Seats in the Bradman Stand on offer May 10, 2006

NSW announce SCG membership packages

Cricinfo staff

New South Wales have announced the launch of a new club - imaginatively called The Cricket Club - which will allow members to secure one of 1250 seats in the top deck of the Bradman Stand at the SCG for all matches over the next four years. The only catch is that the $6000 are only available to Australian citizens.

NSW's initiative is possible because of an agreement with the SCG Trust which means that the state board is allocated a section of seating for all cricket matches on the ground. Membership also entitles individuals to designated bar and reception facilities.

NSW said that about 100 places had been reserved for former players. "For most of us, the SCG is a venue that holds many special memories," said former NSW and Australian allrounder Shane Lee who is involved in selling the membership packages. "I think it is important that key players in the history of NSW cricket are acknowledged and have an opportunity to maintain their links with the game by attending matches at the SCG."