammered in india).yes the seniors need to be let go.The new breed of players are hard workers(besides being talented).I am sure if the selectors, for once stop thinking about the money they make and show some spine, Indian cricket has enough youngsters to make to that league in no time.

  • Al_Bundy1 on January 16, 2012, 15:06 GMT

    Obviously LAX is the first senior that needs to go. 10dulkar is the second senior that needs to go. He is the epitome of selfishness. He and his fans are holding the Indian team hostage for his 100th ton. They don't care if India loses each and every match. Please drop Sehwag for all tours outside the subcontinent. He can be our designated Flat Track Bully on Indian pitches. The selection committee should be sacked immediately for back-to-back whitewash.

  • on January 16, 2012, 14:58 GMT

    Dhoni needs to quit test captaincy, he hasn't been imaginative at all in the field, and he sucks as a test batsman. Also, it is time to let go of the 3 seniors now, I think Sachin should go first and make an example of sacrificing his love for the game for the greater good of Team India, He has been easily the best Indian batsman for India on this tour, but even that is an average performance compared to Aussie batsmen. I think Sachin and Dravid should not be playing in the next test series which is 8 months from now.

  • Crazy4cricket40 on January 16, 2012, 14:42 GMT

    ZAHEER KHAN should be a CAPTAIN. Sehwag, ishant, dhoni and may be gambhir needs to be drop from THE test side. Time for Laxman to retire, istead of getting humilated like ganguly. No doubt he was a hero for years. Although Sachin is a great player(skill, technique and temparment, footwaork or whatever) but he is a biggest selfish. worries only about his centuries. I would NOT be surprised if he calls it off as soon as he gets 100th century. As thats what he wants after all.

  • vjyK on January 16, 2012, 14:28 GMT

    The fab3 had a chance to bid adieu when on high. I m not sure if they will be in such good form when they were playing in India for the past 2 years. Ofcourse, one more oversees test and we are back to home but was this humiliation required after playing for around 15-20 years and considered legends! Players like Rohit, Pujara, Virat et al should be given enough chances before they can settle down in the team. Nothing can be said about our bowling. Zak is also over-rated. He performs in bits n pieces with more injuries. Ishanth is BS. Vinay in test team? That explains the condition of indian cricket.

  • on January 16, 2012, 14:08 GMT

    It's true that both Dravid & Laxman have had a very average series so far...But Laxman still has a lot of cricket left in him... He can't be thrown out because of One poor series...He has been India's crisis management expert in the last decade...It wud be a very bad decision to get rid of a legend like Laxman...Remember what happened to Dravid 2 years back...He was having the same problem-a dip in form...But he was able to come back to form and bat well against England...

    In the present team, there are 2 players(Gambhir, Dhoni) who have played much worse than Laxman...It's high time they find a replacement for Gambhir...He has failed miserably in the last 3 test series...Manoj tiwary shud be given a chance...

  • OzWally on January 16, 2012, 14:07 GMT

    I don't see the BCCI having the guts to drop the big 3 (Sehwag or Dhoni either for that matter), it will have to come from them individually by announcing their retirements. How else do you explain Tendulkar being ADDED to the one day side. Surely this is the venue to gain some experience for the younger guys. Is the purely artificial allure of that 100th 100 that great?

  • jeevan on January 16, 2012, 14:03 GMT

    From the next test @ Adelaide, we should start the rebuilding. The XI should be: 1.GAMBHIR 2.RAHANE 3.KOHLI 4.TENDULKAR 5.SEHWAG(C) 6.R SHARMA 7. SAHA(W) 8.ASHWIN 9.ZAHEER 10.OIHA 11.YADAV

  • itz_jus_a_game on January 16, 2012, 14:02 GMT

    They blame the pitch and all other factors except their commitment.The amount of money they get and BCCI spends ..they can get any soil from the world to INDIA.The basic thing required to play and win is DESIRE.If money comes into picture,then you are gone .Stop blaming the seniors and all other stuff .Have some commitment and Desire.You will win.

  • Philip_Gnana on January 16, 2012, 13:50 GMT

    100 one hundreds. Is that is all that they are looking for in SRT? SRT should have had the grace to bow out gracefully long time ago and give the youngsters a chance. But, Alas. It is not cricket. It is pure marketing to have him in the team. Fans do not come to watch India but SRT. This is a proven fact. On that grounds alone BCCI will stand to lose billions of rupees. Money rules as always. Philip Gnana, Surrey

  • on January 16, 2012, 13:50 GMT

    I'm sure there are better wicketkeeper/batsmen in India than Dhoni. It is time to start the rebuilding process. Most of the players on the current roster need to go. As for Sachin,I expect him to retire after he gets that elusive ton.

  • MOHDsarfaraz on January 16, 2012, 13:37 GMT

    he and selectors must think about vvs,he is not performing as we know,just give a chance to rohit sharma in place of him,dhoni is also not performing either as a captain or as a batsman,test is much more important than oneday,give him a chance to play under captaincy of GAMBHIR or shewag,let him play without presser,,

  • Lara4life501 on January 16, 2012, 13:33 GMT

    Some of you Indian fans need to LET GO!!! Sehwag,Dravid,Tendulkar,Laxman are all coming to the end of there careers, even Sachin is having a very poor series. We all know this much 'vaunted' batting line up, are nothing but flat track bullies...a large percentage of there records (excluding Tendulkar) have come from plundering weak bowling attacks in India. It makes me sick when I see people write 'oh well, once we play some lesser teams in India and make a pile of runs all will be forgotten' dont you get it? The great teams will always be remebered for being able to do it at home and abroad, West Indies of the 80's through till the 90's, Australia from the 90's through to the 00's, the current Eng team a forging a reputation of being a great side,the current Indian side will be remebered for being a team of great individuals who could never do it as a group, a shameful legacy for a group of players so talented.

  • NALINWIJ on January 16, 2012, 13:31 GMT

    India will not regain world no1 position till the new batsmen are blooded and the bowlers step up and fielding picks up. In contrast the older AUS players have a few years left and the available young talent is limited, India has tremendous young talent esp. Kohli, Sharma and Pujara. I feel the time frame should be Rohit replacing Laxman now and Pujara replacing Dravid by 2013 and Tendulkar to remain predominantly a test player and retiring when he is ready and possibly by 2015 world cup

  • on January 16, 2012, 13:31 GMT

    Misleading Heading sign of Populist journalism

  • cricketcrazzychick on January 16, 2012, 13:29 GMT

    Indian team widout VVS,RSD and SRT sounds nightmariish :(. Can't bear to even think bout it!!

  • LuvThyGame on January 16, 2012, 13:27 GMT

    quite a lot of changes are required... Sehwag has to be dropped for lack of motivation, it seems he wants ot be in Delhi with his wife and family ...VVS and Dravid for old age, lack of concentration, lack of physical ability to score runs and stay at the crease for long hours.. Dhoni for sheer lack of Test match skills...

  • sheezan on January 16, 2012, 13:26 GMT

    Australia Deserve To Win The Test Series With 4-0 The Main Problem For Batting Failure Is India Habituated Now Playing In Sub Continent Batting Pitches. First They Wants To Prepare The Pitches Likes Australia,Southafrica,England, Fast And Bouncy Tracks.

  • bapiojah on January 16, 2012, 13:16 GMT

    Dhoni should first think about phasing HIMSELF out of the test squad as he hardly contributes with the bat......

  • big_al_81 on January 16, 2012, 13:15 GMT

    I've seen a lot of sensible comments about young Indian batsmen going to England to hone their skills against the seaming ball. It's good but it's never going to happen until someone pays them to do it. They wont make anywhere near as much from doing that as they will in the IPL but they learn nothing of any use in that ridicualous bloated cash cow of a tournament. Maybe the BCCI/IPL should guarantee them a similar financial return for a selected few players to go to England or Australia and play county cricket or grade cricket. It would do them the world of good. And while we're at it, the bowling needs solving too so why not select 5 of each, bowlers and batsmen. Sachin spent some time in County cricket and he has a very handy record around the world!

  • afzalhyderabadi on January 16, 2012, 13:09 GMT

    Wow!! it is totally ridiculous to say that LAXMAN is the only player responsible for India's performance in Australia (or may be it is appearing so by the media reports). But the fact is all the Indian batsmen are not performing well, it is total bating failure of inidan team, not just LAXMAN. If anybody is suggesting to drop laxman on the basis of his age, than i think the first to go will be dravid followed by sachin then comes laxman in descending order of their age. as the two other senior players are also not performing to their expectations, and sachin can make his 100th ton in the ODI'S also, and i hope he should make not only 100th 100 but also 50th 100 in ODI's and 20,000 odi runs. So, in this way he should think about his retirement from atleast tests.

  • atuljain1969 on January 16, 2012, 12:42 GMT

    India after reaching the top in both One day world cup and Test rankings , is now destined towards going down.

    More importantly India perform well, when there is hardly any expectations from the Team. The moment you start expecting big, they disappoint you. Just remember wORL CUP held in South aFRICA.N , WEST INDIES AND india.

  • 200ondebut on January 16, 2012, 12:41 GMT

    Dhoni has been banned from the last test 'cos of slow over rates - so a chance for someone to shine. It must be hard to get through them quickly when you're having to keep fetching the ball from the stands. Lol.

  • on January 16, 2012, 12:34 GMT

    poor kids ,,,, they are just like jackal outside the india..

  • on January 16, 2012, 12:17 GMT

    Dhoni is right the first Tendulkar, Sehwag, Dravid, Laxman, out to do In three formats; Then the team will be well Ipl feed them,

  • on January 16, 2012, 12:08 GMT

    Tendulkar is a great player, undoubtly. But how many times he could play a good innings when India was in danger? How many times he could single handedly drive India India out of danger? History says that person was Sunil Gavasker. Test Cricket is the only form of Cricket which determines the class and quality of a batsman not one day Cricket or 20-twenty. Though Gavaskar did not score too many runs in one day Cricket but showed his class, temperament and skill in Test matches. There were too many examples when he single handedly to drove India out of danger. He faced the bolars like Robarts, Garnar, Holding, Lilly, Tomson, Marsal. But Tendulkar never faced the bolowers of that quality excet the bowers like Soiab Akhtar or Breit Lee who were by no means of same quality of Robarts, Garnar, Holding, Lilly etc. If BHARATRATNA award is decided to be given to a Cricketer then it should be awarded to one and only Sunil Gavaskar but not to Tendulkar.

  • on January 16, 2012, 11:44 GMT

    Sachin Tendulkar is not eligible for Bharat Ratna: His Highness Group Captain Sachin Tendulkar (Indian Air Force) is not eligible for "Bharat Ratna" - Designated as India's Highest Civilian Award for a simple reason that he is not a Civilian. Mr.Sachin Tendulkar was also the first Indian to have been conferred the Honorary Group Captain of Indian Air Force with no aviation background on June 23, 2010. Hence the change in rules may not help him receive the Prestigious Award. However, he can still stake a claim for Param Veer Chakra (India's Highest Military Honor).

  • on January 16, 2012, 11:44 GMT

    Has Dhoni given any thought to phasing himself out.

  • on January 16, 2012, 11:42 GMT

    Remove this Dhoni first, before making any change.... others in the team deserve a chance... this guy is a worst captain

  • on January 16, 2012, 11:34 GMT

    Fans are genarally very favorable to Tendulkar, the so called greatest batsman in the game. People are prasing him by the no.of centuries scored by him in Test cricket. The most uncharitable comments are reserved for the removal of the seniors like VVS Laxman & now Dravid for ousting from the team. But not for Tendulkar. Why? Because he has to score his 100th international hundred. Team India has to win and not for some individual attaining a stastical achievement. Tendulkar, if he is the greatest should have rescued India and carried the Team both in England and Australia. But he never comes off in a crisis, Fails more often in a critical situation. Why people are extremely biased in favor of Tendulkar. Has he made any "outstanding contribution" as a team member, the way, Steve Waugh did for Australia or Gavaskar for India. What is the value of his talent/greatness if he cannot single handedly fight for the team. Further, why did he run away from Captaincy & responsibiityl

  • on January 16, 2012, 11:30 GMT

    M S Dhoni has started ringing the bells of a process that should have been embaked much, but due to World Cup glory and test status everything was put on back burner. The reality has now to come to begin the process in a managed and also involve coach Duncan Fletcher who saw the transformation of England Team to what it is today. Please be patient, it might be a painful process but it needs to be carefully thought out not just rash decisions. Success comes through consistency not flashes in the pan.

  • SpadeaSpade on January 16, 2012, 11:26 GMT

    drop Kholi and bring back Ganguly drop Gambir and bring back gavasker He could lead the world with the oldest test team in history How about Srinnath he must be well rested and ready for a roll again

  • Fanatic_cricko on January 16, 2012, 11:23 GMT

    A 4-0 drubbing may reduce Dada giri. This is required.

  • on January 16, 2012, 11:18 GMT

    I Agree that Sewag, Dravid, Laxman & Tendulkar need to retire & give chance to others....

  • rnarayan on January 16, 2012, 11:16 GMT

    I've read a lot about how India collapsed twice on a Perth track Ganguly among others said was very good for batting. Take out Warner, (who, like Sehwag, makes conditions irrelevant) and you have 29 wickets for 530 runs! That's a good batting surface?? And while the bowlers did well, they are not exactly the kind to give batsmen sllepless nights. Yet, Indias batsmen failed, and Marsh, Ponting, Clarke and Hussey didn't exactly excel, in home conditions!

  • stark-truth on January 16, 2012, 11:06 GMT

    I'm afraid Dhoni by trying tactfully to deflect attention for recrimnation towards the senior players, has confirmed and validated the previously-considered "rumor" that there are problems and issues in the Indian Dressing Room.

  • on January 16, 2012, 11:01 GMT

    tendulkar iz just playing 4 his century nt 4 da team n laxman should also b drooped no body in the indian team is playing 4 the country like tendulkar,sehwag,gambhir n laxman iz out of nick so just kohli,dhoni,dravid can't do by themselves n in bowling zaheer n nw yadav is troubling the aussies a litle bit

  • on January 16, 2012, 10:47 GMT

    Need of all types of pitches in India, so that the talents are not wasted just for the sake of home records.

    Only then , it is reasonalble to criticize the leadership, talents and abroad performances.

    Guess most of you agree to this

  • master2 on January 16, 2012, 10:39 GMT

    Dhoni is talking

  • jonesy2 on January 16, 2012, 10:31 GMT

    if india want to be a powerhouse cricketing team they need to completely change their attitudes and forget about winning at home and start only worrying about winning away. first step is to drop laxman, dravid, tendulkar, gambhir and maybe sehwag. get all up and coming batsmen to play cricket in foreign countries.

  • on January 16, 2012, 10:30 GMT

    india should get rid of dravid,laxman,sachin,sewag and dhoni and bring back new faces such as kholi

  • kingcobra85 on January 16, 2012, 10:29 GMT

    Gambhir (Capt),Rahane, Mukund, Rohit , Kohli, Manoj, D kartik (WK), Irfan, Ashwin, Aaron, Yadav, Zaheer should be the Indian team

  • on January 16, 2012, 10:28 GMT

    In this Australian tour, both Dravid and Laxman have had a poor run...But Laxman needs to be given more time and he still has a lot of cricket left in him...Before 2 years, people were talking the same stuff about Dravid and were telling that his career is over...But soon, he came back to form and played well against England...Similarly, Laxman shud also be given more time...He has been India's Crisis management man all these years...It would be a very immature decision to drop a legend like Laxman...

  • on January 16, 2012, 10:15 GMT

    @Zahidsaltin agreed. this is a battle between spin/medium fast and pure fast accurate bowling. Aussies don't hv any specialized spinners yet like swan/england. that's their weakest part. indians knows it well. when aussies will visit india, BCCI will make it sure to hv flat spinning wickets to take revenge. will they visit this year?

  • Wacco on January 16, 2012, 10:10 GMT

    If I follow Dhoni's methods of captaincy - he will want to follow the same technique if he is charge of phasing out seniors. The process wiill be - he will sit down, relax, then think about phasing out - again some vacations, come back and again sit down and think about phasing out - ultimately, while doing so he himself will be out, i suppose. The theory of PERSON bigger than the cause has let India down. I am convinced India will follow the same path as The WI is going through - long and arduous. In a few years they will be thrashed on their home soil as well.

  • on January 16, 2012, 10:10 GMT

    Dhoni shd be indian spokesman in parliment to defend oopsition against govt,wat a terrible sposkman he is who always repeat match stats but never express the reason and solution someone shd not be so politicise in cricket ,atelast need to show sportsman ship by expressing guilty feeling regrding defeat,he shd quite cricket as early as possible and BCCI needs to find new spokesman now who can defand GOVT in front of oppositon...This is what BCCI celebier is...

  • IvorVaz on January 16, 2012, 9:51 GMT

    After the ignominy of losing 7 straight overseas Tests (4 by an innings), the time has come to chuck out sentiment and ring in the changes. Surely, Dhoni can't be persisted with in Tests; his technique stands naked on seaming wickets. That would also necessitate appointing a new captain, and Gambhir, despite his failures, looks to be the only candidate. Personally, I'd opt for Kohli (at least he must be made VC). Despite his relative lack of experience, he's the only one likely to hold his place in the conceivable future. And he must bat at No. 3. Bring Rohit Sharma in for Laxman. Yuvraj, when fit, must be given another go. Maybe we should gamble on someone like Robin Uthappa to open in Tests. It might be an outlandish move, but like Sehwag, he is also an impact player (with the better technique), and it might prove a masterstroke. If India wishes to be competitive in Tests overseas, they certainly aren't going to do without some serious axe wielding. And it must begin in Adelaide NOW.

  • MaksoodChaiwalla on January 16, 2012, 9:50 GMT

    BCCI should come up with atleast two teams. Namely India A and India B or name it whatever they like. Pack these team up with all the promising youngsters and send them on long tours to England, Australia & South Africa. Appoint modern day coaches to guide the teams throughout the tours. All the players from the two teams must be exempted from IPL or any form of 20/20 cricket. They should purely be involved in 4 day tour games and one dayers. Selection to the Indian National team should be based on performances on the tours. PLEASE BAN IPL.

  • on January 16, 2012, 9:49 GMT

    i think laxman and dhoni should be dropped in the next series... dinesh kathik should be the keeper.. he can open the batting with gambhir.... dravid can come at 1 down... kohli at no.4 position.... sachin at 5....rohit sharma at 6.... sehwag/yusuf/ irfan pathan at 7... ashwin at 8... ojha at 9(home series)... yadav/ishant and zak make rest of the team...

  • naeemhussain on January 16, 2012, 9:49 GMT

    Indian performance shows that they do not have any bench power that is why they keep depending on seniors despite their disappointing performance. There is no noticeable new talent coming up in such a huge country.All the youngsters India has tried so far failed badly.

