Warne picks his favourite wickets against England December 26, 2006

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ESPNcricinfo staff

The fluke of the century?: Shane Warne knocks over Mike Gatting at Old Trafford in 1993 © Getty Images

Shane Warne takes a couple of minutes to share his most treasured three deliveries against England with Jenny Thompson

It would be too hard to go through all of my favourite balls against England, but here are a few of my favourites. In 2005 it would have to be the Andrew Strauss delivery and in '93 it was the Mike Gatting one.

They're probably my two favourites in England. In Australia it would be my hat-trick at Melbourne, where Devon Malcolm followed Phil DeFreitas and Darren Gough on my home ground.

The Gatting one - that was an absolute fluke. That was my first ball in England and I was just trying to loosen up and get it down there somewhere. So to get him out like that and bowl my first ball like that that was a big fluke.

The other one was Strauss at Edgbaston last year, late on day two. Because the game was in the balance I had to try to set the tone early.

Playing poorly: Warne sneaks through Andrew Strauss at Edgbatson in 2005 © Getty Images

I tried to spin it as big as I possibly could to let them know that it was spinning. I got lucky and bowled a pretty good one early to Strauss. I'm glad he played it really poorly. He generally plays me really poorly so I was happy that he played it poorly again.

What was running through my mind during my hat-trick in Australia at the MCG was "if I try a big legspinner Devon Malcolm will play and miss".

So I had to bowl something with overspin that would bounce a bit more and might not spin as much. Then he might nick it or get out bat-pad. David Boon took a really good catch on his birthday and it was great celebration. That was pretty good.

Shane Warne averages almost six wickets a Test against England, with 172 in 31 games, and 20% of his victims have been bowled