Plays of the day January 6, 2008

Poetic justice and Sachin's slow walk

Cricinfo staff

Sachin Tendulkar's last innings at the Sydney Cricket Ground ended when he was bowled off an inside edge while facing Stuart Clark © Getty Images

Poetic justice?
Mitchell Johnson could have had Rahul Dravid when he was on 18, watching Andrew Symonds grass a regulation catch at first slip. He screamed out in anguish, without knowing he had over-stepped the bowling crease on delivery. Mark Benson failed to spot the error and Symonds' drop meant another umpiring mistake didn't come to the forefront.

Sachin's slow walk
When he played-on to Stuart Clark, Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed for the first time in four Test innings on the ground. Australia hadn't dislodged him in the previous three digs and his average at the ground dipped from a phenomenal 326 to 249. His slow walk to the pavilion, when he practised the shot again, was greeted with emotional cheers. It was the last time Sydneysiders would watch their darling in a Test.

Ishant's false starts
Ishant Sharma was dogged by a no-ball problem on India's tour to England; here's he's lost his run-up a bit too often. He struggled at the end of the first day, halting three times while running in from the Randwick End, and had a tough time today too. He lost his run-up once before falling away for the second time, injuring his foot in the process. He had another false start when he walked out with two gloves for the same hand. It couldn't delay Australia's win with seven balls left.

Hussey's amazing run continues
After 2, 36, and 41 in the series, Michael Hussey's average threatened to dip below 80, but his unbeaten 145 improved it by more than four runs to 84.80. During the century, his eighth in 20 Tests, he passed 2000 Test runs.

Johnson loses his shoe
Losing his line wasn't the only problem for Johnson in Sydney. Bowling one of two overs before lunch, Johnson slipped out of his shoe when it came off after he landed in the footmarks. He spent most of the break between innings warming up on the boundary, but his laces must have been like his line - not tight enough - and he had one extra dirty sock.