  • n_jraman on January 16, 2012, 9:49 GMT

    The problem is indian cricket is that we dont have good bowling attack to backup the batting slump..take SA only 3 ppl score runs kallis,amla delivers..prince,boucher and smith are failures..they have good bowling which make up so that they are not shown up..AUS..only ponting,hussey clarke and some good seam bowlers....eng seems to be best of the lot as they have we indians lack in both aspects we are shown up..if our batting has clicked we would be a different team...ppl can say india cant play seam..but same applies to them when they cant handle spin in sub-contienet..Sri ind have task cut out when there veterans run out..but i see these two gainst coming well in future as i dont see any overseas player(young one ) performing outside their soil currently as veterans play ...

  • on January 16, 2012, 9:39 GMT

    First off all Dhoni should see himself before saying to others what's his performance Dhoni should get out before he said to be out thats better for him and i think VVS LAXMAN is much more Exprience that Dhoni and Kohli

  • Abdurrazaaq on January 16, 2012, 9:36 GMT

    I doubt letting go of old players and giving the young guns a chance would do India any good, because that is NOT the core of the problem. The problem is that Indian players cant play outside their country. Period. Even the new players are so accustomed to the low and slow conditions that when they play in South Africa or England or Australia, then they fail miserably!

  • Dorababu743 on January 16, 2012, 9:32 GMT

    What about the bowling unit, our bowlers didn't have consistency. Of-course the batting unit failed but when the opposition bowlers bowling with much consistency, line and length what our bowling unit doing. No one maintained consistent line and length.

  • Cut-Shot on January 16, 2012, 9:29 GMT


  • on January 16, 2012, 9:21 GMT

    Now a big gap between the 3rd and 4th test..Come on India you guys can destress at a strip bar in Australia...LOL

  • on January 16, 2012, 9:18 GMT

    Time to get my two cents. India is just not loosing but loosing badly. In fact most of the spectators care for tendulker century than for India to win. It is time for the "Nanay" "Daday" to retire. India needs new blood.

  • subratachakrabarty on January 16, 2012, 9:12 GMT

    Seems like Dhoni is also doing the same thing which Ganguly did way back in early 2000. But I was surprised that this decision came so late in Mahi's mind. You seriously need a revamp. U see, Oz never lost a test series once they become World champions. 16 straight win record in test, remember? I am disappointed with Shewag in particular. Laxman lost his touch, I believe. No more cricket left in him. Drqavid is still good, but now its easy for young bowlers to get pass through the wall. Sachin, believe me or not, did not perform to his caliber. Gambhir and Kohli were in the same league. Petty performance here & there. No good thing to really cherish upon afa this present series is concerned. I guess, Team India should come back. They are good in their own backyard, that too, not confidently. Indians loose in their backyard as well.

  • on January 16, 2012, 9:10 GMT

    Harsh but True evn M S Dhoni should Shown the door in Test Cricket.In ODI his limitaion not exposed but in Test Cricket specially these away series his Technique is Fragile and thats even effect his Captaincy.Till this period he have done Extremely better and not many have acheived What he in his captaincy achieved but the time has came if we wants to look on future the Tough decission has to be made

  • SomersetJord on January 16, 2012, 8:57 GMT

    Crikey guys, don't get so down on yourselves! (and whoever said the world cup was won by chance wasn't watching the same tournament as me, as I saw the best ODI side in the competition win it) India are having a nightmare away from home at the moment that's true, Dhoni is lacking confidence but he's still brought far more success to India than had been around before his arrival. Are you kidding when you say Sehwag should be dropped? I hope so as he's only about 31, and whilst going through a lean patch is still incredibly good. Laxman does have to go, and Sharma should come in for him, but the truth is that just like England & Australia have recently had almost their entire teams in really good form the reverse is happening to India, they are not suddenly a terrible team they just have lots of players in bad form - don't forget that form is temporary but class is permanent. (Of course as an England fan I hope England's form is permanent but I know I'm dreaming!) Just don't be too hasty

  • on January 16, 2012, 8:53 GMT

    Test Aggreagates over tests played in 2011-12 (matches: runs)

    Dravid 14: 1218 Tendulkar 11:900 Laxman 14:872 2990 (total)

    Gambhir 10:598 Dhoni 14:584 Sehwag 9:428 Kohli 7:353 Raina 7:337 Ashwin 5:264 Mukund 5:211 Harbhajan 6:196 2971 (total)

    Need we say more?

  • seek.cricinfo on January 16, 2012, 8:25 GMT

    Why not start from the openers Viru and Gautam gambhir, Laxman and may be the captain as well. Not to forget the bowlers as well. Mind you Indian attack was like a toothless snake in the tests. But the problem is do you have someone on the bench better than these batsmen and bowlers. Perhaps not. I thinks the problem is somewhere else

  • Nepali_Boy on January 16, 2012, 8:21 GMT

    Dhoni should be dropped from test team ASAP. He is good on T20 and ODIs. I have faith on everyone else but due to ageing first Laxman should retire without dropping him, then dravid same. Tendulkar is still playing like dream to me. Everyone getting out around him is affecting. Tendulkar also looks young on the field. Great man should retire whenever he feels he should.

  • soumyas on January 16, 2012, 8:17 GMT

    Dhoni himself not fit for tests. how can he comment on seniors? and why everyone talks abt dravid...he has scorred well in england, and in australia he has scorred atleast 60's,50's and 40's...wher as tendulkar only behind 100th century and getting out early, he spoiled a test by getting out at 80's...his record chasing is hurting india... what abt other batsmen ? sehwag,gambhir they have also failed miserably in last 7 tests, so why they drop dravid suddenly when loss is due to the whole batting failure...infact he has done better than any other batsmen in last 7 Overseas TESTS...

  • Dolci on January 16, 2012, 8:17 GMT

    How can you blame the seniors. If the Aussie batting lineup faced the same bowling that the seniors faced then they would be in the same position.

    The capatain has togo - Dhoni is no good.

    Sure the so called great indian batting lineup has never been as good abroad than they are at home, however they are still very good. So dont be so quick to dimiss them.

    What are the chances of Dravid, Laxman, Ghambir & Tendulkar all being past it at exactly the same time ?. Credit should be given to the Aus bowlers.

  • ks24funda on January 16, 2012, 8:12 GMT

    Sehwag ,Dhoni should be dropped immediately if we are playing on abroad and green pitches . SRT can be captain for tests till 2 ,3 years more and make leave IPL . IPL even should be scrapped .

  • on January 16, 2012, 8:07 GMT

    This is the problem with Indian fans and commentators. When India won the world cup they told IPL was the reason to find new players. Now when they had two bad series then they say same IPL is responsible.Who ll replace 3 senior players???Do you have any choices??? Who played well in the England tour 2011 did any youngster perform???? Are only dravid,laxman and tendulkar are paid or playing for the nation??? what about others??? Just think what they have done for the Indian cricket team. Where were you when Ganguly was sacked???

  • RahulWise on January 16, 2012, 7:48 GMT

    First Dhoni shd step down. What is his contribution in england and aus? What abt sehawag and gambhir? They are completly unreliable. Gambhir did not score since ages.

    If we ahve to phase out, first start with openers, dohni then lakshman in tests. Let others play around Dravid and Tendulkar. By one year phase out Dravid and tendulkar also, even if tendulkar do not score his 100th ton in next one year.

    With their technique young players can not play in indian conditions also if the bowling is good.

  • sabee66 on January 16, 2012, 7:48 GMT

    what a time India can play only in "HOME" and Pakistan can play only "AWAY"

    ha ha ha

  • Doogius on January 16, 2012, 7:45 GMT

    1stly, I think what everyone is seeing is the technical issues coming from playing on roads and 20/20 all the time. When your young, you can make it up with handspeed but as you get over 30, the eyes and hands slow down. Sachins quality technique helps with the slowing down but the rest are showing their age. Indias gone in this series, may as well let the golden era retire with one last innings in Adelaide. Bring in Sharma for Dhoni, Ashwin (batting wise) for VK and you bat to no 8 ( in theory :)) on Ozs best batting pitch. Regardless, VVS and Rahul, from an ozzy - respect :)

  • dockhaul4 on January 16, 2012, 7:39 GMT

    India's batting worries are never that much of a problem as their bowling problems are.batsmen started failing just recently collectively otherwise they are the main reason for India to be where they were an year back. its their bowling that's a bigger problem. after Kumble they haven't found a decent spinner to lead the attack from front and make other teams fear of him. mostly team India has a lead strike bowler but others never settle along to make a team of attacking bowlers to trouble other teams from either ends. it was Kapil Dev , then Srinath and now Zaheer who can destroy other teams on a given day but have no company to keep the same pressure from the other end.why they can't find long term genuine fast bowlers who are like long race horses out of a country of more than a billion? its the fault of the board and selectors to find the talent as i don't think there isn't any. system is to blamed.

  • on January 16, 2012, 7:37 GMT

    Dhoni is a pretty brave captain, when in another press conference, he took the blame all upon himself. Dhoni according to me is a thinking captain and he is a guy who will be the first one to understand that he is also one of the main reasons for the loss and will look at focussing more on one-day cricket and shorter formats, which is his forte. Pl. remember a captain is only as good as his team. Sehwag, Gambhir, Raina, Yuvraj have failed majorly abroad under Dhoni. Same, Sehwag, Yuvi, Bhajji, were in their peak under Ganguly and Kumble, when India were performing really well abroad.

  • Jawaidnazir on January 16, 2012, 7:31 GMT

    Are they world champion? I don't believe, do you?

  • green1234 on January 16, 2012, 7:27 GMT

    MSD won the world cup 2011 as he had good team. 80% he had luck to win matches. But he is not a effective player for the team. I guarantee as a one day & 20-20 batsman he can do more. He is not a good captain for India. When 3-4 senior player retirement will effect in such a big way to India mostly in test cricket.

  • on January 16, 2012, 7:14 GMT

    If DRS SYSTEM was on India could have won it because lot of decision went against them.Pls support the DRS system BCCI. Secondly Indians are Great performers in India.Outside india record is very Sorry tale.

  • Sarfin on January 16, 2012, 7:12 GMT

    If India were visiting without Sachin, Dravid, VVS, still the result would be same (or worse) and fans would have asked the head of selectors for dropping the big3. Even now, some fans are wishing a comeback of Ganguly! Ridiculous!!! Last year Dravid was the best batsman with 3 tons in England. The next away tour: failed and asked to retire with "dignity"! Ok, lets drop the them. Sachin and Dravid were not at their best. So, bring some new blood. Same goes to VVS, Viru, Gamvir, Dhoni...Hold on! That's your whole batting line up. They were more pathetic than Dravid and Sachin. So, you think your B team would have done better against Australia? What's gonna happen next? Next two years, India will play only at home. They'll squeeze teams under piles of runs in flat pitches. Fans will think they are ready to take England or Australia. But same thing will happen again with a new bunch of guys. The problem is not with your seniors. Your new guys are not as good as Big3 to take the baton

  • johnathonjosephs on January 16, 2012, 7:09 GMT

    Indian fans, be very afraid of the future. Look at Sri Lanka. They were a very very competent Test Team and ODI team when they had their legend Murali. After Murali retired, look what has happened to the team. They fail in Test matches even in their home and struggle to bowl out a team in the ODI format now. Think of what will happen to the Indian team when Tendulkar retires. It should be similar.... But wait, imagine when Dravid and Laxman retire too. Zaheer is getting old too. I see dark ages for Indian cricket coming post senior retirement. You think the Indian team is bad now? Wait to see what the future holds

  • shasi21 on January 16, 2012, 7:07 GMT

    I don't know why Ishant is still in the team. He didn't bowl well in England and now in Aus tour.... If Indi need win please take out Ishant and bring back Ashwin and Ojha.

  • RagsGH on January 16, 2012, 7:06 GMT

    Dhoni don't have any rights to blame seniors when he himself is not performing. Those three (RD, VVS, ST) are the legendary cricketers and they should not be blamed. First you go away yourself and next is Sehwag and Gauti. Why Dhoni is repeatedly telling seniors are not performing, what it juniors are doing?????. He cant speak seniors lightly when they served more than decade for country. If BCCI is thinking of dropping somebody, then drop Sehwag first and then remove Dhoni from test it self. Let Dravid lead the team. Take Poojara, Robin Uttappa, Wriddhiman Saha and Rahane to team. Dhoni should not have made this statement being great team India captain. Remove him and Sehwag first. Let these 3 continue till the time they are performing well. Don't tell them to retire, they know it. They are better than any one and they know when to retire.

  • chpk78 on January 16, 2012, 7:00 GMT

    Phasing out should start with Dhoni. also Indian fans should teach the over commercial BCCI a lesson by not buying tickets for IPL and there by stop supporting it.

  • Rajkumar111 on January 16, 2012, 6:59 GMT

    Indian batsmen are still good and can beat their Australian counterparts in India, like what happened in the last ODI series in India. No point in playing International Cricket when conditions vary so much from Continent to Continent. If India can create hard and bouncy pitches in India and run tournaments on green tops for months before a tour, then this problem will be solved. No point enjoying one's cricket ot IPL on dirt tracks and then come to face the reality abroad. Indian players should be sponsored to play county cricket in England, if they want to be selected for overseas tours.

  • mechikka on January 16, 2012, 6:58 GMT

    The super guys like Parthiv Patel, Pujara, Rohit Sharma suffering for the out dated SUPER HEROES.... I just pray GOD , please allow Sachin to score that 100th TON and so that he will gracefully retire..Sachin please don't say you have 2 yrs of Cricket in you... The way you play we don't see that .. I know selectors still see the record....

  • on January 16, 2012, 6:52 GMT

    well i belive that conditions dosnt match to indians through out the series..i must say Australian Bowling attack is way way better then indian..they are totaly failed infront of them..from the indian side all the player put there individual performance i know its tuff out there in the Australian conditions. but in the end huge round of applose for michael clarke and the david warner. its all about team work and the key is the feilding. i think laxman should be on the banch and Rohit Sharma should come in.. he is a big Guy and even better Young player in the Indian Team. iam sure he got a hunger to score and he will score in Adelaide Oval . so all the best to the indians lets see now they can make the diffrance in there next match ?

  • connectfroze on January 16, 2012, 6:47 GMT

    My Team and order for last test will be.... Rahul, Gauti, Virat, Sachin, Rohit, Viru, Saha, Zaheer, Ishant, Ojha, Umesh.......

  • on January 16, 2012, 6:35 GMT

    Totally unspirited performance by indian team ... rather than winning the test and showing attitude every one like sachin, sehwag, dravid and laxman were ore oriented toward towards making some 'selfish runs' to justify their palces in the team. This is a plague in Indian and Pakistani cricket, from even the junior level every one tries to put on their own selfish runs rather than palying to the situation. Every other kid who aspires to play at the heighest level recounts that he has score x number of runs in a particular series rather than telling whether he managed to yank his team towards victory from a very tough situation.. this has certainly not allowed the boys to grow mentally tough to rise against heavy odds

  • ABP235 on January 16, 2012, 6:31 GMT

    Knee-jerk reactions are easy. Getting over-excited with an ordinary world cup win and then going bang-bang with the expected losses in test cricket, we the fans are overdoing everything. Just throwing out the baby with the bath water wont help. Look at the last 3 series together. In WI and England, it was Rahul Dravid who held fort and for missing out this series, we are crying for his exit. Sachin has performed, but that has fallen short of our expectations, because he was raised to the status of a God, by us, not by him. Sehwag and Gambhir have failed, but we are not in a position to chuck them since when we were building two capable youngsters like Vijay and Mukund for the opening slots in the place of injured Sehwag and Gambhir, but we fans started blaming selector Srikkant as these guys happened to be from the same state as that of Srikkant! We have carried Rohit Sharma but not given him any chance and are not ready to do that even now with such failure from Laxman! What a mess!

  • LeelaMV on January 16, 2012, 6:28 GMT

    Dear Dhoni , Do you realize your part for these loses.. I haven't seen such a bad field setting/bowling changes from a decade or so.. You are just not the right test captain. I wonder , where did all your diplomatic and 'cool-headed' talk has gone.. Shame on you ! .

    You better be out of this team..

  • SridharChicago on January 16, 2012, 6:24 GMT

    Unless they get rid of the flat pitches in India where the shortcomings of mediocre batsmen are disguised, India will never develop batsmen that can succeed abroad.

  • avhandy on January 16, 2012, 6:16 GMT

    Nehra, Shreesanth would do the difference india need aggressiveness in their bowling line up, check siddle and hilfenaus, openers are not providing a proper platform to to carry out for other batsmen with\ out tension, Bhajji is the man for australia why indian selectors have so much ego problems, please give it up and look for the Team India Sake and make a quick desicion...

  • Vpx23 on January 16, 2012, 6:00 GMT


  • spin_king4 on January 16, 2012, 5:58 GMT

    For future i would 1) drop laxman - bring in rohit sharma 2)drop both openers who have not preformed for a year, bring in rahane and mukund and stick with them for 10 tests and give them a chance to form a patnerships

  • royramesh on January 16, 2012, 5:52 GMT

    Why should a senior be given the right to say when they want to retire? I understand the point about their wonderful contribution to Indian cricket but that doesnt give them any more right than any other player has or had. If a batsman or keeper doesnt perform in six or seven tests he should be dropped for a rookie who is an investment for India's future. Selectors/BCCI should be bold and consistent.

  • on January 16, 2012, 5:51 GMT

    I wonder why Dhoni is acting as the ultimate sledgehammer to taper out the seniors from his team since he is very much part of the problem. When a player like Dhoni who is much junior to Tendulkar, Dravid and Sehwag is given so much ultimate-authoritarian voice then such a phenomenon is bound to brew trouble - and this is true despite him being the captain because managing a team that has about half the players who are senior than the Captain can never be a solo captaincy task rather there must be a cohesive approach to captaincy. He should be removed from the captaincy, senior players be tapered off and new captain be appointed. Dhoni himself hasn't been productive for quite a while now!

  • johnathonjosephs on January 16, 2012, 5:49 GMT

    India not playing outside India for 2 years? That should be illegal. I sense a India in Sri Lanka tour coming up soon..... Why should Laxman be the one to go when he outplayed Tendulkar and Dravid in the last 2 Tests? Oh yea, I forgot, because he doesn't have the same rockstar status they do. Why isn't Dhoni dropped? Sehwag dropped? Sehwag's oversea record (outside subcontinent) is extremely disheartening.

  • charlie2921972 on January 16, 2012, 5:47 GMT

    Drop Sehwag, Gambhir, Ishant, Vinay, Laxman and Dhoni. My XI for Adelaide Test are Rahane, Dravid, Rohit, Sachin,Kohli, Ashwin, Saha,Mithun, Zaheer, Umesh and Pragyan Ojha.

  • vish57 on January 16, 2012, 5:46 GMT

    More than the middle order, it is the openers who have been repeatedly failing; not a single innings when Dravind was not at crease within first 5 overs; one yardstick for Tendulkar & Sehwag and different yardstick for Dravid & Laxman; no doubt Laxman is on a lean patch, should be rested for the next match and should have a graceful exit, not by dropping and forcing a retirement to a cricketer who has played 133 test matches. Laxman demands dignity from BCCI and Indian cricket public.

  • on January 16, 2012, 5:42 GMT

    Dhoni should be dropped first from test team, gradually, laxman, dravid. Gambhir has to find some form before play another game for indian test team. He is like a school kid who is facing some elder fast bowlers.

