Bermuda news July 15, 2009

Weekend of shame in Bermuda

Cricinfo staff

Bermuda's already poor international reputation took another hit at the weekend with reports that several domestic matches were blighted by scenes of ill-discipline. The Royal Gazette reported that two first division games finished early while another was marred by unpleasant scenes.

The worst scenes came in a match between Leg Trappers and Western Stars when a disputed catch triggered a series of rows which culminated in a changing room allegedly being trashed. Trouble flared when a batsman refused to walk, leading to a confrontation with fielders which continued despite attempts by umpires to intervene. Eventually, the players left the field and that is when equipment was damaged.

The game between Devonshire and Willow Cuts was also abandoned after a family row at the ground which led to a fight between two related Devonshire players. Again, the umpires scrapped the match in the interests of players' safety.

In another fixture between Southampton Rangers and Social Club, a group of Rangers' players are believed to have pressured an umpire into changing a run-out decision after he was surrounded by angry fielders. The newspaper reported that a Social Club player "showed his contempt for the decision by walking on to the field without proper attire, removing the bails and pulling the stumps out of the ground".