  • abyrao on January 16, 2012, 5:39 GMT

    Seniors must go, but are the juniors groomed? Kohli still appears to be a ODI bat, Raina the same, how can we predict how Rohit Sharma will perform, bcoz Sharma recently has started performing in ODIs, Pujara was never given a fair chance. For Rahane and Manoj Tiwary the Indians have used them to carry drinks. So a bad future is awaiting. The sad part is Gambhir and Sehwag are also failing.

  • on January 16, 2012, 5:32 GMT

    hahaha 1st england now australia. enough proof . how would cup brought up in india!!!

  • on January 16, 2012, 5:30 GMT

    What do Dhoni have performed

    Its a fact that they are out dated

    But Dhoni don't have any voice to say it as seniors alone

    In common under performers

  • on January 16, 2012, 5:30 GMT

    I would like to see three changes in the batting.Abhinav Mukund in place of Shewag.Rohit in place of Laxman and Dinesh Kartik in place of Dhoni.Dhoni does not have the technique required to play trst cricket and as a captian is int doing either well.Our next overseas tour is far away and by the time Dravid and Tendulkar would have announced retirement and that means we need to look for two more players.Pujara is one name going in air and really cant think of the second one so its a challenge for the selectors.On bowling while the spin deparment looks ok but the pace department is weak.With Ishant not taking wiickets we need to find another bowler.May be Mithun can come in. In short we have to start the rebuliding excercise.

  • cric_frank on January 16, 2012, 5:13 GMT

    How about saying that to your mirror too Mr Dhoni,you are a disgrace in the test team.Thanks for royally destroying our team's overseas prospects after Ganguly's painstaking efforts..

  • nvr70 on January 16, 2012, 5:03 GMT

    I think there is too much blame on batsmen. I think our pace bowling is really the culprit. In India, the batsmen do extraordinarily well and the spinners deliver so we win. In this test too, knock off the blip of a mercurial innings from Warner and the contribution of Australia's other batsmen is almost the same as that of the Indians. Even in England, the English batsmen were never really troubled by our bowlers. Yes, we need to phase out our senior batsmen. But, let's be honest, as a cricket-crazy country obsessed with idolising individual performances, we encourage batsmen to build their mountains of runs. I don't think we really care losing as a country. Just hear the noise before the series. That of a win for the country was almost muted against the prospect of another Tendulkar record. Bradman didn't stay on trying for that magical 100 average. No wonder that country is a winner whereas here, only some individuals win.

  • BattingAllrounder on January 16, 2012, 4:59 GMT

    Virat Kohli is the only batsman in the team who deserves to play @ Adelaide. Atleast three seniors can be replaced by Rahane (for Sehwag), Rohit Sharma (for Tendulkar / Dravid) and R Ashwin (for VVS).

    I feel sorry for the so called fans of "Greats"- Tendulkar, Dravid, VVS, Sehwag, etc., who still believe that atleast a few of them should be given another chance to play Test cricket for India.

    Why don't such die hard fans of Ex-Greats transfer all their assets to the so called greats and prove their admiration?

    None of the 4 Ex-Greats deserve a chance to play another Test match for India, but due to the fact that there are only 3 more batsmen in the remaining available squad, a few of the oldies will be lucky to be included inthe team for Adelaide.

    If they had class in them they wouldn't have failed in the way they did in the last 3 test matches in Australia. Their weaknesses are evident and the intelligent Australian bowlers pin pointed at just that.

  • on January 16, 2012, 4:51 GMT

    Another SERIES lost away,IND down and dusted,I am sure it shall be 4-0 like ENGLAND,It shall happen to us as we need to bring in transition phase with LAX,DRAVID and Sachin going out,AUS also paid price for it after gilly,Haydos,Mcgrath went they LOST WCUP to IND and TEST STATUS,so it is good the KOHLIS,SHARMAS should stand up and to fil the gaps,MAKE GAUTAM GAMBHIR the NEW TEST SKIPPER,rather than SEHWAG he can handle the test team,MS is good ODI skipper and he should think of 2015 WCUP and 2012 T20 now, what a pity all these shall come back to form in IPL and CL T20 but not test cricket T20 is ruinig the technique and ability to play test cricket,STILL A good ODI team picked by selectors to challenge AUS and SRL remember we need to DEFEN ASIA CUP also in MARCH so hopefully in ODIS this team can deliver and pay back the AUSSIES PK,ZAK are the key players to watch and come good,RAINA is alos very good ODI player,they must be Itching to take revenge in ODI's for what happened in Tests!!

  • sansyas on January 16, 2012, 4:49 GMT


  • on January 16, 2012, 4:43 GMT

    First to drop is Dhoni from INDIAN side.....He deserved his place due to captain position..... Like Aussis India Must have two seperate team for Both Test and ODI...

  • on January 16, 2012, 4:39 GMT

    I think we should have a solid opener for tests. A whirlwind innings from Sehwagh may win us one match from 30-35 test matches. Its the opening stand which India is not getting putting pressure on Rahul & middle order. India wants openers who will frustrate the opposition fast bowlers, take the time out. Its enough of 'Natural game', 'hand - eye coordination'..Where is the footwork? Where is the temperament? What advice will (senior) Sehwagh will give to (younger) openers? Test cricket requires classy openers, for that matter wait and watch Warner will also be phased out one day. I think time has a come and India has got a chance to replace both Sehwagh & Gambhir as their play does not suit TEST cricket.

  • Rakesh_Sharma on January 16, 2012, 4:31 GMT

    Phasing out at this age? This cricketers are in their 40th year and phase out. It was normally considered that 35/36 is the age to retire. Great players in all sports retire when at the peak simply don't drag on.If Bradman wanted he could have played one more inning to get average of 100. Lot of things are said about Laxman,he scored his first 100 in inconsequential Sydney Test after lot of failures. Youngsters will perform when they start playing without oldies.Else psychologically they feel Tendulkar is there to help the team out. Indian team actually have never won abroad any series when opposition is strong.They had won against strong teams when in transition, that also one odd test which can be counted on the finger tips. They became no# 1 just by manipulating home series wins.That's all.And taking advantage of Australia's transition.

  • pankaj_r.khanal on January 16, 2012, 4:30 GMT

    very dissappointing to read dhoni's views about the seniors, i think he is happy to win in india only !!!!!!!!!!! my god truly an indian captain

  • on January 16, 2012, 4:27 GMT

    these fanboys are the main problem of phasing out the seniors.Our cricketers are thick skinned and they dont go outta team untill they are chucked out, first sourav now laxman, dravid and atlast the master of records and match winner against minnows mr.sachin.

  • aravabalaji on January 16, 2012, 4:27 GMT

    @cricinfo - what happened to my comment posted yesterday?

  • aamamun on January 16, 2012, 4:20 GMT

    Tendulkar, dravid may serve well in future.Laxman, sehwag is out of form right now. Youngstars may be tested in their place as well.

  • on January 16, 2012, 4:12 GMT

    Give captancy of tests to Dravid... and through out dhoni out of tests...

  • on January 16, 2012, 4:12 GMT

    Phasing out senior players or not is the solution .. We will find some other reason if we fail w/o senior players... Indian Team with all honesty and integrity contemplate and look into the real reasons... Team has conflicts within, Indian Team is psychologically weak, Indian collectively either succeeds or collapses ... In India we should have bouncy pitches .. We do not any Foreign coaches .. Why can't one of the Indian retired/senior players Coach... Indian Team MUST go through LEADERSHIP programes

  • on January 16, 2012, 4:07 GMT

    Hmmmm.... Let the blame game begin... I don't understand why ppl always censure our cricketers when they lose a series. I certainly understand that they lost in the worst possible way in the last two away series, but that does not make them a loser team. A team heavily depends on their leader's confidence level. It bewilders me why Dhoni is not sure all of a sudden. It could possibly be because he was not scoring runs in Tests. But certainly I think we can turn it around soon. Its the matter of one good innings and we will bounce back..

  • landl47 on January 16, 2012, 3:53 GMT

    The problem is that older players don't suddenly become unable to play. They gradually lose their ability- first, they become inconsistent, because they find it harder to get a good sight of the ball. Then they start getting out to balls they would have dealt with easily in their prime, because their hand/eye coordination is not as good. If they get in, they can still play well, but at some point the number of failures outweighs the successes. India's big three all seem to have reached that point, and Sehwag, whose technique is not as sound as the others, might be close to that, too. Now that India are not just losing games narrowly but are going down to innings defeats, something has to be done. The older players aren't going to get any better. India must bite the bullet and bring in new players, even if it means a few years of losing games. The longer they leave it, the more difficult it will be.

  • Anil_Koshy on January 16, 2012, 3:41 GMT

    Laxman, Dravid and Tendulkar always played well outside the subcontinent, barring last 2 Series (Australia and England(, Laxman did well against quality oppositions, his record against Australia in India and in Australia has been phenomenal. Dhoni has hardly performed a batsman outside the subcontinent, he should think about his future first. He won because of his team, no captain can call himself successful till the time he beats a team like England, South Africa or Australia in their own backyard. Its high time that India should look for a better wicket keeper batsman. After More and Mongia, India has not been able to find a wicket keeper who can score 40-50 runs when needed.

  • Mid_Wicket on January 16, 2012, 3:37 GMT

    We as Lankans feel sorry for the Indians..... Just try to win atleast one ODI in Ausi. But surely Tendulkar won't reach his 100th century in that series too.

  • OzHarris on January 16, 2012, 3:30 GMT

    Ive looked at peoples comments - sehwag is to be a caption.... i prefer Vinay kumar or mithun to sehwag.........Wake up guys

  • on January 16, 2012, 3:30 GMT

    No doubt terrible performance by India, if Shebag & Ishant have performed, it's never 0-3

  • on January 16, 2012, 3:26 GMT

    Indian big guns (Tendulkar, Dravid, VVS) either learn to put fight under pressure against top opposition in away series. The problem with Indian side is that all these big names will regain form as they begin playing in their backyard and people will soon forget about everything. This loss is actually a blessing in disguise for Indian test cricket for it is not only an eye opener but also an opportunity to identify problems and put things back on track the right way.

  • NumberXI on January 16, 2012, 3:21 GMT

    While criticism of Dhoni's own performance is fair, I think some of the comments about India's top batsmen are a bit over the top. It was the same batting line up that won matches in South Africa, Australia, England, SL, Pakistan, New Zealand etc - and some of the wins in and against Australia came when the rest of the world needed counselling after being battered by Australia. However, the harsh reality is that the great batsmen have probably reached the end of their glorious careers and Indian cricket will need to start a transition to the newer lot. With the presence of batsmen like Mukund, Menaria, Rahane, Sharma, Kohli and Pujara - besides Tiwary, Badrinath, Raina and Yuvraj, there is a lot of promise waiting in the wings, and it is only after they are tried that we will know if they are up to the task. However, Indian cricket has much to be grateful to the big three for, and no amount of shouting from rooftops will diminish their contributions.

  • CandidIndian on January 16, 2012, 3:21 GMT

    Since 2000 there has been a marked improvement in performance of India outside subcontinent as compared to 90s,1-1 in Eng2002 and Aus 2004,1-0 in WI 2006 and Eng 2007 with famous victory at Perth.The main reason of this improvement was all captains involved like Ganguly, Dravid and Kumble had test cricket on top of their priority,unlike Dhoni who is a brilliant limited overs player/captain but a poor test player/captain.So i am surprised that people are blaming seniors first for this seventh thumping defeat in a row overseas.First step towards rebuilding would be to remove Sehwag and Dhoni, keep them for limited overs cricket,as its quite clear that both of them cant survive against any good attack on a pitch which has some life in it.Dhoni must make a plan to phase out himself and Sehwag first and give youngsters chance,that should happen well before DEC 2013 when India will tour SA ,followed by tours of NZ and Eng.

  • IPLisdull on January 16, 2012, 2:56 GMT

    No no no... India have got this the wrong way around. Bring back Ganguly, and Kumble. Sensible heads in both batting and bowling are needed now! Forget about the future, India must play well in Adelaide, otherwise everything will be lost!

  • eyaniv on January 16, 2012, 2:55 GMT

    For the 4th test @ Adelaide the squad should be in batting order - Sehwag (C), Gambhir, VVS, Tendulkar, Dravid (wk - since Dhoni is out), V Kohli, Rohit, Ashwin, Z Khan, U Yadav, I Sharma. This solves a couple of issues - gives us all the batting we need and gives the best bowling side we have in Aus a chance to take a crack at Adelaide. With Dravid as the wicket keeper, it gives us more options rather than carrying Saha. Ideally Sehwag should be dropped as well and maybe Dravid can do dual roles of Captain and WK. But that's unlikely to happen with the inertia around. I hope we don't land up picking Saha. Keeping VVS for one more match will enable us to give him a proper farewell for his contributions to Indian cricket. For all we know, he may click!

  • satish619chandar on January 16, 2012, 2:41 GMT

    I always thought this would happen after this series with one senior rested and new players playing with a couple of them to learn from their experience.. It should now happen by dropping them(If they dont retire).. Allow the youngsters to play together.. Unless they play together, the responsibility wont be theirs.. Let them flourish together like Dravid, Dada and VVS flourished together with Sachin flourished sometime back..

  • on January 16, 2012, 2:08 GMT

    Even Saurav should have been playing. Yes VVS and Dravid lost form but Shewag and Ghambir did nothing too. Only Sachin was OK followed by Ashwin. Doni was a failure too. It is a combination of factors that led to this defeat. Had all the 50s been scored in the same match - india would have won. India got great ball after great ball. But what was unacceptable was the fact that the team did not change their strategy. They should have tried out something new in Sydney and definitely in Perth. Asking shewag to be catious was stupid! He could have come down the order. Dravid or Sachin could have opened. VVS at 3. This is what we do in street cricket right? What was the coach doing? Nid series you can't do much about technique but you can try some shuffles. Rohit could have been played too. Lesser teams try with what they have in hand. This was lacking. In the name of being "cool" the team seems to lack desperation and fighting spirit. They are lucky arent they - getting paid for playing!

  • on January 16, 2012, 1:59 GMT

    India needs to put together an A team like every other country in the world and send them out to play in Australia South Africa and the UK. Also we should encourage youngsters to spend time in county and shield cricket. This is the only way that they will develop. Cut back IPL which is where the damage is done and use the money earned to pay for an effective cricket college. Never mind dropping people now though maybe Laxman is too Lax, its too late you have to look at what other countries are doing and start employing top line specialist coaches. Not all is bad if you take away the opening partnership in Australia's last innings the situation is really not so dire. Australian batting is still weak as New Zealand showed but they spent time and energy on their quick s but they still need a top flight spinner. As to Dhoni well I dont think that he is the problem as the world is over obsessed with keeper batsmen. Maybe India needs to go to Africa and Pakistan and steel a few players

  • on January 16, 2012, 1:54 GMT

    this is really shame to see. such strong batting line up and the fell like this. i think sehwag just made the highest runs in an ODI match and now doing nothing! :( i believe nasser hussain is right.... :(

  • criccritic1 on January 16, 2012, 1:52 GMT

    I'd get rid of Dhoni first!!!!

    Dhoni should leave first. He is not contributing anything to the team. Why Indian press is not criticizing Dhoni and his captaincy!!!

  • criccritic1 on January 16, 2012, 1:49 GMT

    I'd get rid of Dhoni first!!!!

    Dhoni should leave first. He is not contributing anything to the team. Why Indian press is not criticizing Dhoni and his captaincy!!!

  • couchpundit on January 16, 2012, 1:45 GMT

    DROP TENDULKAR DUDE, only then this rot will stop. No Point going after VVS.

  • on January 16, 2012, 1:38 GMT

    Again, you can see Pakistani bloggers suddenly appearing on the scene, when India flounders. Some amount of backhanded satisfaction, No?

  • Meety on January 16, 2012, 1:30 GMT

    @ SirViv1973 - India in India is still going to be a tough prospect. Whilst some of their stars will be gone soon, their youngsters are so much better at home. I won't be expecting an easy time of it over there for any touring side.

  • on January 16, 2012, 1:23 GMT

    sehwag,dravid ,dhoni,vvslaxman and finally THE master who can't wait for scoring 100th 100 hw long he take till 50yrs he play to get we cant tolerate team should be 1.gauti(cap) 2.mukund3.viratkohli4.rohitsharma 5.)manish pandey parthivpatel(wk,v.cap)7. irfan pathan 8.praveenkuma r9.umeshyadav 10.ojha 11.hrvpatel

  • Abubacker on January 16, 2012, 1:09 GMT

    Dhoni should quit as a captain, and VVS Laxman should be dropped from the test series also, very wrost performance from the England. Need to give a chance to youngsters like Rohit, Rahane, Vijay. Most importantly Sewag should dropped from Test team. He fit for nothing.

  • D-Ascendant on January 16, 2012, 0:52 GMT

    Who cares? IPL will start soon anyway, and I will wave my Chennai Super Kings flag and scream "Dhoooo-neeeee, Dhoooo-neeee" every time I see him on screen.

  • Golwala on January 16, 2012, 0:47 GMT

    Sehwag Should be the 1st to be dropped.

  • Golwala on January 16, 2012, 0:45 GMT

    Averages of Indian Batsman in Last 3 Overseas Tours i.e. SA,Eng & Aus: Gambhir 30.50, Sehwag 18.93, Dravid 41.61, Tendulkar 47.11, Laxman 25.26---So, According to me Sehwag Should be the 1st one to be Dropped.

  • on January 16, 2012, 0:30 GMT

    The main question for indian cricket is whether success abroad is important to them or whether they will be content with success at home. If the latter, little needs to happen. The current lineup will achieve success. However, as an australian, I consider that the worth of any team is in how competitive it is away from home. When Australia eventually beat India on the subcontinent, the celebration at home in cricketing circles was up there with an ashes win. It just means that much more.

  • spin_king4 on January 16, 2012, 0:20 GMT

    a lot of people talk about phasing out dravid and tendulkar but i do not agree with this, especially dravid - look at the stats for indian batsmen for the last 12 months; Overall Sehwag - average 26.93, 0hundreds 4fifties; gambhir - 25.95, 0h 3f; dravid - 54.5, 5h, 4f; tenduklar - 38.94, 0h, 6f; laxman - 37.50, 1h, 7f; kholi only new; dhoni - 27.8, 1h 4f. Away from home sehwag - 15.9, 0h, 1f; gambhir - 20.5, 0h, 1f; dravid - 51.76, 4h, 2f; tenduklar 37.28, oh, 4f; laxman - 27.3, 0h, 6f; dhoni - 24, 0h, 4f From these stats it is clear that the first major fault in the ind batting is openers who are letting the team down and constantly exposing the middle order in particlar dravid/ tendulkar to the new ball adding in the fact dravid opened for part of the away tour makes his stats all the more impressive. I would drop sehwag and gambhir and replace with rahane and mukund, who have both preformed as openers domestically to allow them to develop a partnership. Plus drop lax for rohit

  • on January 16, 2012, 0:14 GMT

    Even though I am an Australian, for the sake of India they need to start chopping their senior players and allow some young blood to come in. Like Pujara, Rahane, Rohit Sharma are solid batsman and will in time replace these seniors once the selectors get sacked. Their bowling as well is mediocre at times and Ishant Sharma should be dropped and Ojha should get a chance at Adelaide. India has had a strong history of spinners and I feel that that is their strength and they also lack a fast bowling allrounder or a fifth bowler which can add some variety.This what would my Indian team would be in two or so years:

    1. Rahane 2. Sehwag 3. Pujara 4. Kohli 5. R Sharma 6. I Pathan 7. D Karthik (wk) 8. Ashwin 9. Yadav 10. Zaheer 11. Ohja

    Any money that Tendulkar will retire as soon as he gets 100 hundreds....They need to ditch the IPL and start to focus on producing lively pitches where batsman will need to work for their runs and prepare themselves for overseas tours.

  • SanjivAwesome on January 16, 2012, 0:11 GMT

    Dhoni, good bye. And thanks for the (nasty) Test performance memories.

  • on January 16, 2012, 0:10 GMT

    If we can bye for senior player. Not only laxman ,dravid. Also sachin dropped. Bcoz nothing better then country .now days dravid play well.sachin not played well dravid score 5 centuries in last year but sachin not play well ......if we say dravid dropped for test team and sachin play... Its a very bad joke for indian cricket .

  • Street_Hawk on January 15, 2012, 23:39 GMT

    if the juniors needs guidance from all the seniors then why don't we make them the coach of the team in stead of Fletcher who is good for nothing...we don't have to carry the seniors just because they have experience...then we should have Gavaskar and Kapil Dev in the team as well

  • righthandbat on January 15, 2012, 23:07 GMT

    Dravid, Laxman, Tendulkar and Sehwag should all get one more home series to bow-out to their fans. Anyway, for this final match, it looks like neither Sehwag or Dhoni will play. This means Rahane and Saha will probably take their place. I'd go one further and drop Dravid or Laxman for this final test, probably Laxman just because of Dravid's excellent 2011 - but get Dravid to bat at number 5. This gives R Sharma an opportunity at number 3. Vinay Kumar should be replaced with Ojha. Tendulkar should be captain for the final test AND open the batting with Rahane. Gambhir should drop down the order to number 6.

    Team: Tendulkar (c), Rahane, R Sharma, Kohli, Dravid, Gambhir, Saha, Ojha, Khan, I Sharma, Yadav.

  • hattima on January 15, 2012, 23:04 GMT

    So everybody is after Dravid and Laxman. But the team has five other batsmen, what are they doing? What is the record of Gambhir, Sehwag and Dhoni of late? Dhoni has never scored a century outside the subcontinent. Sachin has not scored a test century for more than a year, 20 innings. Laxman's record in the last 12 months is very similar to Sachin's: Sachin has an average of 38.94 with 6 50s, Laxman has an average of 37.50, 7 fifties and 1 hundred. Laxman is an easy prey.

  • Nandha80 on January 15, 2012, 22:55 GMT

    Well, many are calling for Dhoni's head. Fine, he deserves to be out. But who will replace him as captain and as WK?

    This is my 'Get Well' plan for Indian Test cricket over the next 3 years. Laxman's dropped after this Aus. series and Rohit should be groomed @ #5. We say good bye to Dravid after the Eng. series in Nov this year (irrespective of his performance in that series) and Ghambir takes his spot. Rahane should be groomed as an opener with Sewag. Tendulkar is out by the end of 2013 (yes, I dare say that!) and Pujara, Tiwari, Raina are tried out and brought into the mix. Dohni is also out by end of 2013. Parthiv or Saha takes the WK spot and KOHLI should be India's new test captain. He should be groomed for that from TODAY. And lastly, we start our search NOW for a specialist opener to replace Sewag by end of 2014. As for the bowling department, the team of Ishant, Umesh, Praveen, Irfan & Varun take the mantle and Zaheer is also out by 2014. Ashwin and Ojha form the spin attack.

  • Dashgar on January 15, 2012, 22:53 GMT

    To be fair to Dhoni I don't think anyone would go well captaining three lazy old men who hate fielding but have demigod status with their fans. If Warne, Hayden, McGrath etc had been such fielding liabilities late in their career then Australia would never have had such success in the ashes 2007. Sachin, Dravid and Laxman need to take on some responsibility in the field if they don't want two whitewashes overseas to be the tag line of their great careers

  • venuc1 on January 15, 2012, 22:52 GMT

    Dhoni takes the blame. What exactly does it mean? Will he return his and the team members' match fee or donate it some charity? He must have learnt to make these vacuous statements from a PR consulting firm.

  • Mr.ajana on January 15, 2012, 22:52 GMT give INDIA their due credit for doing well in SA---as they till had the best ATTACK in d WORLD because of the special ability of STEYN-MORKEL & PITCHES were more lively there..

  • on January 15, 2012, 22:51 GMT

    Laxman and Tendulkar are old horses that we need to get rid off

  • Mr.ajana on January 15, 2012, 22:49 GMT

    @MasterClass, ENG had 4 good bowlers ? apart from BROAD -ANDERSON (to an extent-ANDERSON is in-consistent bowler )who r the 3rd & 4th who can run through d opponent ? TIM BRESNAN-SWANN?? ordinary 1s..TREMLET is 3rd good bowler that's all--SA had STEYN-MORKEL-TSOBE certainly better than ENGLAND attack-for the ability of STEYN-MORKEL-now they have VERLON PHILNDER yes-u may say 4 good pacers now--only AUS can demand they have 4 good bowlers if they drop that useless OFFIE NATHAN LION- by ur LOGIC SEHWAG & DHONI deserves a KICK 1st a they scored OVERSEAS SELDOM--very very rarely-in SA-NZ-ENG-AUS no where they scored

    apart from RD in ENGLAND & SRT in SA & AUS (so far) no body gave a sign to stand up..then why to think abt KOHLI-PUJARA--as they failed OVERSEAS ?? MANOJ who yet to cement his place in ODIS ? (as failed most of the times even vs ORDINARY attack?)

    & APART from AUS wid their full attack none can b compared to SA ATTACK oz of the ability of STEYN-MORKEL..b watever u say..

  • Tvaranitra on January 15, 2012, 22:48 GMT

    I think it's time to have Anil Kumble as chairman of selectors and have a game plan in place to put India back on track. We don't need to be #1 in rankings, but needs consistency. Team should be selected on merit, having great stars in the side who collectively failed doesn't help, as we know cricket is a team game. Drop the guys not in form and ask them to compete in domestic and also make them play County matches in England.

  • Al_Bundy1 on January 15, 2012, 22:04 GMT

    Totally agree with Ashish133. BCCI selection should be fired first - for failing to predict the inevitable. This, after a 4-0 whitewash in England. LAX should have been dropped after the England series. He will be dropped now, but that's 3 matches too late. Dravid and 10dulkar should be dropped after this series. Sehwag should not be taken outside the subcontinent. Ishant should be our last choice pacer - after Zak, Yadav, PK, Varun, Irfan and Nehra. Even Ashok Dinda and Taduri Sudhindra should be considered b4 him. And please, no more Vinay or Mithun.

  • Aaron007 on January 15, 2012, 21:59 GMT

    I cant believe how comments are rattled abt Laxman's performance. He has played some amazing knocks, at crucial situations, both at home and overseas. When he was at his prime, he was not given proper recognition whereas if it were other favorites like Sachin or Dravid, they would praised.His skill has always been underrated. He has surely not performed in the series or in England, but why talk about his retirement...a break might be necessary but thats that and none of it is relevant. Age doesnt matter, fitness and talent does. This is not coming from a Laxman fan but a Indian cricket team admirer. Blame should be balanced equally. Sehwag, Dhoni including Dravid (the way he has been getting OUT) showed disappointment in the series as well, but no one is willing to talk abt them because they would be considered as stupid. Also AUS bowling has been terrific unlike Indians, how they have controlled their line and length (Dhoni's words), must be appreciated.

  • AbdullahShaikh on January 15, 2012, 21:59 GMT

    Thank God, alteast now we stopped talking about SRT's 100th 100. If he gets his 100th in the 4th test, every one will forget the drubbing and rejoice the landmark. We should stop playing for individual records. It does not help for the tea.

  • AbdullahShaikh on January 15, 2012, 21:56 GMT

    Sir, Ajinkya Rahane is already 24+ yrs old. his first class average is 68 which is far greater than any other indian batsmen. Even Rohit Sharma is now 24+ yrs old. his first class average is 63 which is so close to Ajinkya Rahane. Please dont waste them like this. And what is this story about Ishant Sharma bowling well. His Bowling average is 37, which is unacceptable in any country. Had the selectors been brave and given the West indies series in WI and in India to youngster we would have been in a poslition to pick the youngsters. but the oldest players played in these series. It would have been better to loose with youngsters instead of loosing like this. When Shivlal Yadav dropped Jimmy Amernath to include Navjot singh Siidhu in the team it was a bold & well calculated decision that paid off for the future.

  • sachin2010 on January 15, 2012, 21:47 GMT

    Is he a part of it too? I think he should be the next player to go out after Laxman loll :p

  • AbdullahShaikh on January 15, 2012, 21:34 GMT

    First in England we had the mindless induction of R.P.Singh in last match. Now here we had Vinay Kumar. V.Kumar is gentle medium pace with no swing. what a mindless waste. Atleast for this Australian tour Irfan Pathan should have been on tour, since he has recovered and re-discovered his swing, he had also done well in the domestic matches. He also had a good lot of experience and he is a fighter.

  • LillianThomson on January 15, 2012, 21:32 GMT

    The sad thing is that Adelaide will be the final Test of Dravid's career and Laxman might not even get that. These have been two wonderful, admirable players, and with better advice they might have gracefully exited the game a couple of years ago with their reputations intact. Meanwhile Tendulkar will carry on for a couple more years, bullying weak attacks on dead wickets and I suspect making himself unavailable for overseas tours. Dravid, Laxman and Tendulkar were exceptional players who just didn't know when to depart. Sehwag was a gifted slogger with a great eye, like Chris Gayle and Colin Milburn and Les Favell - who is who he reminds his biggest fan Ian Chappell of. But those sloggers have a shorter career than technicians like the Big Three, because by the time they reach Sehwag's age their reflexes and coordination are not so good. Anyway, we should thank Laxman and Dravid for the entertainment they have given for the last 15 years.

  • willmot on January 15, 2012, 21:21 GMT

    India still beta than Aussies, well thats what the rankings say.......... LOL.....

  • shooting on January 15, 2012, 21:18 GMT

    India need the following. 1) Dravid as test captain 2) Better seamers 3) Armaan Jaffer

  • willmot on January 15, 2012, 21:14 GMT

    1.Release at least 6 players of this team & those obsessed by own records first. 2.Use DRS like everyone else. 3. Be honest about lack of ability/talent available instead of covering up with home games and rebuilding a proper side with fight may then begin.

    However, we all know none of the will ever happen so stay..loosers forever...

  • on January 15, 2012, 21:05 GMT

    lets start from dhoni and laxman and sehwag as he never score runs when needed

  • Digimont on January 15, 2012, 21:03 GMT

    If this were junior cricket, the report may well be "all tried hard". Unfortunately it isn't and these "men" either need to start behaving like it, or resume their Bollywood/Rock Star career in those industries, as it has no place in cricket.

  • Vroomfondel on January 15, 2012, 20:55 GMT

    With all due respect to the "greats" in India's line-up, it is high time that players such as Laxman, Dravid and Tendulkar made way for younger players. Sehwag still possesses the ability to destroy an attack at the top of the order, but the same cannot be said of the others. Tendulkar's ability to salvage an innings is now increasingly questionable - he only seems to perform when there are others to take the pressure off. He should, as they say, quit whilst he is ahead. He contributes little to the team aside from his batting. It appears to be hard to get into the Indian side - and harder to get out. He should be remembered for what he is - one of the all-time greats - and not as the man who struggled to his 100th 100 at the expense of his team.

  • on January 15, 2012, 20:44 GMT

    Winning the world cup was by chance.

  • sanshe1238 on January 15, 2012, 20:44 GMT

    I disagree with aarifboy's comments. India team has been doing well for sometime, how can you forget that they are the world champs. They beat Australia in their last tour down under under the leadership of great Anil Kumble. Basically India is the only team from the sub continent to beat a side like Australia. Yes India need to introduce some young blood and have a good mix of experience and youth as Dhoni mentioned. Tendulkar has been doing his thing as a batsman, he has been getting runs and batting so beautifully. He will get his record but India team is NOT forcus on that. I dont think even Sachin is forcus on that. They are hungry to win, but Aussies are playing better cricket right now. This is a part of the game like life you win some and you loose some. Any sportsman wants to win all the time but it does not happen everytime. There will be ups and downs. I wish best for India cricket and Tendulkar.

  • on January 15, 2012, 20:27 GMT

    Why phas e out only seniors... what is our Mr cool captain Dhoni doing in the test field...he should be the one who should be axed first.. he didnt have past record as a test batsman as Laxman do... If Laxman has to go , then why not Dhoni..

  • Cricketencyclopedia on January 15, 2012, 20:25 GMT

    Interestingly though, when India was ranked no. 1 in test cricket, there were no talks about phasing out the senior cricketers. Now that India has lost its 7th match away from home, the senior cricketers are a problem. What India is going through can happen to any team. The problem right now is that India is struggling to adapt well to conditions overseas, as well as preparing very well for the opponent on overseas tours. The main concern should not be phasing out the senior cricketers but simply grooming future cricketers for the day that Dravid, Tendulkar & Laxman decided to call it quits. MS Dhoni is a good captain of a great team it's just that India needs to find a way of performing well on overseas tours.

  • yorkshire-86 on January 15, 2012, 20:25 GMT

    People keep saying 'get rid of sachin/laxman/dravid/sehwag, but the question is replace them with whom? All the batsmen mentioned so far as possible replacements are nothing but twenty twenty sloggers whos careers are based solely on the IPL. As for Dhoni, yes he had a bad series with both bat and armband, but he is one of the few players with a good record overseas (he practically won the test and odi series single handedly in England the tour before last), and his 'replacements' are nothing special. India need to start preparing normal wickets for thier home games instead of flat dustbowls that offer nothing to the pace bowlers, and more importantly nothing to batsmen who are looking to practice against good pace bowling for when they tour a country with normal pitches!

  • donda on January 15, 2012, 20:19 GMT

    Dhoni should quit test cricket and concentrate on only ODI and T2020 cricket. For him Test cricket is boring and these old legends make indian batting more boring in test cricket. I think it's right time to not even phase out three but four legends. VVS, Dravid, Sachin and Sehwag. Sehwag has done nothing in last 10 test matches. Give youngsters time to play and they will become good players soon. Drop these so called old batting legends. It's time to get rid of them.

  • on January 15, 2012, 20:14 GMT

    The way Sachin is going we are seeing another Bradman, just missing the mark to make him immortal (outside of India)

  • bingorighton on January 15, 2012, 20:11 GMT

    why are we talking of retiring seniors . i am surprised to read so many articles and interviews and no one giving thought to rotating players . we have 4 slots 3-6 and dravid, sachin, laxman, kohli, rohit, pujara as contenders. why not have 2 slots for seniors and sit out 1 senior who is least performing in last 3 tests, and 2 slots for young players . this way you give oppurtunity to everyone and false security to no one. if you dont perform you wont be dropped but surely rested and someone else takes your seat and you are out till some other player performs badly. this way you also save players from excessive cricket and everyone gets to play.

  • DOGAR420 on January 15, 2012, 20:05 GMT

    indians r only lions of home,,,Australia crashed them ...

  • Rahulbose on January 15, 2012, 20:05 GMT

    The answer is simple but India will not take the bold decisions. In tests Dhoni should be dropped from the side. Sehwag should be made captain and they need to replace Laxman with Rohit sharma.

  • on January 15, 2012, 19:59 GMT

    Its really hurting too see bad comment abt Dravid. Just in last series he batted again and again and again for india and no one supported him. If even one player supported him in the bat we could have won matches in England. Within the next series ppl say he should retire. In England he played as one man army that time ppl dint say sachin should retire but this series Sachin did not even played 50% of what Dravid did in England but they say sachin still have game but Dravid should retire. One more worst thing is pointing seniors for the loss. What the youngsters (sehwag, gambhir, Dhoni, Kohli) did in England and Australia. Compared with the youngsters the seniors had done far better for India in England & Australia

  • gothetaniwha on January 15, 2012, 19:51 GMT

    I agree with Ashish133 the pensioners will still be playing in two years time with only home tests being scheduled , surely they must have players who are scoring truck loads of runs in there FC comp .the sad part is BCCI are using there money as a bargining chip in these series and have got 5 test against ENG and 4 against AUS and the (will) have got humilated 8/0 and the rest of the cricketing world are expected to play 2 test series against Eng ,AUS ,and in NZ case - the series would still have been live if there were 3 , time for the ICC to step up .

  • Varinder3 on January 15, 2012, 19:49 GMT

    I totally agree with aloy!

  • moBlue on January 15, 2012, 19:48 GMT

    well, if it is "horses for courses" and the next couple of years IND play only at home, they will have enough of an opportunity to transition out lax and dravid and induct juniors into the team. the long-term problems of IND will remain... and contrary to many of your analyses, i think dravid and lax had the talent to fight the best overseas, at least until very recently, when age and poor form caught up with them. i am not so sure the ones coming in are so talented. they honed their skills in the t-20 era, didn't they? i am convinced only of pujara's talent so far. maybe kohli would do okay as well, considering how he played yesterday, since he is only 23. rohit? i am not sold yet. rahane and mukund? i'll believe it when i see it. dhoni should be replaced by karthik in tests. sehwag should be made captain because it might make him a bit more responsible, perhaps. but we *will* miss lax and dravid the next time IND tour overseas, based on the young replacements! sachin? irreplaceable!!

  • SRT_GENIUS on January 15, 2012, 19:48 GMT

    @Ali Raza: I am guessing Pak is not really that much out of trouble as you think it is. And except some odd fanatics, I didn't any Indian fans making such lowlife comments even at Pak's nadir. Most Indian's comments were about a hope of revival of Pak cricket and genuine feeling of loss for the talented bowlers. (Yes, BCCI is a bad bully. But Indians and Indian cricketers are not BCCI. They can't even elect them - they are a remnant from the British Raj). Where does your hate come from ?

  • on January 15, 2012, 19:47 GMT

    @ Mayur Khairnar - because he is nearly 40!

  • Abhimanyu on January 15, 2012, 19:27 GMT

    The funny part is that Dhoni, himself is the biggest disappointment of this tour. At least all the senior players were picked due to their past performances. Dhoni has nothing to show to be considered at test level. If he wanted to do any good for the team, then now would be the best time to announce his retirement from test cricket, along with Dravid. Why wait till 2013? What are these guys (except Tendulkar) waiting for now? We needed then to win test series in England and Australia, which they failed to do, now what do we need them for? They want to return home and play against weaker oppositions and pile their runs on flat pitches, then announce their retirement in pride? I think so...DO IT NOW, PLEASE!!

  • kirkeet-fan on January 15, 2012, 19:23 GMT

    The problem is not the seniors, it's Dhoni himself, at least Gangu could fire everybody up, this guy looks like a fat suit, only interested in the $s. House cleaning starts with him, if he were a real leader, he'd open instead of Mr.FlatPitchMaestro (Sehwag for you ignorant lot) and get another bowler in.

  • anand32026 on January 15, 2012, 19:23 GMT

    team for last test match 1-Rahane 2-gambhir 3-dravid 4-sachin 5-rohit 6-kohli 7-saha 8-ashwin 9-khan10-yadav 11-oza/vkumar

  • Harry0009 on January 15, 2012, 19:11 GMT

    I think just making Laxman as the scapegoat will never help. We should be fair and look at the performances of Sehwag, Gambhir, Dravid, Dhoni, Tendulkar included in the last 6 away tests and their performance has not been up-to the mark. Age is surely a factor contributing to the reflexes and non-performances for few while not being in form is not helping either. Gambhir is very suspect outside India barring few super-performances. Injecting fresh blood into the set-up will be the way to go. Kohli, Rohit would need to be given enough chances since they have the technique and talent for Test cricket while few others waiting would need to make the cut if India has to move forward.

  • on January 15, 2012, 18:58 GMT

    Dhoni is also senior !!!!!!!!!!!! PLAY or LEAVE the team

  • TRAM on January 15, 2012, 18:58 GMT

    The #1 difference between the teams: Aus bowlers are PRECISION bowlers. And they have CLEAR PLAN for each India batsmen. Lasith Malinga practices by placing a shoe on the batting crease and hitting it full (for getting the yorker consistently). Pete Samprass did 500 serves PER DAY EVERY DAY during his practice days. Andre Agassi ran uphill with sand bag in his back for many months to get back to the fitness levels when he made a come back in Tennis. What do the Indian bowlers do for their practice?? (recollect Venkatesh Prasad's accusation of India bowlers not doing enough practice). Is it so difficult for the BCCI or the players to arrange for a heavy-duty practice course for the entire career ?? Is it difficult to evaluate scientifically each bowler's form prior to selecting them?? Give me a very small fraction of the money BCCI has, I will get it done.

  • Avi56 on January 15, 2012, 18:54 GMT

    Phasing Out Seniors wont help.....the problem in india again selecting a test team on basis of IPL....why are we forgetting performances of Siddharth Trivedi, Pankaj Sing, MD Kaif , Manish Pandey , Stuart Binny , Yo Mahesh, etc etc who are doing very well in the domestic curcuit... and BCCI is mad to axe the BIg a thing try Rohit Sharma in for A match instead of laxman, or Saha for Dravid , etc etc for Just a match and give them one time to take burden on them and fit for the future

  • on January 15, 2012, 18:51 GMT

    We MUST look into Root Cause... There is no doubt that there is an issue going on within the team.. its a"Collective Collapse", where Team successfully exhibited Team Spirit.. All Immature comments by K Srikanth before Aussie trip are just headless ...Now BCCI President giving statement in similar lines that we will beat NZ,OZ & ENG when they visit India during this year is another 'irresponsible statement' .. BCCI & India Team, contemplate, interrogate and understand what & where to fix... A complete Wash Out in Eng, what have we learned... India Pull your socks and DO NOT be too excited of your money making during IPL....

  • on January 15, 2012, 18:44 GMT

    The old guard need to be replaced, they should have been replaced a year or two ago. Now they have got caught up in Sachins pursuit of 100 international hundreds instead of looking to bed in the likes of Sharma and Kholi to the batting line up.

    Looks like the Indian batsmen can only handle the slow, low and flat wickets, they encounter bounce and movement and they cant handle it.

  • MasterClass on January 15, 2012, 18:41 GMT

    I want to follow-up on what I mean by a FORCEFUL middle-order player. It is best described by example: I consider AB de Villiers and Michael Clarke forceful players. Ross Taylor is another (oddly enough I don't think Eng have one, maybe Ian Bell or Matt Prior). They are player that look to be aggressive. They have a certain belligerence in their style of batting. They are energetic around the crease, and cannot be suppressed by banter. They have a sharp eye and quick hands and feet. They are usually excellent fielders. They look to dominate. They DISRUPT.

  • on January 15, 2012, 18:23 GMT

    hahahahahhahah india is in much trouble..............lozzers

  • on January 15, 2012, 18:17 GMT

    Dhoni should be scrapped as quickly as possible from the test set up. Tests me josh ki nahi, hosh ki jarurat hoti hai. Why not give Dravid a chance to lead in the longer version ?

  • MasterClass on January 15, 2012, 18:13 GMT

    I have to agree with Zahidsaltin. The futures program for India have them playing mostly at home or lesser sides for the next few years I believe. It is tactics and execution that is more the problem in these 2 series. Against disciplined bowling attacks like Eng and OZ (SA didn't have 4 good bowlers, but they now do), what the opposition needs is a batsman that can disrupt the discipline. That is Sehwag's role (just like Warner did...Wato did similar) but he has not stuck around long enough, and now has become tentative after so many failures. We also need someone in the middle order like that (Michael Clark is the one for OZ) but we currently don't have a FORCEFUL middle order batsman. If you see OZ has succeeded when these 2 have played well, because the other players can then capitalize. India need to have Sehwag fire and to BLOOD a FORCEFUL middle order player (Kholi, Rohit, Pujara, Manoj Tiwari?) if they want to win against the best sides away from home.

  • siddham2007 on January 15, 2012, 18:11 GMT

    Yeah.. sure. And to echo others' sentiments what about you? How about leading by example for a change? You arent even a good wicketkeeper

  • Fahadhussain123 on January 15, 2012, 18:04 GMT

    what about rest of the youngster.There's no perfromance from verender sehwag and gutam ghambir.I agree there's time of good bye for laxmman an tendulkar can serve atleast one year.He's still class and no.5 position in Test ranking..

  • SirViv1973 on January 15, 2012, 18:03 GMT

    @Zahidsaltin, I can't believe your comments, Ind haven't just been loosing tests they have been getting battered out of sight, this last game lasted 2& half days and this is their 4th Inns defeat in 5 test away. This Ind team is crying out for change. Eng go 2 Ind in Nov & Aus early nxt yr and both will fancy their chances of turning Ind over in their own backyard, and its only 2& half yrs untill ind go 2 Eng again, & they play SAF away nxt yr. It's time 4 VVS to be shown the door he was lucky 2 play this game & has had an awful yr. I think Dravid should also miss out but shld be told he will still be considered for Eng/Aus series. Ind shld use the last test of the series & the series against NZL in sept 2 look at Sharma, I think Rathane shld be given the chance to open, and Gambhir move down to 3. It's also probably time for Dhoni to step down as Capt in favor of VS. Perhaps he shld be put in the same position as Dravid & Parthiv/ Saha looked at as an option as keeper.

  • Ashish133 on January 15, 2012, 18:01 GMT

    For 2 years after this terrible series there are no more matches outside the subcontinent. All these will be forgotten. BCCI will again prepare flat batting surface and we'll start praising these seniors. Sehwag will start again his usual and casual ways. Sachin will reach another marathon.Dravid will again become The Wall and Laxman will again find elegance. And then the selectors will start jumping at the critics, "See! you see!! We told you so. Its only a matter of time - a bad phase in Australia. Now they are as good as ever." - Nothing can be changed unless there is a complete revamping of the Board like what happened in Australia.

  • aloy on January 15, 2012, 18:00 GMT

    MR DHONI, please look at yourself. Its true that you've won the world cup for India with your steady nerves but the way you got out today was worse than "GALI CRICKET." You cant bat properly and always criticize good technique. MS Dhoni and his likes are products of deterioration of standards of bowling and destruction of sporting pitches.

  • stalefresh on January 15, 2012, 17:59 GMT

    His press conferences are depressing because he keeps saying we need more runs. He never tells why those runs are not coming. I personally feel India needs a new test captain. It's simple logic really, a captain has to first hold his place in the side and then be an inspiration on and off the field.

  • aarifboy on January 15, 2012, 17:54 GMT

    Indians seem to b more worry about Sachin's records rather than winning games n that includes Sachin as well.

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:53 GMT

    The same thing applies to Dhoni whose overseas form is very poor and dismal. If the Indian team is loosing 4-0 in England and now 3-0 in Australia, why he has remained as a captain.

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:49 GMT

    Now i realise why dhoni decided to quit test cricket in 2013...thats because India is not going to play Test matches in England, Australia or South Africa till 2013..So till that time he can get his Batting Average Up and also improve his Captaincy record.. Now thats what i call IMAGINATIVE CAPTAIN..

  • indusfan on January 15, 2012, 17:49 GMT

    What I have observed of Indian batsman since 1980 on every tour of Australia is that they limit their aggressiveness and two that they play all the bowlers from the crease. The experienced batsman should try to make some bold changes like taking a stance two feet out side the crease, take off stump guard and play mind games with the bowlers rather than playing their routine game which ends up playing into the hands of the Aussies.

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:46 GMT

    Its better to phase out seniors at the ned of the series. The indian batsmen have been performing really badly. Even if our local gully team goes and plays in this series they would have scored 161 and 171 which inida managed in each inning then what is the need of these guys. We should start grooming youn players with a bit of technique. Dhoni isnt either suited for test cricket in bouncy wickets with his swashy shots

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:44 GMT

    4th test adelaide: 1)Rahane(Sehwag) 2)Gambhir 3)Dravid 4)Sachin 5)Virat 6)Laxman 7)Rohit 8)Ojha 9)Yadav 10)Zaheer 11)Ishant Dhoni is probably banned for the 4th test for slow rate. Ojha is more better test bowler then ashwin. ashwin is a odi or t20 bowler.

  • Baundele on January 15, 2012, 17:42 GMT

    I do not see an able replacement to Tendulkar, Dravir or Laxman. IPL heroes are unlikely to play consistently well.

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:42 GMT

    I think if anyone should be dropped from the team. it is dhoni. After all how much he will be able to ride on just luck and test good of others hard work. These seniors are the same guy on whom's hard work he's enjoying the tag of the so called captain coll and captain great. This is the same laxman who's provided him some of the his famous test wins in Galle & Mohali from nowhere.

  • divyang007 on January 15, 2012, 17:40 GMT

    no i think Dhoni should play test match but Sehwag should be captain or maybe Dravid should be captain....but Laxman should stay out for atleast one series and get Rohit sharma in for him...

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:38 GMT

    I guess dhoni, sehwag. Gambler, lax man, kohli all should be culprit...... Sachin and Dravid are still the highest run scorer from India in this test serifs.! Dhoni should not play test cricket.... We need new captain in test cricket!

  • ELECTRIC_LOCO_WAP4. on January 15, 2012, 17:37 GMT

    Onething I understood from all these comments is that "ONLY INDIAN BATSMEN CAN PLAY ON THE FLAT INDIAN PITCHES and they can win". If talenless Indian batsmen can play well on flat pitches, why can't the TALENTED AND MUCH MORE SKILLFULL played like Austrailians, Pakistanis, English, SAs score more runs and win matches? I am puzzled. I am completely ignorant when it comes to pitches. Some body, on this board enlighten me!!!

  • Team_Force_India on January 15, 2012, 17:34 GMT

    I hve said it many times and will say it again I totally blame BCCI n selectors for the mess Indian cricket is in at the moment, over years of mismanagement n lack of foresight and strategic planning regarding domestic game, preparing players for Intl cricket n poor selection we are in ths current mess. Mr Pawar and co I doubt have any real love for the game in India for it to allow the team to be made a laughing stock on the Intl scene. I would rather not watch Indian team anymore till radical changes are made from the top. Fans get called fickle etc etc, but when BCCI hs made it clear tht IPL is top of its agenda and franchises own players, what say do players have if injured thy still hve to play, or get rushed back when still not fit ala Sehwag. In Aus the chairman of selectrs ws sacked and others were sacked aftr thy were thrashed by Eng, In India BCCI n selectors dnt take blame n prefr blaming players, BCCI hs a lot to answer but as per usual sticking their heads in the sand

  • eZoha on January 15, 2012, 17:28 GMT

    How about Dhoni phasing out himself, at least from test cricket?

  • Cpt.Meanster on January 15, 2012, 17:25 GMT

    I am sure the BCCI will handle this with care. I am sure there are enough Indians with pride who will change the fortunes of India. There are many Sourav Gangulys out there who will lead this team to greatness in the near future. I see such a person in Virat Kohli, the future Indian skipper. He has a fire in his belly and the desire to win no matter how. It's bye bye time for the seniors. I cannot see Dravid and Laxman continue after this series. I think the time has come for them to take a good long look at themselves and bow out with humility than being pushed out. Sachin might stick around for at least another year. He's still playing good so I don't think he's done yet. Dhoni certainly should quit tests. It's time for CHANGE.. I feel excited about Indian cricket and so should all Indians. These things happen in sport and fans should remember that this is an inevitable cycle of life.

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:24 GMT

    Indians are only looking for Tendulkar century.. Thats why many other senior players are part of the team although they dont deserve it.

  • WahidUoP on January 15, 2012, 17:24 GMT

    Pointing finger is easy, looking at the mirror difficult for pre-madonnas.

  • ihaq1 on January 15, 2012, 17:24 GMT

    on the basis of these three tests only rahul dravid keeps his place..laxman the biggest failure while dhoni seems to have not been able to use teh resources provided to him...when a batting lineup fails or a bowling fails than one must use the other resources provided...if a fast bowler is consistently not bowling a right length or direction than teh captain must tell him...if one spinner does not produce results than use teh other...the team has to produce results and change in cricket is a necessity and its continuity has been seen tobe important...u dont keep failures around just because u are frightened of change...even sehwag played one good inning... not enough to keep him is not just a matter of seniors or juniors..the supposed juniors gambhir and kohli also did not produce any brilliance...zaheer khan seems tobe lumbering on but probably was not as brilliant as would suggest that ganguli be allowed to handle the team since dhoni is literally too soft

  • GeorgeWBush on January 15, 2012, 17:23 GMT

    The problem with India runs much deeper than the need to change a few players. I am surprised more Indian's aren't clamoring for the BCCI board to be dropped. With all the money the BCCI has they still haven't put programs in place to develop a decent fast bowling attack, spin bowlers or batsmen capable of playing in conditions where the ball bounces and swings. The whole approach is unprofessional. Changing a few players will not alter the results unless the attitude of the whole set up changes. All players should meet basic fitness requirements necessary to play test cricket. Everyone in the team should be able to field properly to help maintain pressure on the opposition batsmen. These are basic requirements that much smaller nations with far less resources can manage (New Zealand, Sri Lanka). Start with getting these basics right and then try to develop a younger more hungry team. The whole development of Indian players needs to be reformed.

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:20 GMT

    Thats the real face of this so called genius. I wonder who selected him. just see the technique of him. how he plays the ball. Lol.. feet are no where..he looks cricketer or batsman through his stance or technique? lol. Mr. Dhoni, 1st you need to get out from team. Dhoni has been exposed in England and in australia.. he can score in India. I know his game.. came in n just score 30 + runs with no one can blame him. other wise he does not deserves to be called a cricketer ..

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:19 GMT

    He should plan about phasing himself out, at least from Tests. Even in Tests in India, he has been nothing but a waste of a batting position.

  • Scheduler on January 15, 2012, 17:16 GMT


  • OZrocks_forca_barca on January 15, 2012, 17:14 GMT

    @Ranga Prasad there will be no Dhoni. he was banned from 4th test due to slow over rate.

  • OZrocks_forca_barca on January 15, 2012, 17:11 GMT

    " Of course we are playing quite a few games in India, but we are playing tough opposition at the same time." Did he just say"'tough opposition"?? I wonder who were the underdogs before this series began and also wonder who were at No. 4 and No. 2 in test rankings..haha such a shame for this captain to give such a lame excuse.

  • amruthkumar1986 on January 15, 2012, 17:09 GMT

    What the hell indian people's mentality, when the team wins they think they are the heroes but when they loose they say tht every one should quit and no one in life will be happy always or sad always every thing is a part of life, so as time goes on every thing will be solved by itself....

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:07 GMT

    I don't know how he will phase out the seniors when there is no replacement back up...Players like kholi,yuvraj, raina and dhoni have still not justified their position...If he phases out may be even in our own country they will not be able to win matches and the same story will continue as we have seen in England and Austrailia...

  • KricketWicket on January 15, 2012, 17:05 GMT

    Knowing BCCI, nothing is going to change.

    They will dig up the pitches for the coming home series' and win and everything will be forgotten.

    Changes will only come if we start loosing at home too. I only hope that it happens so there is real, long lasting, systemic change for the good of Indian cricket.

    Else fans will soon move on and so will the sponsores and the cash tap in BCCI will dry up. No one likes to follow a bunch of pride-less, losers.

  • manwar12 on January 15, 2012, 17:03 GMT

    4th test: 1. Rahane 2.Ashwin 3.Dravid 4.Tendulkar 5.Kohli 6.Rohit 7.Shaha (If Dhoni agrees) 8. Khan 9.Sharma 10.Umesh 11. Ojha.

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:03 GMT

    The Goal for last game should be to compete and not loose under 2 days..

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:03 GMT

    terrific, finally we can hear the news of dravid and sachin retiring, thank god for that, time for a new beginning for youngsters finally :)

  • on January 15, 2012, 17:02 GMT

    Dhoni needs to be kicked out..He has no right to talk about seniors.. He is batting like a tailender..same with Sehwag.. can't bat for 10 overs..he is causing so much trouble to the middle order.. probably it is time for the seniors to retire and give youngsters a chance to get some experience..atleast they will fight and show some intent and emotion..

  • Vishal_07 on January 15, 2012, 17:00 GMT

    If everybody would have played their part, Indian team would not have been in this situation. There are supposedly 3 seniors: Tendulkar, Dravid, and Laxman; 3 mid-experienced guys: Gambhir, Sehwag, Dhoni, and one newbie: Kohli (Sharma hasn't been given a chance yet so can't count him). It is the middle ones who have miserably failed. Gambhir, Sehwag, and Dhoni are the ones who were supposed to "right" the ship and keep the mixture of youthfulness/experience going but they have been the biggest disappointment in England and Australia and we will need replacements for them now. My suggestion is start looking for replacements for Dhoni and Sehwag (latter more for the attitude). Retire Laxman now, Dravid in another year and Tendulkar for couple more. Get the young guns play in the county cricket to hone their skills.

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:59 GMT

    look..I m no cricket pundit and many will get offended by this..the one thing abt batting technique that gave Dravid the title of "The Wall" has gone horribly wrong..thereby giving away his wicket..his backfoot shuffle has completely gone a's hanging back far too much and hence he is leaning a little too much for deliveries on middle and a result, he's losing his balance and his bat is not coming down correctly, thereby generally exposing his stumps..hence, the beautiful on drives and flicks and glances which used to be his hallmark strokes have completely dried out...he looks completely hurried when he manages to get bat on ball on such occasions..hope he sorts it out soon enough..

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:57 GMT

    ever since ganguly has retired its been 3 and a half year indian team has not been able to find a replacement for ganguly....... now some cricket experts are of the opinion that let seniors retire gradually and there by grooming youngsters simultaneously...... when u cant groom a single cricketer for 4 years to fill a single spot how can u imagine the absence of top 3 for the batting line up..... sehwag and gambhir are not sure of long run as well...... people are getting panic irrationally..... even dhoni has given indication of retirement in that the right time to phase out seniors.... it was dravid who had topped last year across globe...... sachin was at second.....likes of sehwag, gambhir, kohli, yuvraj, raina, dhoni were not even near even if their runs were taken collectively...... speaks volume about irrational and panic approach of people......first correct the intensity and may be a single change in terms of captaincy might work for team india......

  • bombay4u on January 15, 2012, 16:55 GMT

    Dhoni needs to retire from Test, we need a Keeper like Syed Kirmani , who can score runs if top order fails and fights not have average or 8. The bowlers need to take thier batting seriously and not give up so fast, Zaheer needs batting coach. Dont Defend against boncer, hit it for where ever you can, stop being so defensive. Shevag is neighter a good player or a captan he needs to be dropped now, Make virat the Captain or Zaheer and have some fighting players not the defensive minded ones. Dhoni its time to Drop people now not later, stop delaying it, you give a chance to a player when the whole side is doing well and you can tolerate one person being bad not when whole team is failing you should make the change right away

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:55 GMT

    Too much cricket specially T20 and IPL ruined Indian performance in Test Cricket...

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:54 GMT

    India should play both Rohit sharma and Ojha in last test, Aus should be tested atleast against LFT arm Gut feeling is if Laxman Plays last test, he will dfntly perform...

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:54 GMT

    Everyone here wants dhoni to be out of the team..... but who will be the captian in place of dhoni....... when ever india have made there best or better player a captian, his preformance have declined for example sachin, dravid... dhoni was not a grate player when he was made captian but he achived a lot for india as a captain.... so make sure, its easy to kick him out of the team.... but who will u bring in his place.... THINK ABOUT ITtttttttt..........

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:54 GMT

    This is Indian mentality .... We want We dont have bouncy pitches, and we look at how much our batsmen scored rather than how many wickets our bowlers picked.They can only Scape goat LAxman as his representatipon is not strong... In fact laxman is our "BEST BATSMAN OF THE DECADE" In test cricket. He had more precious innings in winning/ match saving cause than any other batsmen. One other reasaon for indian failures is that DHONI has more responsibility. He has to keep wickets,captain the team and to BAT... A triplesome work...he has to leave captaincy..concentrate on his batting and WK..HE is over burdened. the forenmost thing India wanted is to get bouncy tracks.. Cause we have abundant talent .. But that needs practice...BCCI busy in collecting money.. the threat is that they can loose their identity..

  • a1234s on January 15, 2012, 16:53 GMT


    if that is the case, what is preventing Australia/SA/Eng from scoring on the same flat beds????

    Australia is tough to beat in Australia and India is tough to beat in India...

  • MejiasBoy on January 15, 2012, 16:51 GMT

    Here is a possible solution, India should take a page out of SA's book, by giving the captaincy to a young player (eg. G. Smith). I say make a bold move for a new TEST captain, let Dhoni captain the ODI's only, perhaps give Raina captaincy for the T20's. I recommend giving the TEST captaincy to Virat Kohli. He reminds me of Ganguly, very tough minded with a slice of ruthlessness. You can see it in Mr. Kohli, he has the swagger and the look of a ruthless captain! After all Mr. Kohli did captain India's youth team to a world cup! I believe all captains need to be ruthless (e.g Strauss, G. Smith, Ponting, Waugh, Border, Ganguly Sir Viv etc). C'mon BCCI take a bold step and make Virat TEST captain. Just a thought. Regarding the pitches, I recall Sunny Gavaskar training on concrete pitches (why do you think he played so well against the West Indian quicks?!). Why dont these new crop of indian batsmen train on concrete pitches so that they can handle pace in other countries - Just a thought

  • Midwestyaka on January 15, 2012, 16:41 GMT

    I think just phasing the seniors out want be the solution. Look what happen to Sri Lanka after some of the great seniors retired. The problem is not seniors it's the Glamorous game called 20/20. Have to let that idiotic games mind set go away when playing tests. The Australians have that mental discipline to do it but not the Indians or the Sri Lankans, I think Kohli is the only one who can adapt to the longer version of the game in Indian team. Well look at Warner he is a great example of the Australian discipline I am talking about here. Find out what gives them that capability? And give India or Sri Lanka the same training and I think then they will do better. Phasing out seniors is not the solution. Let them retire graciously

  • AidanFX on January 15, 2012, 16:35 GMT

    The BCCI organizing 2 or 3 yrs at home against mostly ave teams will ensure they can stick with Dad's army and only delay the problem further - we will see if the BCCI has any male parts soon enough in how they manage the team from here.

  • VickGower on January 15, 2012, 16:35 GMT

    @R.K.Chandru: "Think for yourself too so that a deserving guy will get a chance to exhibit his prowess at the highest level." Which deserving guy are you talking about? Parthiv Patel/Dinesh Karthik? Have they not got enough opportunities as the highest level? Who else is there? Saha? The guy averages 40 (with a strike rate of 45) in the great flat tracks of India. And who would you make captain then: Sehwag? Gambhir? At least Dhoni has kept wickets well in this series, what has the famed top order done?

  • Jaggadaaku on January 15, 2012, 16:34 GMT

    Sehwag is not a test batman and his recent 219 runs gone disappeared from my hard disk. Dravid lost his focus. He alone blasted 3 centuries in ENG when every one else gone failed. Laxman is too lazy to even move. When I see him running, it reminds me running Neil Armstrong on the moon in zero gravity. Gambhir and Sehwag are only good for ODIs where every ball needs to be treated by shot and cuts. Gambhir and Sehwag always get out in slip cordon and gully. Looks like they got copy rights. Since Sachin's 99th Internatioonal hundred, 111 centuries blasted by the world's batsmen, but he couldn't find one yet. I am damn sure he wouldn't get his 100th ton even if he would play 50 more years. I have no words left for captain Dhoni. But one thing I would surely say that he has very big mouth for only talking big and meaningless and selling the desi items on the TV. His last statement as '0-2 phase makes the team stronger' was hilarious. Dhoni, you are a better comedian than Johny Lever & Govi

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:34 GMT

    Haaaa this is utter rubbish.....first thing...Test team should get rid of Dhoni.....make Gambhir the captain and then phase out seniors "thoughfully"...Also no place for Sehwag in test team......

  • coldcoffee123 on January 15, 2012, 16:34 GMT

    A man with absolutely no Test credentials wants the legends of the game to quit. What a shame. Sounds like Ravi Bopanna asking Federer to retire. My foot.

  • rohitmakhija on January 15, 2012, 16:32 GMT

    The Indian debacle began with Mr. Duncan Fletcher taking over the reigns from Gary, is it really about the seniors not performing or something seriously wrong with Duncan's strategy.....???

  • rahulcricket007 on January 15, 2012, 16:30 GMT


  • SAJIL_KERALA on January 15, 2012, 16:29 GMT

    Corporate India has invested millions in media hyped Dhoni who was even called India's answer to Ghilcrist when he is not even Tatendra taibu of Zimbabwe, who occasionally score fighting half centuries. Since BCCI is all about money making body, they won't displease the corporate sponsors. So Dhoni will continue, and he will phase out anybody for his own future.

  • Mr.Optimistic on January 15, 2012, 16:27 GMT

    I don't think Dhoni has what it takes to be a good Test Captain. His Field placements are poor. On top of that he hardly performs on foreign soil. He should be stripped out of the captaincy.

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:27 GMT

    Cant blame the 3 seniors only,there are more 8 players in team.How about them?Still They couldnt find suitable replacement of Ganguly,let alone more 3! Dhoni should oil his own machine rather....

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:26 GMT

    india is a very poor team in overseas............they have to learn from aus and must drop sehwag.laxman.dravid.dhoni.

  • RK.Chandru on January 15, 2012, 16:26 GMT

    With his unimaginative and defensive field placements and by not being bold enough to rest useless openers and to ask Dravid to open with Rahane, by not guding the tail with his presence in the middle, by selecting a 123kph Vinaykumar ahead of a Ojha or Ashwin and by denying a better player his well deserved chance with his presence in the team, Dhoni can very well call himself as the MAIN CULPRIT.

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:26 GMT

    Team for Adelaide - Rahane, sehwag,dravid,sachin,rohit,virat, saha,ahswin,yadav, zaheer, ojha. if paceman played then ishant in place of ojha. gambhir and laxman to be dropped. but sehwag in gambhir being dropped is being unimaginable

  • Vpx23 on January 15, 2012, 16:25 GMT


  • ssand on January 15, 2012, 16:24 GMT

    If the plan is to kill test cricket and promote IPL, this is the best way to do it. Send an aging lot overseas and waste their time and money. My sympathies are with the English and the Aussies for not finding a good sparring partner.

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:20 GMT

    The future Test team should be Ajinkya Rahane, Abhinav mukund, Gambhir,virat,rohit,cheteswar, badrinath, karthik(wk) umesh yadav,zaheer khan, ishant sharma,varu aaron,rahul sharma,ojha, ahswin No matter even if they loose. This team should not be allowed any intl 20 20 and IPL only test and ODI MAY BE PLAYED. aLL THESE PLAYERS SHOULD PLAY ATLEAST ONE SEASON OF COUNTY IN ENGLAND . vIRAT SHOULD BE THE CAPTAIN FOR TEST , DHONI FOR ODI AND T20

  • Nampally on January 15, 2012, 16:19 GMT

    Again Dhoni's thinking is too simplisitic.Phasing of seniors goes over a period of couple of years. It should have started by dropping Laxman in a couple of tests in Australia & phasing Rohit Sharma in. There are a whole generation of Indian batsmen in waiting list - Pujara, Rahane, M.Tiwary, Mukund besides Raina, R.Sharma, Kohli. Fortunately Yadev & Aaron are phased in as seamers at the expense of Sree, RP Singh, Patel,etc. But there are other Seamers like Dinda, Sandhu, Mahesh, Singhs (Rajasthan), Abu Nachim,etc. fighting for recognition. There has to be a camp for "Batsmen & Bowler development" and BCCI needs to invest majority of its $39 Million profit for such camps. BCCI is miles behind all other Boards - CA, ECB, SAB, etc. BCCI needs to understand that they are totally responsible for the results of the Indian team at home & abroad.The results of whitewash in England & Australia (so far), quotes a sorry picture of a Nation of 1.1 Billion unable to produce quality cricketers.

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:13 GMT

    Dhoni has rightly said that phasing out seniors is a process rather than an event. The selectors did not have the courage to execute the process rightly. for example, in WI and England series, Avinab Mukund was selected as an opener and he performed fairly not very bad and his technique was good. But, in subsequent series he was thrown out as soon as seniors came into side without proving their fitness. Selectors always choose the playing eleven based on reputation and past performance not based on the current form. The selectors does not have the courage to drop the seniors even when they are not in form. No one is above cricket how big a player may be should be the motto.

  • aravabalaji on January 15, 2012, 16:13 GMT

    Dhoni persisted with Raina & persisted with Virat & not to say about R.Jadeja (in ODIs) even after many failures. But why he dumped technically competent & consistent Badrinath & Pujara who had impressive debut and were scoring heavily in domestic circuit? He has not shown the same privilege to these people for the best reasons known only to him. He himself an out of sorts Test player, how can he judge these batsmen and spoil their careers?

  • on January 15, 2012, 16:13 GMT

    Dhoni's performance as a batsman is terrible one as well as a captain, atleast in tests. He don't deserve test cap.

  • Raj12345 on January 15, 2012, 16:04 GMT

    Dhoni is first one to be removed from Test. Next Shewag, Gambhir, Laxman, Kohli. All are playing tactics knowing that next 5 year tests in India. We indian fans most cheated in the world by our cricketers. No one have cut to touch these players. All of sundden we say we won the world cup. forget it. that is over. think about daily life.

  • Vpx23 on January 15, 2012, 16:02 GMT


  • on January 15, 2012, 15:57 GMT

    Are the sponsors picking the team these days?

  • 5why on January 15, 2012, 15:56 GMT

    Why should the Selection Committee not be sacked ? Ian Chappel, a keen observer, made this comment today on TV ? Is anyone listening ?

  • amitksingh on January 15, 2012, 15:55 GMT

    Abhi83Blr.. u r right. there is something more than that of just sacking seniors. sehwag ... gambhir , dhoni, and virat all have failed miserbly in aus and englanad too. in virat case only a 70+ in 6 innings cant save him. the selectors must get rid of the players whoever is not performing well . or have been not performed in a given set of time. this is very simple. just sack a batsman or bowler whether is a senior or juniar. the selection must be on merit. dhoni, sehwag gambhir or virat no one has performed well. these guys are even worse than sachin and dravid.. or luxman.

  • YorkshirePudding on January 15, 2012, 15:51 GMT

    Most outsiders have seen this moment approaching for 2 years, and it seems that its gaining critical mass, it cant do the team any good with the media speculating who's going when. As for Dhoni hes looked jaded since the WC win, and is probably mentally exhausted, and being handed 7 consective defeats is a problem. The BCCI also need to be questioned seriously about the scheduling with no away test series for 2 years, what chance have new batsmen got to play in foreign conditions.

  • Mr.Optimistic on January 15, 2012, 15:49 GMT

    I don't think Dhoni has what it takes to be a good Test Captain. His Field placements are poor. On top of that he hardly performs consistently with the bat! He should be stripped off from the test captaincy and lead India only in the ODI's and T20's..

  • raveekoomar on January 15, 2012, 15:47 GMT

    Everybody asked Ganguly and poor Kumble to retire. Glad they retired with their overseas stats intact and heads held high. Now coming to the fab 4 Sehwag should go and play some county cricket in England or in New zealand or Australia and improve his skills very much a 15-18 months stint in a county is prescribed for him. Same applies to Laxman. Dravid can retire in the coming home series and then tip Cheteswar Pujara into his place from what i have seen his domestic records speak for itself but the future gen Y is Pujara, Tiwary, Badrinath. If only these 3 can go to English counties and improve their skills and how to play the seaming balls nothing like it. Yes Rohit, Virat and Raina are also there but technique wise i guess the above 3 are far ahead of the media savvy Rohit Virat and Raina team. Lastly find a quality all rounder like Pollock or Flintoff that is hurting us no end maybe its time we found one with our BCCI money poured on one specific talent. Overseas victories count.

  • on January 15, 2012, 15:43 GMT

    Take a bet only senior they will drop will be Laxman...and as they play in India all these grandmasters will be back in form scoring runs...including sehwag...

  • MohamedBasheer on January 15, 2012, 15:41 GMT

    My futhure Indian XI - 1.Abinav Mukund 2.Gautam Ghambir 3.Pujara 4.Kholi 5.Rohit Sharma 6.K.D.Karthik/Saha 7.Aswin/Rahul Sharma 8.Zaheer Khan 9.Praveen 10.Umesh Yadav 11.Irfan Pattan (All rounder) sub12.Isanth Sharma. The Indaian selectors shoul select the youngsters in to the team as early as possible also phase the seniors as early as possible.

  • on January 15, 2012, 15:40 GMT

    dhoni only oneday player

  • riz8663 on January 15, 2012, 15:39 GMT

    @Ranga Prasad your optimism in the batting line up is show your extensive love for Dhoni, who is banned to play 4th test (which means he cannot play in that game), yet you still have him in starting XI.

    I agree with most comments here Dhoni should phase out of Test cricket too

  • endoftest on January 15, 2012, 15:39 GMT

    Tendulkar should be first to go in that list followed by laxman, dravid and then zaheer khan. No ex cricketers have guts to tell that.

  • suryabhai on January 15, 2012, 15:39 GMT

    while playing in the fast pitches like aus we defnitely need the experienced players, see they are only strugling a lot so as dhoni said weneed both seniors and the young guns as a package but dhoni's performance in tests is as worst as any batsman had first he has to improve a lot while talking about seniors

  • Hari2587 on January 15, 2012, 15:37 GMT

    This loss is a team loss, stop blaming Seniors and hide the juniors who have underperformed to their level of cricket. I have no doubt about the practice which we had. But end of the day implementing the same in game is what important. We have lost this series by 3 - 0 already. Still we have a game to be played. Always do not try to replace some one for other, like finding next Lax, next Dravid, next Sachin. Instead believe in the talent of new comers. Let them play their own game to show of the talent. To stop the bad mouth of Indian in swinging and bouncy tracks. In India we should prepare at least 3 grounds of such swinging and bouncy tracks. Which would bring a good platform for the players in any place.

    Do not make huge changes, instead we should act step by step to get the best team in Future as of now.

  • amudhan3093 on January 15, 2012, 15:35 GMT

    Dhoni should quit tests.

  • on January 15, 2012, 15:29 GMT

    With due respect to all that they had done for the cause of Indian cricket in the past, here is the Q for phasing out: 1) VVS. 2) Dravid. 3) Sachin. 4)Sehwag (if he doesn't change his batting attitude). 5) Dhoni (if he does not develop his batting skills in tests). 6) Zaheer (a deserving phase-out, if the new comers develop fast). Kohli. Roht, & Raina should be played together at No 3,4,& 5 at least for a couple of series. We also need to find out standby openers in place of Gambhir & Sehwag (of course, Gambhir, at least, is willing to learn, unlike Sehwag). During the transition, I would prefer to open with Gambhir and Sachin.( Sachin -- not for his 100th 100, but for his form and for being a role model for youngsters). Use Sehwag as a third opener, making him wait and hopefully watch & learn!

  • dmqi on January 15, 2012, 15:27 GMT

    Indian selection committee and the captain are paying the price of 15K plus and 13K plus run's record. They are paying the price of cheap T20 6's. Dhoni is a poor captain, a poor test player and Shewag is a hit or miss cricketer when it comes to quality bowlers. # 6 ICC position is not far away when the old 3 retire which is overdue. Why there is not a single top quality bowler in a country with 2nd largest population?

  • on January 15, 2012, 15:27 GMT

    In my opinion there should be no permanent slots in any cricket team. Those who have proven themselves over the years are of course entitled for few failures. But if not performing regardless of what he has done in the past that player should be dropped. That of course does not mean end of the international career for the discarded player. For example David Gower, Graham Gooch, Dennis Amiss and even Geoff Boycott have been dropped due to poor form but only temporarily. Further it is important to maintain right balance between seniors and newcomers and no one, not even the captain should be considered as favourites over others. It should not be like SL team where apparently Mahela and Dishan seems to have registered for life while Thilan gets dropped for failing in a single match.

  • sixth.insomniac on January 15, 2012, 15:26 GMT

    People! People! People! Don't go about being so harsh on Dhoni. Aren't we the ones who lauded his captain-ship during the World Cup? Aren't we the ones who praised his talents during all our wins? And what he says is absolutely right. Australia, SA started the process of 'phasing-out' quite a while ago, which is why they're all fresh and charged up at present. India, on the other hand, have just begun to consider it. So, be it a year or more, our time will definitely rise once again, Dhoni being the leader. A fresh, young, spirited and smart team.

  • on January 15, 2012, 15:25 GMT

    Why people are talking about Dhoni's sacking? If you really need experienced(aged) in the team bring back Kapil, Azar, Ganguly, Kiran More, Javagal Srinath, Srikanth etc., who have really good experience. Let them play till they die on the ground.. Ha ha ha.. Why people don't understand that after certain age your feet and body movements get slower and you can play cricket.. Same is happening with Sachin(The devil), Dravid(collapsed wall), Laxman(Match loser) and Sehwag.. It makes perfect sense to drop seniors from the team and include yougsters(between the age of 16 and 20). Sachin between the age of 16 and 30 was really wonderful.. After 30 he lost his everything and just hanging in there to make records being an obstacle for another 16 year aged like him..

  • on January 15, 2012, 15:22 GMT

    cant understand why people are after Dhoni. He was good in England, but the others were not. Now all are not good in Aus... so... you are after Dhoni..

  • SamRoy on January 15, 2012, 15:20 GMT

    Say goodbye to Dravid and Laxman. Drop Gambhir (at least for 6 months). Bring Sehwag to middle order (he has been crying to bat in middle order for years). Prepare for phasing out Tendulkar by the end of this year. Play Rohit and Virat in every test match and give chance to Rahane and Pujara if possible in every match. Also include Mukund as a standby (Vijay won't work, zero backfoot technique). Try to find another 3-4 bowlers like Umesh Yadav (wishful thinking).

  • Sambhara on January 15, 2012, 15:19 GMT

    I think there is none to be spared. I have seen the cricketing systems in Australia and anyone representing the country need to perform. It is a bit of disgrace that there is lack of accountability for Indian batsmen. I like Sachin... but unfortunatley he cannot be spared too if his performance continues... but Sehwag, Laxman , Dravid need to go. Gambhir need to work hard to be back to the team. All these players needs to be blamed and not single out Laxman as Gavaskar does. Just cannot believe the body language of Sehwag when he on the field to bat absolute disgrace to watch

    Dhoni, your authority on captaincy is definitely missing, I do not know why ?? Give chance to faces like Pujara, Rahane, Rohit Sharma and Raina. Selectors needs to take decisions


  • woremorse on January 15, 2012, 15:09 GMT

    Phasing out the seniors would be meaningful if only we have adequate replacements. But then, India has historically failed to cope up with quality fast bowling and top grade swing bowling. Some good performances in foreign conditions are to be seen rather as exceptions than rule. Indian batting failed miserably in coludy conditions in New Zealand and England in face of medium quality swing bowlers none of whom could be qualified as genuinely fast. Until this problem is addressed by thoroughly preparing a young generation of batsmen to handle these conditions, alas, we may be forced to make good with these seniors who must have aready realised that they are no more upto the battle.May be some more personal landmarks are there to be achieved. Mera Bharat Mahan!!!

  • rsurya on January 15, 2012, 15:04 GMT

    Drop Laxman and forget winning, Drop Dravid and forget fighting, Drop sachin and forget cricket.

  • on January 15, 2012, 15:02 GMT

    and for sure drop ishant sharma, guy who cant even learn after playing 47 test matches, how to bowl full lenght delivery...

  • on January 15, 2012, 14:58 GMT

    I think first step should be move kholi to number 3 spot, move rahul and sachin to number 4 and 5, and 6 should be rohit sharma, and drop laxman...

  • on January 15, 2012, 14:57 GMT

    The time to phase out the oldies has gone long time ago. BCCI kindly take some action now. Now i wonder what had GANGULY done wrong that he was forced to retire at such an "early" age. The guys like Ganguly and Kumble were always not treated in the same way as was done with Sachin, Dravid and Laxman although their contribution towards Indian cricket is immense. It's time for the oldies to retire. Even the youngsters can perform in Indian conditions and score centuries. What have Pujara, Badrinath, Rohit, Kohli, Manoj, Raina done so wrong? They performed almost equally.

  • Ganes.V on January 15, 2012, 14:57 GMT

    What seniors? He should be the first to quit from tests! what is his contribution in the last two series?

  • on January 15, 2012, 14:56 GMT

    Dhoni tendulkar laxman dravid ishant zaheeer sehwaaag should all retire frm test cricket

  • Brumby90 on January 15, 2012, 14:53 GMT

    Wow, 6 weeks ago all we heard was how great a batting line up India has. Now they have a reailty check.

  • on January 15, 2012, 14:52 GMT

    On this tour the saving grace partially has been Sachin Tendulkar. Somehow the wall has collapsed. Dhoni really needs to look at his own performance and ask himself if he fits into the team as a wicket keeper batsman. As a skipper he is mediocre. I understand that when things don't work everything seems to be going wrong. Everybody talks of the SENIORS. What about Sehwag and Gambhir flopping so badly at the top. That puts pressure on the next batsmen. So... things need to be really planned meticulously without knee jerk reactions.

  • MENDIS_Forever on January 15, 2012, 14:41 GMT

    Sack VVS,Dravis,Sehwag immediately. Dravid is too old.VVS is out of form.Sehwag's pride won't let him settle well.

  • RK.Chandru on January 15, 2012, 14:38 GMT

    how about phasing yourself out at least from test cricket Mr. Dhoni? After all, you overwork yourself so much that, you need a break too. Think for yourself too so that a deserving guy will get a chance to exhibit his prowess at the highest level.

  • 5why on January 15, 2012, 14:34 GMT

    Saurav Ganguly was forced to retire in Nov 2008, when his score in 10 Tests was 980 runs at an average of 54.44 runs.

    What is the current standard followed by the same selection committee ?

    Why such a double standard ?

  • on January 15, 2012, 14:33 GMT

    what about sehwag's performance?He has not done well in overseas series against south africa,england and australia(current tour).Laxman atleast did well against south africa in SA.

  • on January 15, 2012, 14:32 GMT

    Being a Pakistani residing in Chicago, i want India to give their youngsters more of a chance to show their talents for the future.Ride of this year and lets focus for the new year and let the talent pool pickup. We need to get back to the winning ways by beating those Aussies in the game, they deserve to get a good desi whopping on their grounds. Go India and Pakistan.

  • cric4lyf on January 15, 2012, 14:29 GMT

    laxman we love u......RIP

  • on January 15, 2012, 14:19 GMT

    how about even phasing out himself?

  • on January 15, 2012, 14:18 GMT

    First you should look at your performance and then think who should be phased out. If performance is the criteria, then Dhoni, Gambhir and Sehwag should be phased out and sacked form the test team.

    I agree that Laxman and Dravid did not perform well but so Sachin. But that does not mean that on the name of age and seniority, they should be axed. On any cricketing criteria, Sehwag, Gambhir, Dhoni, and Virat should be axed. Virat played good knocks in this match but that's all. One or two good innings good innings are played by these guys as well. I guess first of all we shud phase out or rather sack out Dhoni and make VVS captain. It does not look good that a player who himself is not able to perform, asking others to phase out who have been performing well till now.

  • on January 15, 2012, 14:12 GMT

    4th test- 1.R Dravid 2.G Gambhir 3.V Kohli 4.S Tendulkar 5.VVS Laxman 6.R Sharma 5.MS Dhoni 8.R ashwin/Vinay Kumar(Depending on conditions)9.Z Khan 10.I Sharma 11.Umesh Yadav

  • scc4cricket on January 15, 2012, 14:12 GMT

    Should Be The Last Chance For The Seniors. We Need Young Blood To Fight With Sprit... Virat Showed That...

  • Zahidsaltin on January 15, 2012, 14:05 GMT

    India won't have to play in England or Australia for next 5 years. They can just go home and with the same team they can start again to their march towards no. 1 status. They are masters of playing at flate beds and every one of them including Laxman is good enough for that.

  • maulikshah17 on January 15, 2012, 14:02 GMT

    Dhoni needs to be faced out too. His batting has been terrible in Aus and Eng.

  • Abhi83Blr on January 15, 2012, 14:02 GMT

    Seniors must be gradually phased out; but Dhoni should be immediately kicked out ! Nothing positive about his captaincy or batting !

  • on January 15, 2012, 13:58 GMT

    It is really the right time for seniors to make way for the younger players. The name Laxman is cropping up time and again. Yes, he has underperformed, but why are we leaving out Sachin's name. He is the senior most player. But out of the six innings, he hasn't taken a single responsibility to score for India and being at no 4 position is always very crucial. We talk about his greatness. I am a big fan and respect him a lot. But its ever diminishing. Laxman over the years have played many innings to win or save India from loosing, single handed. Sachin till now hasn't spoken in media since the arriving in Australia, why? Is he scared? Australia is a great team, only because even their greats have to perform to stay in the Team. But no one questions Sachin? Cant wait any more. It's time for him to leave with respect. 22 years is long period. Other youngster needs a chance. India does not need your 100th ton. India needs to win series abroad.

  • intcamd on January 15, 2012, 13:55 GMT

    Dhoni is in no position to comment on phasing out Laxman and Dravid, he needs to think about his own position needs to be phased out, not gradually either. His batting abroad is atrocious, he is a disgrace. Mr. 2 runs, is his new title.

  • on January 15, 2012, 13:48 GMT

    its not about the seniors..its about the whole team who didnt perform...even ms dhoni who didnt perform...captain just dont blame particular batsmen look urself...

  • on January 15, 2012, 13:46 GMT

    Indian team is facing alot of problems playing outside the country especially on Foreign Soil. They were beaten by England, South Africa and now Australia.. Could not handle the pace and the bounce of these pitches. BCCI must think about it and do something for it. However, India is the best team and will recover these problems soon..

  • AvidCricFan on January 15, 2012, 13:44 GMT

    India has too many seniors if one includes Shewag in the group. He is playing like senior these days. The players needing serious thinking when India plays Aussie, SA, England are Gambhir, Shewag, VVS and Dhoni. These makes four of the seven batsmen. Dravid and Tendulkar are becoming marginal players too. All of them average fielders. Zaheer seems to be loosing shin too. Umesh Yadav is a good bowler but poor in fielding and batting. The handicaps for Indian team to put up a good performance are too many.

  • MINHAJAHMEDKHAN on January 15, 2012, 13:44 GMT


  • khusihaitu8 on January 15, 2012, 13:43 GMT

    Everyone and anyone would stand beside you when you are at your peak and going good, but it takes real fan and a friend to stand tall beside those people who need your love and support. I might be angry for a while but not forever. Team India I'm not leaving you alone in this storm. Together will over come and succeed once again. Share this if your true fan of Team India :)

  • yorkshire-86 on January 15, 2012, 13:39 GMT

    The problem is, India have been punching way above thier weight for the last 6 years. Even though they have had a lot of great players, they rarely have had a competent squad around them. Look at India's and England's pace bowling attack - England have 9 fast bowlers that could walk into the Indian eleven. India have one (Khan). Cricket is a 11 man sport, not a 1 man. Thats why India in the overall win/loss rankings are 6th, it was just a statistical anomoly (a period where they were playing all the best teams at home and the easier teams away) that put them to the top. India for the last 100 years has been a country of hockey fans, a bit of glory (and the IPL) transitioned them to cricket, and when the final nail in India's coffin (the retirement of Tendulkar) happens, they will return to being a nothing team and the fans will go back to hockey. And persisting with youngsters that are nowhere near good enough dosnt work - look what happened to Australia with Hughes!

  • Crazy4cricket40 on January 15, 2012, 13:39 GMT

    I think its time drop Laxman now and may be dravid too but we don't want all changes at the same time. so first laxman and once kohli and sharma or pujara gets settle drop dravid too. not taking their credit away what they did for country so far but i think its time to retire now. just look at paksitan about a 2yrs ago when they did not a service of Yusuf, Inzi and yunus for whatever reason. they strugglled for 2yrs but look at them now with youngsters like Azhar ali, Asad, umar and hafeez. Its really looks strong side now. India also needs to something like this. this is the best time, as by 2015 WC team wiil be groomed again. Ishant needs be dropped forever and Irfan should be in. He is a very good allrounder. Sehwag also needs to be dropped from test side, specially when you are playing on such pitches. Its not our flat tracks where u can score easily

  • on January 15, 2012, 13:29 GMT

    1st dhoni should retire,its not ages he batted,cos he dint bat well in his test carrier,so better quit n give shewag a chance !

  • on January 15, 2012, 13:28 GMT

    if the BCCI cared the probably would have picked the phone up to the ICC to overturn but i get the feeling even they cant be bothered...

  • on January 15, 2012, 13:17 GMT

    Phase out the seniors...!!!!Gradually through the course of the next 2 series or so......the batting lineup is badly in need of some young blood...the seniors need to see the sunset coming very soon or it may be too late for team INDIA.

  • on January 15, 2012, 13:16 GMT

    There are still good enough but i think for future they need to get rid of atleast 3 seniors player

  • on January 15, 2012, 13:13 GMT

    1st of all get rid of dhoni,

  • Noboundary on January 15, 2012, 13:08 GMT

    What nonsense! The BCCI had so many chances to brood in youngsters and give them a chance. They missed it in England, missed it in Australia and foolishly persisted with expired seniors. Dhoni's statement gives a clue to how our selectors think... namely selection for a test eleven is a reward for past records it is not intended to make us win games. As long as the BCCI thinks like this no one can save our cricket. Nobody disagrees that some of the seniors have done great st sometime in the past.... they deserve to be commentators, running cricket schools and need stands named after them. Going by this logic we should recall Gavaskar, Kapil as their contribution is greater!

  • tearsinblue on January 15, 2012, 13:07 GMT

    VVS and Dravid are probably done. India needs to have a long hard look at Sehwag - not sure where his game is at. Sachin - I don't think he is done yet. He still looks like one of the best batsmen in the world.

  • JustOUT on January 15, 2012, 13:05 GMT

    Where is this Nampally, Dravid_gravitas etc etc.. who were singing songs on this overhyped India's test team. I always knew that this will come. India's climb to No.1 and staying there for nearly 2 yrs all happened like a Indian television dramas. It all started in 2009, SA vs Aus series, where SA lost and India became No.1, after that India played against Aus, SA, SL at home. As usual India won dramatically. When they toured SA, they cannot win a series with such a winning form and in England their worst came and in Aus its a disaster. Its proved and now nobody can urge that this team can win a series in SA,ENG & AUS. Its an overhyped team. DOT.

  • on January 15, 2012, 13:01 GMT

    May be its also the time MSD is phased out of the test team especially when playing overseas....

  • spinkingKK on January 15, 2012, 12:56 GMT

    Whatever India decide, they have to give the prime importance to the fitness and athleticism. We need to include the players who are also very good fielders. Fielding lapses are causing too much for India. It is as if the australians can easily convert 1's into 2 and 2's into 3 or 4 without any risks. Because, the Indian fielders are never going to get them run out. Bring in people like Kaif, Jadeja, Agarkar who were all very good fielders. The selection policy should be such that, nobody gets into the team if they are poor fielders - unless they are an exceptionally good practicioner of their art and there is nobody close to equal(Zaheer Khan, for instance, can be persisted with).

  • on January 15, 2012, 12:52 GMT

    What YOU are talking about Mr.MSD, I don't see any youngster showing some consistent performance...!!

    You your self need some batting practice.

  • dosapati_anand on January 15, 2012, 12:49 GMT

    Next overseas test in november, 2013. Utterly ridiculous. How can U expose the young lot even if they are good this way? This series not only highlights the things wrong with not just the indian cricket but also the system adopted by ICC. They should have something like grandslams in tennis in which the SCHEDULING AND THE TOURNAMENTS OR THE SERIES ARE STANDARDIZED FOR A CALENDAR YEAR so that every team is tested on every surface AT LEAST ONCE IN A YEAR. They may have to modify the test cricket format slightly to accomplish this. For example, why can't we have a 100 over a side four day matches doing away with the draws which is a cross between one days and tests as part of cricket grandslams in Australia, england, subcontinent & south africa. Having meaningless schedules for next 10 years simply locks cricket in a perpetual pattern as the sub continental teams can never catch up with teams like australia and SA in terms of versatility in the present directionless ICC scheduling.

  • D.S.A on January 15, 2012, 12:48 GMT

    Of course SRT is immune to this. While Dravid and Laxman only play Tests for India, they (those that determine the squad, and final eleven) would rather drop Laxman, then Dravid, and have their god, SRT, play until he wants to, rather than allow all three to be able to represent India in one format. Typical. VVS wouldn't be the sacrificial lamb if he scored piles of runs in recent times; it's just convenient to drop him, the least regarded of the three. And no, I'm not a Laxman fan.

  • SAJIL_KERALA on January 15, 2012, 12:47 GMT

    Good that Seniors are phased out, but before that kick out Dhoni.

  • on January 15, 2012, 12:47 GMT

    Why Laxman alone is being targeted...It is a Complete Team Failure..

  • on January 15, 2012, 12:41 GMT

    The main reason for which India is suffering is IPL. Even a club player of IPL earns more than international salary of the Indians.So, all the players get huge money playing only for twenty overs.What is the use of spending energy in 2020 then?

  • on January 15, 2012, 12:38 GMT

    Given a Quite Political Answer without Dravid , Sachin, Tendulkar the Test Side of India will be really weak they are treading on Thin ice wuth this Topic....

  • on January 15, 2012, 12:36 GMT

    how dhoni is going to phased out from his poor form.... dhoni should leave international cricket and concentrate on ipl where he can gain more money like bcci..

  • on January 15, 2012, 12:35 GMT

    i like this man......manly attitude!

  • Dashgar on January 15, 2012, 12:31 GMT

    Don't know exactly who should be dropped but India would be foolish to avoid playing both Rohit Sharma and Rahane in the fourth test. Laxman is the obvious first choice to be dropped and either Dravid or Sehwag would accompany him on the sidelines. These moves would not necessarily be permanent but in a dead rubber after this sort of drubbing it is the only option right now.

  • on January 15, 2012, 12:29 GMT

    Is it? and who will phase out the captai? He is a burden on our test side. Nothing to give as a batsman or a keeper and an ultradefensive captain.. He is fit for ODIs only..

  • Sporty-critic on January 15, 2012, 12:29 GMT

    Whether Dhoni likes it or not, the seniors need to be phased out, the sooner the better. We can't keep depending on players who are over the hill and blame them as well. The result over the past three tests can be reason enough to overhaul the team and induct fresh faces into the team. Atleast, we dont need to listen to the same old excuses, next time.

  • on January 15, 2012, 12:26 GMT

    It's good to see a young man like Kholi starting to show he can play test cricket but you need to learn how to play on foreign pitches earlier in your life. India need to get their promising youngsters out around the world rather than earning a fat living playing the junk cricket that is the IPL if they are ever going to compete abroad.

  • bumsonseats on January 15, 2012, 12:23 GMT

    perhaps instead of only offering ipl contracts the young ind players, should play in eng to benifit their longer game. would the counties want some of their players, doubtful as each county wants to in leagues cups etc. but they could play in the second team comps. the bcci should pay the counties for that player to play. scoring 1000s of runs over seasons on flat lifeless pitches does you no good if when you go overseas playing the top teams you get beat 4 - 0. the bcci should flex their muscles and start the long road to fight for the top of the test league. groundsmen should be told to use the hosepipe and get grass on to the pitches. which in turn will get pace bowlers trying to bowl fast. which in turn will get batters used to pace bowling with bounce and movement. pak can get good and great pace bowlers in similar conditions why not ind. instead of ind supporters on cricinfo forums telling us of the money the bcci has. use it to get their players used to pace bowling. dpk

  • HawksEyeFocused on January 15, 2012, 12:22 GMT

    2003-2004 Australia v. India 04/12/2003 Drawn 1-1 2004-2005 India v. Australia 06/10/2004 Australia 2-1 2007-2008 Australia v. India 26/12/2007 Australia 2-1 2008-2009 India v. Australia 09/10/2008 India 2-0 2010-2011 India v. Australia 01/10/2010 India 2-0 2011-2012 Australia v. India 26/12/2011 (In Progress) Australia 3-0*

  • HawksEyeFocused on January 15, 2012, 12:21 GMT

    Don't despair Indian friends - this result is not too far out of the normal course of events..... 1947-1948 Australia v. India 28/11/1947 Australia 4-0 1956-1957 India v. Australia 19/10/1956 Australia 2-0 1959-1960 India v. Australia 12/12/1959 Australia 2-1 1964-1965 India v. Australia 02/10/1964 Drawn 1-1 1967-1968 Australia v. India 23/12/1967 Australia 4-0 1969-1970 India v. Australia 04/11/1969 Australia 3-1 1977-1978 Australia v. India 02/12/1977 Australia 3-2 1979-1980 India v. Australia 11/09/1979 India 2-0 1980-1981 Australia v. India 02/01/1981 Drawn 1-1 1985-1986 Australia v. India 13/12/1985 Drawn 0-0 1986-1987 India v. Australia 18/09/1986 Drawn 0-0 1991-1992 Australia v. India 29/11/1991 Australia 4-0 1996-1997 India v. Australia 10/10/1996 India 1-0 1997-1998 India v. Australia 06/03/1998 India 2-1 1999-2000 Australia v. India 10/12/1999 Australia 3-0 2000-2001 India v. Australia 27/02/2001 India 2-1

  • buddyboy on January 15, 2012, 12:21 GMT

    Why is it only in India that people don't know when their time is up? Politicians, cricketers, public servants etc. Tendulkar should retire. If he doesn't, drop him. Also drop Dravid, Laxman and Sehwag FOR GOOD. Do this asap. My lineup for the next Test India plays after Adelaide: Rahane and Gambhir(c) to open, 3.Virat Kohli, 4.Rohit Sharma, 5.Cheteshwar Pujara, 6. Badrinath, 7.Saha(wk) and then four bowlers par for the pitch in question. Time for Dhoni to be dropped as Test captain. Forget his captaincy, the guy can't bat. Pokes outside off stump like he's playing tennis ball cricket in some gully in Ranchi.

  • Nish8738 on January 15, 2012, 12:21 GMT

    Can't blame dhoni for all the losses. if his batsmen cant even reach 200 then there is a problem with them because most of them average near 50 -/+ so they do need to drop one senior at time. laxman is the first one to go he hasn't looked like the same laxman. after laxman its going to be dravid(after 1 year) and sachin can go as he wishes to go. India has found two great bowlers in varun aaron and umesh yadav who bowl over 145. Zaheer will go soon too and bhajji. So the batting should be gauti,sehwag/rahane,pujara,kohli,rohit,dhoni,raina,ashwin,yadav,aaron,parveen kumar. This should be the test team for future and ishant needs to work harder to find a place in the team.

  • gilly_danda on January 15, 2012, 12:09 GMT

    what experience seniors want to share with juniors? how many times they won the series in Australia ? or how to be athletic on the field? or how to win on Indian pitches? or how to win the matches with slow medium pacers ? or how to improve the fielding? or loosing the matches with senseless captaincy?

  • indianpunter on January 15, 2012, 12:08 GMT

    Finally, the elephants in the room are being discussed. Laxman should be dropped for the Adelaide test ( if he does not announce his retirement before that) and dravid has to go at the end of this series. By the time, India play our next series, Dravid will be closer to 40 than 39 and more than that, it has been such a struggle to see him bat this entire series. The spirit is willing, but the technique and the foot movements have long deserted him. This is the perfect time to rebuild. Anoint Kohli as the new captain, and build the team around him. Dravid and Laxman has been colossuses of Indian cricket, but its time.

  • on January 15, 2012, 12:08 GMT

    dhoni speaking very wisely. although one must wonder when these "legends" want to retire as well. It's not really a matter of being dropped from the team is it? you have to personally decide that you can no longer help develop the game in your country and must give youngsters a chance. Perhaps stay around long enough to guide these youngsters in the right direction and take your leave with honor and respect.

  • wnwn on January 15, 2012, 12:03 GMT

    The future Indian team should be; Gautham Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Ajinkye Rahane, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Manoj Tiwary, MS Dhoni, Pragyan Ojha, Umesh Yadav, Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma

  • ananjai on January 15, 2012, 12:02 GMT

    First BCCI have to phase out mr captain cool or fool who has forgot how to bat

  • horrorlife on January 15, 2012, 12:01 GMT

    I agree to the leaving out of seniors. There are some who need to take a rest. My india X11 for the Adelaide test would be Parthiv, Gambhir, Dravid, Tendulkar, Kohli, VVS Laxman, Saha, Ashwin, Mishra, Vinay/ Zaheer, Yadav

  • HawksEyeFocused on January 15, 2012, 12:01 GMT

    India was never No.1 even though the ICC ranked them No. 1. At their best they were either No.4 or 5. Its the Indian media, Gavaskar, Shastri and the general hype that made the world believe they were ranked No. 1. All that time Aus, SA and Eng were laughing from their back sides because they knew India had coconut grove batsmen. In fact watching David Warner was like watching an alien bat among Earthlings. His batting made Sehwag and Tendulkar look like softball beach Cricketers.

  • bumsonseats on January 15, 2012, 11:58 GMT

    only the older aussies and indian bridade, seem to hang on to their younger times. ponting should have gone after the ashes, that defeat will hang round him for the next 100 years, because ashes records do. the big 3 of india should have gone before the aussie tour but can understand why they did not as australia is still the hardest tour so needed their nous. all 3 should retire after this, im not sure who they play before england tour india. but the younger boys should be introduced sooner rather than later. as they are not scoring runs and other than the slips were else can they field its not fair on the other players. vvs should either retire or told to go. st should get his 100 x 100 and do the same as this record seems to be the only thing thats important. rd has had a poor tour but maybe should carry on a year or so. maybe after the eng tour should retire. mind dont hold your breath as iv said before all 4 i think will have to be pulled kicking and screaming. dpk

  • hhillbumper on January 15, 2012, 11:57 GMT

    The way they are playing at the moment I thought they had already retired. Oh well be home soon and then it will all seem a distant memory once more.

  • Kmohans on January 15, 2012, 11:57 GMT

    Did anyone look at our bowling performance for the last couple of years? It has been pathetic.

    Surprised no one is talking about it. Just goes to show that India is a batsman country. If you do not get bowlers who can take 20 wickets, how are you going to win?

    Forget the 400+ scores. Aim for scores of 300 and get bowlers who can take 20 wickets. Nothing else will suffice.

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:54 GMT

    dhoni should be scarped from test cricket,then the indian cricket can think about seniors,,quitting test cricket had gone through dhoni's mind,how can he lead a test team with the thought of quitting??ridiculous,if he doesn't enjoy playing test cricket,he should quit immediately.

  • Kmohans on January 15, 2012, 11:53 GMT

    Why talk about the seniors when Sehwag, Gambhir and Dhoni have been abject failures?

    Guess who were the top two scorers in England? Dravid and Sachin.

    Guess who are the top two scorers in Australia. Sachin and ...

    What India needs is the guts to drop players when they do not perform. They have to send a strong message to the openers who have been the weakest link and the primary cause of the batting woes.

  • Nautika on January 15, 2012, 11:51 GMT

    The one man they need to phase out is Sachin. He is no doubt great, no doubt scored 99 centuries but he has never been a match winner. Cant play under pressure at all. If India wants to progress they should get rid of him. The whole team is jinxed by his presence and look upon him as their saviour, but he is not.

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:49 GMT

    No player(s) should be bigger than the team. Even SRT-and i'm well aware of his hero status in India, should not be given so many chances to get he should this 100th ton that it becomes detrimental to the team. After humiliation in England, and now Australia, if I was MS I would use the rest of this series to test the mettle of the likes of Rohit and Pujara at test level, whilst keeping Kohli. Therefore VVS and Dravid must go for those two. SRT should end hs career himself as soon as he reaches this milestone. If it takes much longer to achieve though he should be dropped. Some things just aren't meant to be-like Bradman finishing with a 100 average. :(

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:49 GMT

    as always tour of ausiieee brings end of there career ... this thing happened to all other country`s like England , West indies , Pakistan And india srilanka too....

  • rahulcricket007 on January 15, 2012, 11:48 GMT


  • on January 15, 2012, 11:46 GMT


  • AVRAJAN on January 15, 2012, 11:45 GMT

    Since Dhoni is banned for Adelaide test the best thing to do is to name Dravid as captain for a couple of series as well, as he has won us a test series at Pakistan as captain. Shewag should not be named captain as he himself is out of form and is doubtful for the furture.And we should start the England mode to have three captains for test, one day and 20-20.

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:44 GMT

    First person to be left out of the Test Sqad should be the person (MR DHONI) making hints... purely a man for shorter version. But I agree the we should now start plan to gradually phase out seniors with respect they deserve...

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:40 GMT

    why dhoni is not thinking about himself? he is not thinking about his keeping and bating,in both side he has been doing poor perfomance since world cup win.. is this world cup a license for doing anything?shame of you dhoni.....

  • Edassery on January 15, 2012, 11:36 GMT

    Ideally Laxman should have gone last year, Dravid after England tour and Tendulkar following this series. The Indian selectors (and crazy fans) seem to be persisting the old men forever instead of helping with a proper succession plan.

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:35 GMT

    Its time for sachin,laxman,sehwag to go

  • Farce-Follower on January 15, 2012, 11:32 GMT

    MSD, SRT, RD and VVS all have to step down or retire in 2012...and no more records for SRT please...20000 runs in ODIs, 50 centuries in ODIs etc...else one day, even his son will ask him to make way.

  • mgiri1983 on January 15, 2012, 11:29 GMT

    Monga,If u dont know anything then please dont write anything against VVS.if you wana write then write against Dhoni.He also has not done any miracles in the series.

    VVS should be playing in the final test as well.Come what may

  • Chennai_Voice on January 15, 2012, 11:27 GMT

    What did MSD contribute with his batting to talk about senior's performance? He scored just 102 runs out of 6 innings in this series. He is a having a disgraceful run both as a captain and batsman. Its such a shame that he is making comments about seniors. He must remember that WC glory wont last long and will soon be forgotten. Infact with this humiliating series defeat, its already forgotten!!

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:27 GMT

    True the seniors will need to be phased out, but please do a reality check. Its not the first time that India have been steamrolled by pace, outside the subcontinent. Back in 1982-83 Imran Khan single-handedly decimated Gavaskar, Gundappa Vishawanath, Sandeep Patil, Dilip Vengsarkar and Kapil Dev. Later Garner Marshall and Co, did an action replay in the West Indies. And just to prove a point, Marshall Hodling and Roberts blew away India in India in 1983-84. 1991 Australia, 1990,1996 England ,2002-2003 NZ, so its nothing new. Yes MSD faulted - in hindsight Rohit Sharma for Ashwin would have been better instead of Vinay Kumar. VK only got plastered and the less spoken of his batting the better. Give the seniors their due respect. Messrs Gavaskar, Shastri can give their opinion, but they forget ' I still have a good 2-3 years left in me' came from them. Let VVS RD and SRT play on. Indian Cricket will be poorer without them. Give them the chance to go out on a high. They deserve it.

  • sairamama on January 15, 2012, 11:26 GMT

    i think dhoni includes his name toooooo in that list

  • Ammar1234 on January 15, 2012, 11:25 GMT

    Now India will face the real music

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:24 GMT

    The main problem is that in Tests at least, Dhoni as a captain and batsman is part of the deadwood that needs phasing out. He might not be old but he's simply not good enough.

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:23 GMT

    Dhoni is correct, We have to work towards winning ... No player is big than WIN ....

    but i really think, IPL Finished Indian Test Team .... Its look like Batsman are thinking they are playing 20-20 ... :) Indian score line is like 20-20 match, e.g. 50/4, 99/6 .... .... :) & Indian total is also like 20-20 Target e.g. 151 or 161 .......

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:23 GMT

    Only the big three failed? What about Sehwag, Gambhir and Dhoni? Also Virat Kohli utilized just one chance. None of the bowlers bar Umesh Yadav fared well. So why just blame these three?

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:22 GMT

    Dhoni should kept out of the team as he is not consistent on his batting and behind the wickets. He should selected full fledged domestic cricket and thereafter should be selected on the domestic performance on his both skills. He should think of his future cricket rather to concentrate on the team mates. Dhoni doesn't have the quality of captaining a team. Dhoni captaincy relied on the performance of the team but he doesn't generate his capabilities on the field. He uses tactics in behalf of the medias.

  • Gizza on January 15, 2012, 11:22 GMT

    The BCCI if they had a brain should've mixed the home and away tours up a bit more. India played 4 away series in about 13 months (including the 3 big RSA, ENG and AUS) and now won't play another one outside of the subcontinent for almost two years. In the end over 4 years I'm sure they like every team is roughly playing equal home and away Tests but it is so skewed one way or the other in particular years.

  • valvolux on January 15, 2012, 11:22 GMT

    tough game cricket and its easy for the press to point the finger. but only the team really knows who is really important to have out there. we are only talking laxman, sachin and dravid. who is there who can be more consistent? australia faced a similar problem, not through bad form but retirements - and it wasn't pretty and still isn't pretty if you discount the older guys. if these guys want to play and there isnt a natural replacement...let them play. seriously talented young guys need these older guys around the dressing room. these old guys have enough experience to wriggle out of the noose - the young guys can come in, nick a couple...and the noose is too tight to get out of and thats game over for their career. you think you can just replace laxman or dravid....good luck. rather than sitting there reminiscing about how good these guys were - you can still play them. unilke us aussies who watched gilly, haydos and co. batting so well after retirement.

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:21 GMT

    time to make Virat Kohli the captain .. like the way cricket SA make smith the captain ...... show the door to Dhoni , Laxman , Sehwag and Ishant ......

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:21 GMT

    First drop him. He is doing no good for the team.

  • anand32026 on January 15, 2012, 11:20 GMT

    shame dhoni u r not test plyer...try new plyers why they on bench u plyers on bench...u people wht u do there...can u go for foreign trip....zimbwabe team is better than give chance to new plyers for last test.again don't give excusess.

  • cricketmaniagola on January 15, 2012, 11:19 GMT


  • thisgameislife on January 15, 2012, 11:19 GMT

    i believe it is not about seniors, ageing, building for future, or any such grander term. you must want to win every game you play. and, to do so, you need the best team you have at the moment. you cannot lose matches because you want to build the future. it is all about the form your players are in. the problem is that of not having enough quality to exclude those out of form, be it sachin or dravid. we need to have one premier national tournament where performances count. if we discount a cricketer's performance in ranji trophy due to pitches or due to the opposition, then it is not worth playing the tournament. it has to be the ONE tournament to play - and, ALL PLAYERS (no exception) who want to be in the national team have to participate in the tournament.

  • dsig3 on January 15, 2012, 11:18 GMT

    Last tour away for 2 years. Way to go India.

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:13 GMT

    and who will phase out Dhoni? he is useless! No significant tactics whatsoever...! The world knows he becomes hopeless and wait for the things to happen than do something about his captaincy isn't worth it either...! India needs a new captain and a few talented youngsters like ROHIT SHARMA!

  • on January 15, 2012, 10:58 GMT

    Finally ICC has to step forward, what BCCI failed to do.

  • on January 15, 2012, 10:57 GMT

    Foremost thing that should be done by dhoni is to call it quits in test matches , that will do really good to indian cricket ...

  • indianpunter on January 15, 2012, 10:43 GMT

    Finally, the elephants in the room are being discussed. Laxman should be dropped for the Adelaide test ( if he does not announce his retirement before that) and dravid has to go at the end of this series. By the time, India play our next series, Dravid will be closer to 40 than 39 and more than that, it has been such a struggle to see him bat this entire series. The spirit is willing, but the technique and the foot movements have long deserted him. This is the perfect time to rebuild. Anoint Kohli as the new captain, and build the team around him. Dravid and Laxman has been colossuses of Indian cricket, but its time.

  • Cool_Jeeves on January 15, 2012, 10:42 GMT

    Why three great stars - Dravid has done well. Leave him out of this

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  • Cool_Jeeves on January 15, 2012, 10:42 GMT

    Why three great stars - Dravid has done well. Leave him out of this

  • indianpunter on January 15, 2012, 10:43 GMT

    Finally, the elephants in the room are being discussed. Laxman should be dropped for the Adelaide test ( if he does not announce his retirement before that) and dravid has to go at the end of this series. By the time, India play our next series, Dravid will be closer to 40 than 39 and more than that, it has been such a struggle to see him bat this entire series. The spirit is willing, but the technique and the foot movements have long deserted him. This is the perfect time to rebuild. Anoint Kohli as the new captain, and build the team around him. Dravid and Laxman has been colossuses of Indian cricket, but its time.

  • on January 15, 2012, 10:57 GMT

    Foremost thing that should be done by dhoni is to call it quits in test matches , that will do really good to indian cricket ...

  • on January 15, 2012, 10:58 GMT

    Finally ICC has to step forward, what BCCI failed to do.

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:13 GMT

    and who will phase out Dhoni? he is useless! No significant tactics whatsoever...! The world knows he becomes hopeless and wait for the things to happen than do something about his captaincy isn't worth it either...! India needs a new captain and a few talented youngsters like ROHIT SHARMA!

  • dsig3 on January 15, 2012, 11:18 GMT

    Last tour away for 2 years. Way to go India.

  • thisgameislife on January 15, 2012, 11:19 GMT

    i believe it is not about seniors, ageing, building for future, or any such grander term. you must want to win every game you play. and, to do so, you need the best team you have at the moment. you cannot lose matches because you want to build the future. it is all about the form your players are in. the problem is that of not having enough quality to exclude those out of form, be it sachin or dravid. we need to have one premier national tournament where performances count. if we discount a cricketer's performance in ranji trophy due to pitches or due to the opposition, then it is not worth playing the tournament. it has to be the ONE tournament to play - and, ALL PLAYERS (no exception) who want to be in the national team have to participate in the tournament.

  • cricketmaniagola on January 15, 2012, 11:19 GMT


  • anand32026 on January 15, 2012, 11:20 GMT

    shame dhoni u r not test plyer...try new plyers why they on bench u plyers on bench...u people wht u do there...can u go for foreign trip....zimbwabe team is better than give chance to new plyers for last test.again don't give excusess.

  • on January 15, 2012, 11:21 GMT

    First drop him. He is doing no good for the team.